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					Your Very own MLM – Network Marketing Lead Generation System in 9 Steps I recently had a poll on my website, and the question was what would most benefit online marketers in their work at home business. 82.3% of the people chose the option “an MLM - network marketing lead generation system”. So that has prompted me to write this information explaining how to set up your very own lead generation system, and the best part is you can learn how to do this from scratch and for free. Not only is it free, but it will continue to generate MLM or network marketing leads for you for months and years to come with only a little maintenance. We know that there is a huge market out there for people who want to make money in the MLM or network marketing arena. The only problem is getting these people to look at your opportunity. For most newcomers, and many who have been at it a while they struggle with the fact that with so many people online and they can’t even get as many a 1 lead a day. Actually it ends up frustrating most to the point where they give up, and say it can’t be done by the little guys. The reason for this is that there are a few “secrets” that most who know them keep to themselves or charge a high price for. I myself was in this position even though I was generating 4-10 quality opt-ins / day I really thought I was doing great (and I was compared to 95% + others) So who showed me the secret for my very own MLM / network marketing lead generation system? Well for this I have to give full credit to Daegan Smith. Daegan is actually called the “Lead generation King” by many. The thing that I find sets the top internet marketers apart from the rest is their creativity. They find things that produce results that can be more than 10 times as effective, just by changing one little thing. And when they find that they keep it to themselves. Daegan for some reason seems to tell more, and I’m not sure if he just has so many secrets that he is able to share some or what, but in the last 2 weeks I have watched 16 videos by Daegen, which were all sharing a secret of some form or another. A couple of the videos described in detail how he would suggest to implement this MLM network marketing lead generation system from scratch without any budget at all. This was quite amazing to watch how creative someone can be when they need to be. So without further delay let me show you what you will need to start building your own free MLM / network marketing lead generation system. An autoresponder – used to follow up with your leads once they have opted in. A landing page, or a squeeze page- This is a page that your direct your traffic to and tell them about your information or product, and they can either opt-in or leave (only two options) Content – This will come from you, and is based on whatever niche that you are targeting

A blog – This is where you will post your content for visitors to see. You will also use this along with email marketing to build a relationship with your leads. (you can get one for free even if you don’t have a website) Or you can get the outline below, and implement it on your own. I personally would suggest that you listen to Daegen’s information as he is the King at it, and explains each step much better than I am able to.

step 1- pick a topic step 2- research keywords step 3- write a keyword focused(not plastered) step 4- Post it to your blog step 5- submit it to article directories optional step promote it using traffic bug step 6 - add it to & step 7- create a squidoo lens step 8- tweet it Step 9 – break article into a video then post it on you tube and other video sites use tube mogul to submit it. Repeat this process at the frequency at which you have time to. The above process is the outline or the shell of the whole process. I go into each step in much greater detail on my website, and I also have some videos to support the process. You can find them on my site. If you have any questions at all you can contact me by visiting my website.