Facts About CalWORKs by jackl17


									                         Facts About CalWORKs

   Caseload has been cut in Half since            Percentage of Recipients with
    Welfare Reform. There were 932,345              Earnings Doubled. In October, 1996
    families on AFDC in 1996. For 05/06             16.9 % of AFDC families were
    the caseload for the CalWORKs                   employed but under CalWORKs the
    program will be about 500,000                   percent of families reporting earnings
    families.                                       increased to 33.4 percent Recipient
                                                    earnings increased from $599 to $706
   But Fewer Poor Families Get                     a month.
    Assistance. In 1995, half the
    California families living in poverty          CalWORKs is a donor to other state
    were on AFDC but by 2004 the                    programs. Contrary to Administration
    percentage of families below the                claims that we overspend on
    poverty line on CalWORKs had                    CalWORKs, the state spends just $5.1
    dropped to 26 %                                 billion on CalWORKs though $6.4
                                                    billion is available. The state spends
   CalWORKs Demographics – 69 % of                 $1.4 billion less than in 1996.
    the caseload is Latino, Asian, or
    African-American.                              CalWORKs Grants Losing Ground
                                                    to Housing Costs - From 1998 to
   46 % of the caseload is Latino.                 2002 the gap between the state’s Fair
                                                    Market Rent (FMR) for a two bedroom
   20 % is African-American                        apartment and the CalWORKs grant
                                                    level for a family of three increased by
   9 % is Asian/Pacific Islander.                  $177 a month. Only Massachusetts
                                                    saw a larger increase in the rent gap
   49 % of children are Latino.                    than California.

   42% of two parent cases are Asian/PI           Increasing Income an Effective
                                                    Strategy - Welfare reform research
   Which Counties Have Highest Per                 strongly indicates that wage
    Capita Caseloads – Statewide 3.5 %              supplements like the earned income
    of the population is receiving                  disregards are among the most
    CalWORKs. The five counties with                effective strategies for reducing
    the highest per capita use of                   poverty, promoting marriage and
    CalWORKs are: Tulare (8.6), Fresno              increasing child well-being and school
    (8.0), Imperial (7.8), Merced (7.7), Del        performance.
    Norte (7.5). Los Angeles has the most
    number of people on aid with 430,000           By: Western Center on Law and Poverty
    out of a statewide total of 1.2 million        and California Immigrant Welfare
    people.                                        Collaborative, June 2005

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