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Directory Submission - Tips For Making it Effective By Alan Lim

Directory submission is one of the most effective ways to increase your web traffic and sales revenues with limited work. You are capturing a market that is already interested in your product. By using directory submission, you are already well along the path to more sales with less effort. Because the articles are set up with keywords that are found in many queries, the people who follow the search engine results to the article you have submitted are interested in the subject and looking for answers to specific questions. These people are more likely to follow the link to your web site and to become willing and satisfied customers for your service or product. Your major effort can be focused toward determining the questions the audience has and preparing articles that will answer those questions in an interesting and informative way. Work Smarter Directory submission is a smarter way to attract interested and loyal customers to your web site. You prepare and submit the articles to the directory web sites. Searchers who find the answers to the questions they posed to the search engines are more likely to respond favorably to your product or services. This type of promotion for your product not only is more agreeable than hard sell efforts but you can see almost immediate results once your article is released on the web site. Use the Internet Effectively The internet is a powerful and effective marketing tool for many products and services. In fact, many businesses today are conducted entirely on the internet and through mail order efforts. But, by using directory submission as your major advertising medium, you make the most effective use of your scarce advertising dollars. You need never worry about whether your advertisement has been placed in a spot where it will reach your potential customers. Placing your article on a good quality directory means that the customers are seeing your information and coming to you. The more traffic generated by the directory site, the more targeted customers you will see at your linked web site. Make your Articles Interesting and Informative Just any old articles slapped together and placed on an article directory won't be effective. Potential
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
customers want to learn information they didn't know previously, or read about something that they already knew but presented in a new way so that it is more interesting to read. Directory submission is useful and popular because it provides information on almost any subject you can imagine. In order to make your articles stand out ahead of the crowd of competitors, you must be meticulous about accuracy and design articles that respond to the subjects with the most interest to consumers. Work with high ranking keywords When preparing articles for directory submission, it is most effective to write articles that utilize the highest ranking keywords. These high ranking keywords reflect the many times searchers have asked questions or searched for a certain term. If your articles make informative use of these keywords, you will be more likely to capture the interest of those individuals asking the questions. This will fairly quickly translate into more web traffic and from there a higher conversion rate so that you gain more satisfied customers for your product or service. To make your Directory Submission more effective, you will get more bang for the buck if you follow the links and tips available at .

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
The Advantages of SEO Manual Directory Submission By Suraj Anjaana

The art of directory submission involves submitting a page or a website to numerous different online directories; examples of online directories include the yellow pages and Google directory. The aim of manual directory submission is to create an enhanced exposure for a web site, business or a service. Usually the more directories which have been submitted to ends up attracting more visitors due to the enhanced exposure to potential visitors. If a person does not want to go through the time consuming process of submitting their web site into directories themselves, they have two options, one is SEO manual directory submission and the other is automatic directory submission. There are many distinct differences between the two, each with advantages and disadvantages; we will talk more about each one in this article. The person must decide which is best suited to them and/or their service. Automatic Directory Submission Automatic submission involves downloading a piece of software which will automatically post your web site or service to multiple directories quickly. Alternatively you can pay someone to do this for you; there are many web sites and companies on the internet offering to do this for you at a nominal price. The advantages of automatic directory submission are that it will save the submitter a lot of time compared to manual submission processes and services. Also automatic submission services are much cheaper in comparison to people offering a manual directory submission, especially if you want the added extra of SEO aspects to the submission. The disadvantages of automatic submission services are that they are usually much poorer quality than manual submission; automatically submitted web sites into directories are much less likely to be ranked and indexed. Automatic submission software’s are also very unreliable which can have the end result of many important directories being bypassed. I would especially not pay for an automatic submission software or service. Manual Directory Submission Manual submission involves visiting every directory one by one and submitting your web site or services manually over and over again. There are many people and companies who will take the hassle of this process away from you and do it on your behalf for a fee. The advantages of manual submission is that the directory entries will be of much higher quality and have a greater result of being accepted and indexed, which in turn will give you a higher quality and number of visitors. Also with manual submission you have much more control over which directories to insert into, therefore you can target any potential niches. Disadvantages of manual directory submission are that it is extremely tiresome and time consuming; also it can be much more expensive than automatic directory submission. In conclusion, if you are looking for quality above everything else, SEO manual directory submission’s services are for you. It ‘s all about the individual’s needs and choices, some just want to get fast, instant exposure at a budget, which is why they go for automatic submission. But for people who want quality and lasting results, there is no option except for SEO manual directory submission.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
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