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Email Faxing By Ed Terran

With the technological advances that are being made on a regular basis, the concept of email faxing has become a standard. Many people are opting for email faxing over the standard way of sending information from one fax machine to another. There are different methods of sending an email fax however, they are all much more cost efficient than using the standard method. When sending an email fax, there is no telephone charge. The costs are included in the internet fee that is already paid. The only requirement is the machine you are sending the fax to must be one that will accept the internet fax. How does internet faxing work, you may ask? Using the internet, any document that you can attach to an email can be faxed. The possibilities are endless. Images can be scanned and saved to your computer and then faxed. Word documents can be sent. Even PDF files may be sent. The internet faxing is hosted. This essentially mean that you do not have to buy a fax server, modem, or any type of special software to send a fax. The service you subscribe to sends the faxes for you. There are only three things needed to be able to send an internet fax. If you have an internet connection, an email account and the access to an internet faxing service, you will have no need for a standard fax machine. When you want to send a fax all you have to do is compose your message and attach it to the file or picture or whatever you want to fax. Your fax service will direct you to put in the address of the person you are sending the fax to, which will be their number plus a special extension that you will be given. The internet service upon receiving the email attachment will change it to the correct format for faxing. Then they will send it using a phone line to the intended receiver’s fax machine. Receiving a fax is very similar. The fax service you will be using gives you either a toll free number of a fax number. When someone sends you a fax, they dial this number and send your fax over a standard fax machine. When the fax is received by your service it is converted into an email attachment and send to your email box. When you go to your emails, retrieve the attachment, and open it as you would any other attachment. Using email is the main application to sending and receiving internet faxes so it stands to reason that
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you can use your PDA to send and receive faxes. If you have a handheld Palm, Blackberry or any other type of PDA, you can use mobile faxing to send faxes and receive them. The process is similar to faxing from your desktop. If your PDA has a connection to the internet, can send and receive emails, and you have an internet faxing service, follow the same basic instructions as you use on your desktop. The advancements that are being made are making tracking of your business from the field more accessible. There is no need to be tied to the office anymore. Take your PDA and you will have the ability to keep in contact, send and receive faxes, as well as emails and messages from anywhere you may need to be. Ed Terran is the pen name for the editor of a US bargains journal / Professional website autoresponder email automation system. Page 2

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Fax To Email Can Be Easily Done With Online Fax By Titus Hoskins

Many business owners and ordinary individuals often wonder how you can use your email system to send a fax? Especially now that more and more companies are switching over to this new way of faxing and countless people are using online fax to handle all their faxing requirements. But just how do you send a "Fax to Email" or vice versa "Email to Fax?" First, you have to understand one of the best ways to do this is to sign-up to an online fax service provider, where you will be given a local or Toll-Free fax number, which you can use to send and receive all your faxes. Your online fax provider acts as your intermediary to handle and process all your faxes. Keep in mind, Internet faxing is simply using your email system and the Internet to send and receive your faxes. Because it is web-based, your faxes are available anytime, anywhere, as long as you have Internet access. Most providers will supply you with an online site (interface) where your faxes are stored. You can also send and receive your faxes from your login site. Basically, you can send a fax to your online faxing service and they will forward it to the recipient in an email, your fax will be an attachment - usually in PDF or TIFF format. Likewise, you can use your email to send a fax, most companies will give you exact directions on how to do this. In most cases, to send a fax thru your email you simply enter the fax number you want dialed as a prefix in an email to your Fax Provider account - i.e. recipient's and attach your fax document. Again, your online fax service provider acts as your intermediary on your behalf to process your faxes. That way you can still use email fax to send a fax to a traditional fax machine and vice versa. So you're not limited in any way by using an Internet Faxing service. As mentioned before, in order to start using Internet faxing you have to sign-up to an online provider. There are numerous different faxing companies you can use but remember this is usually a long term service so do your homework now and you can save yourself some serious cash over the long haul. Your main goal is to find a fax service that meets your specific needs or requirements. Monthly charges usually runs around $10 a month but there are cheaper options if your faxing requirements are very minimum. Some services offer a "pay-as-you-go" plan or have a yearly fee of around $20. So it does indeed pay to shop around. Online fax has many advantages over the traditional way of faxing; mainly it is paperless, inkless, more convenient, more secure and you don't need a fax machine or an extra phone line. Besides, it is totally mobile, compatible with laptops, PDAs, cell phones... and available anywhere you have the Internet. Regardless of what you call it: online fax, web fax... this is one service that will be here to stay. Are you using it?

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