How to Create Responsive, Long Term Traffic to Your Niche Web Site by toriola1


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How to Create Responsive, Long Term Traffic to Your Niche Web Site By Serge Dandelin

Whenever you are starting a new business or just starting a website in general, the hardest thing to do is to generate long term traffic to your site. The best thing that you can do is target your niche market, because those are the people that are going to be more likely to buy from you anyway. However, that still leaves the question, how to create responsive, long term traffic to your niche website? There are a few different things that you can do to achieve this. Your main goal is not just to get them to visit your website, but to get them to come back to your website time and time again. It is said that almost 75% of a business income comes from repeat customers. So you can see how important it is to get long term customers and traffic to your site. First things first; you need to find out where your niche market is hanging out at. For example, if you have a product that you are selling to teens, then you are going to want to know where teens hang out the most online. You would have a lot more luck putting a link or ad on a place like MySpace to get traffic to your site than you would at a site that is geared towards older people. So learn what your niche market is. Find out where they are hanging out and how you can get them to notice you. Now, getting people to your website is just half the battle. Once you get them there, you are going to need to get them to come back time and time again. That is why a lot of people make customers join a mailing list. Whenever someone buys something from you, there is a good chance that they would buy from you again if you had a good sale. This means, if you get them on your mailing list, you will be able to email them great sales and your latest products. This will keep them coming back to your site time and time again. The more someone buys from you, the more likely they are to keep buying from you. One time buyers are not going to do you much good. When all is said and done, the question of how to create responsive, long term traffic to your niche website is pretty easy to answer. You just have to remember to not just focus on getting people to your website; you need to focus on getting them to come back to your website. This way you will not only have long term customers (which will make you the most money), but you will also have new customers.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
A long term traffic strategy requires a good understanding of the reasons that drive your website visitors to come back to your website repeatedly. However if you can sort that out you will ensure your website to prosper in the long run. To Your Success! I have just completed my brand new guide to Search Engine Marketing Success. Download it free here: Best Regards, Serge Daudelin SEO Consultant

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Pro Traffic System: How Do They Get All That Traffic? By Chris Anderson, PhD

A new traffic generation system is about to enter the market that is starting to catch a significant buzz and is called Pro Traffic System. As one of the lead designers for the system, I wanted to really address what this system is designed to do and not do for that matter. I know from previous launches, many things can get blown way out of proportion. Pro Traffic System is designed for serious web site owners who want to excel in business today, tomorrow, and 3 years from now. It uses components of paid advertising for short term traffic, articles, videos, podcasts, and RSS feeds for intermediate term, and then builds everything around a very good linking strategy to establish long term search engine dominance. Let's take a look at of these components: SHORT TERM TRAFFIC Let's face it, if you cut through all the hype out there, most any real successful, short term traffic approach involves paid advertising of some sort. Of course, you have the easy to turn on Google ads but in many businesses, it is hard to make these ads profitable. In my first business, I spent over $60K the first year on these. In addition, you have banner advertising but it is a heck of a lot of work to find the right sites to place your banners, get the banners made, and then monitor performance. What Pro Traffic System does is use a network of web sites that are extremely targeted and that use pop under ads. While many people don't like this approach, historically they are extremely effective and can be made profitable very quickly as a web site optimizes its copy and sales approaches. MEDIUM TERM TRAFFIC Short term, paid traffic is, in our mind, an initial crutch as a web site really begins to develop a web presence. As we start to get into the 2-6 month region after start, web sites need to start pulling traffic from a variety of sources: * Video * Articles * Podcast * RSS Feeds * Social Networking Sites However, what normally crushes everybody is the extreme amount of time it takes to create, and distribute this material on a regular basis. Pro Traffic System is taking both the creation and distribution responsibilities off of the web site owner. By handling these functions in volume, for multiple web sites, it becomes tremendously more efficient.

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LONG TERM TRAFFIC For the web sites in which I have been involved, the real home run occurs when the web site begins to rank for tons of long tail keywords in its niche and then starts to get a real reputation even for more difficult keywords in its space. To accomplish long term, niche domination requires doing everything used in generating Medium Term Traffic with two major additions: * All content is optimized for a long list of long tail keywords; and * Tremendous attention is paid to getting links from many locations (social, blogs, article directories, etc.) pointed at the content. Over time, as the web site develops trust rank with search engines, this accumulated content and in bound links can't help but allow a site to establish a dominate position. As the owner of two other successful, web businesses, I can tell you that Pro Traffic System does a lot of things right. However, I will also tell people that if they are looking for the magic blue pill that makes then a bajillion dollars in 48 hours, they are looking in the wrong place..... Pro Traffic System is simply about doing things right, over and over and over again, to establish a solid Internet marketing presence. Dr. Chris Anderson is one of the key architects for Visit the web site to day to get on the pre announcement list and receive over 2 hours of free videos.

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