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					Recipe Project Assigned: October 16, 2009 Due: October 23, 2009

Explanation: Pretend you are going to prepare your favorite recipe for the class. Your objective is to take that recipe and re-write it so that it will serve the entire class. Your project will be graded on the following criteria: 1. Recipe: Must have at least 6 ingredients. You will turn in a typed or neatly written and legible copy of the recipe. 2. Re-written recipe: A typed or neatly-written copy of the new recipe should be submitted with your project as well. Both the original recipe and the new recipe should be displayed either on poster board together or matted to construction paper to make it look neat and pretty. 3. Calculations worksheet: attached. This worksheet must be turned in with the project. It must be neat and legible. 4. Presentation: You will present your project before the class on Friday, October 23, 2009. Your presentation should include clear explanations of how you calculated your multiplier and how you calculated your new ingredient amounts. You will also have the opportunity to prepare your recipe for the class and bring on Friday to share.

Rubric for Recipe Project Name:____________________________ Per:____________ Criteria 1. Typed or neatly handwritten recipe with at least 6 ingredients. (10 pts) 2. Calculations worksheet (40 pts.) Points

3. Typed or neatly handwritten copy of new recipe after calculations have been made. (10 pts.) 4. Visual display of recipes: overall appearance of project (25 pts.)

5. Presentation: clearly explains how you calculated multiplier and new recipe ingredient amounts. (15 pts.)

Calculations worksheet Recipe Project Name:_______________________ Period:______________ Number of people served by original recipe: ________ Number of people in class: _________ Calculate multiplier for recipe:
(number of people in class ÷ the number people your original recipe serves)

multiplier = _______
page, all the way down.)

(this goes in your multiplier column of the table on the next

Now, list your ingredients in the table on the next page and complete your calculations table. You MUST show your work in the appropriate column. If you need more space, you may attach a separate sheet of paper that is neat and organized to show your work.

Name:_______________________ Period:______________ Ingredient Original amount Multiplier Show work New amount

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