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									Waverley Affordable Housing Program (WAHP)
Information Sheet
What is the Waverley Affordable Housing Program?
The Waverley Affordable Housing Program (WAHP) is a social initiative seeking to maintain social
diversity and improve sustainability through the promotion of equitable, secure and accessible
affordable housing. The WAHP seeks to assist households on low and moderate incomes, unable to
secure local rental housing and demonstrate a strong connection to Waverley local government area.

When is the WAHP applicable to a proposal?
The WAHP applies to all proposed new multi-unit residential development and mixed use development
(comprising of a residential component) within residential zones where a proposed development seeks
to exceed the permissible floor space ratio (FSR). Note, Council will only support additional FSR
pending the environmental impacts are acceptable and that additional FSR proposed provides an equal
public and private benefit.

The WAHP generates affordable housing stock through a combination of planning mechanisms,
developer incentives and voluntary contributions triggered by Waverley Development Control Plan 2006
(WDCP 2006) – Part D2 Multi-Unit Housing and Waverley Affordable Housing Program Policy 2007.
Council attains and secures stock by way of Voluntary Planning Agreements Policy 2007 pursuant to
s.93F Planning Agreements of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. Pursuant to this
process, a Pre-Development Application Meeting will be required.

What information do I have to provide with my Development Application?
In preparing a Development Application (DA) providing affordable housing, the WAHP DA Kit is to be
attained and submitted at time of lodgment. The WAHP DA Kit contains:

       Waverley Affordable Housing Program – Information Sheet;
       Waverley Affordable Housing Program – Development Assessment Brochure;
       Pre-Development Application Form;
       Waverley Affordable Housing Program DA Checklist; and
       Waverley Affordable Housing Program Calculator Model Sample and Explanatory Note.
In preparing a DA comprising of a WAHP contribution, please also refer to Councils Waverley
Affordable Housing Program Policy 2007 and Voluntary Planning Agreement Policy 2007 and
accompanying templates.

How do I obtain further iinformation
All the abovementioned information is available on Councils website at (www.waverley.nsw.gov.au).

For general enquiries, please contact Waverley Council’s Duty Officer on (02) 9369 8008, or come to:

   Waverley Council Customer Services Centre
   55 Spring Street
   Bondi Junction
   (Between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday)

Should you have any questions about the Waverley Affordable Housing Program, please contact the
Strategic Planner – Social at Waverley Council on 9369 8102. If you have any questions about WAHP
tenant eligibility and management, please contact SWISH on 9699 6055.

Waverley Affordable Housing Program – Information Sheet

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