How to fill in a diving sheet by kwd19201


									   How to fill in a
    diving sheet

 An easy and friendly
       guide for
  Firbank Aquastars
  divers and parents
designed by Macarena

1. Introduction
2. Understanding the
   Diving Number
3. Things to
4. FAQ
5. Useful links
6. Degree of
   difficulty sheets
7. Dive Sheet
             1. Introduction

• Filling in your diving sheet is a very
  important step in your preparation
  towards a competition

• If you know how to fill your diving
  sheet correctly you can be
  confident that the only thing you
  have to think about during
  competitions is to have fun and
  perform your best

• This guide is made to help you and
  your parents during this process.
  It will help you to understand the
  dive numbers and will explain step
  by step how to fill in the diving

• It is very important for you as a
  young diver to get involved in this
  process and make your self
  responsible of your diving sheets.
      2. Understanding the
      Diving Number System

                    The first number
All dives are         indicates the group
  designated by a     to which the dive
  system of 3 or
  4 numbers               Front
  followed by a
  single letter.

For example:



                          Arm stand
      2. Understanding the Diving
        Number System…(cont)

The second number for         The third number
                                 indicates the number
  Front, Back, Reverse and       of half somersaults
  Inward will ALWAYS be          being performed. For

                                        ½ somersault,
  In Armstand and
                                        1½ somersaults
  Twisting groups the
  second number indicates
                              The fourth number is
  the group or direction to      used only in the
  which the dive belongs:        Twisting and
                                 Armstand groups
                                 indicates the number
         Front                   of half twists being
                                 performed. For
                                        1 twist

                                        2½ somersaults
     2. Understanding the Diving
       Number System…(cont)

The letter at the
  end of the dive            Straight
  number indicates
  the position in            Pike
  which the dive is

                             Free (*)

                      * Free position means
                         any combination of
                         the other positions
                         and is restricted to
                         twisting dives
       3. Things to remember

• Timing is very important when it comes to
  submit your diving sheets. You have to submit
  your diving sheets 48 hrs prior your event.
  VDA and Diving Australia may ask you to do
  this in triplicate.
• Ask your coach to check your diving sheet
  before submitting it. Nobody else knows you
  better as a diver!!! But you choose your dives.
• Keep a copy of your diving sheet and have it
  with you during the competition. You can give
  your coach a copy as well.
• Always check the entry form information,
  there may be changes regarding timing or
  diving sheets submission .
• Always check and sign your dive sheet
                     4. FAQ

Once I submit my diving sheet, can I change any
      The answer is NO, generally speaking officials will not
      allow you to change any of the dives you wrote in your
      diving sheet. Therefore, it is very important to double
      check it with your coach before.
If the incorrect dive or position is on my dive
   sheet, do I have do that dive in the competition?
      Yes. This is why it is so important that you write the
      dive sheet yourself. You are the one who will
      remember the position of your dives better than your
      coach. For example you may do a forward dive tuck, if
      someone else writes your sheet they may accidentally
      write forward dive pike, a dive you may not be able to
      do. You would have to do pike if it was on your dive
    Where do I put my completed dive sheet after
     my coach has checked it and I have signed
      Place it into the silver Dive Sheet Box in the
      Divers Room at MSAC or in Box number 9 at
         5. Useful links

• These are links of official web
  sites you can always look if you
  have any further question.

• FINA (International Swimming Federation)
• DA (Diving Australia)
• VDA (Victoria Diving Association)
  Firbank Aquastars Diving you will find on the website under Clubs

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