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Build a Yahoo Web Site Fast With Yahoo Design Tools By Russ Blanc

Your web site makes a statement about who you are. If you’re like most business owners, you want that statement to be, "We’re a thriving, growing business." And if you’re like most business owners, you don’t want to spend a lot of money hiring a web designer. Yahoo Web Design Tools can help you create the Yahoo Web Site you want, easily and quickly. When you host your web site with Yahoo Small Business, you get a free domain and Yahoo Design Tools. Web design does not have to be either expensive or difficult. Even if you know nothing about web design or HTML, you can create an excellent web site. When you use Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting, you’ll build your own web site from scratch. Yahoo Small Business web hosting offers a checklist that walks you through the entire process of building your Yahoo web site, from scratch. Build your site right on your Yahoo web hosting account, and you’re ready to go. With the design tools from Yahoo Small Business, you can choose a professionally designed template for your Yahoo web site, and customize the template you choose. In fact, when you set up your Yahoo web site, you may find the perfect template for your type of business. For example, Yahoo Small Business web hosting has templates created especially for law firms. Whether you use a Yahoo Small Business web hosting design template as-is, or customize it to fit your needs, your Yahoo Small Business web site will make the statement that your business is ready to serve your customers. When you set up your Yahoo web site, you can add forms without knowing any HTML, include driving directions and maps to help your customers find you easily, and customize your web site with as many pages as you need. With Yahoo small business web hosting, you’ll have unlimited web hosting, so you can create as many web pages as you need, store audio and video files, and have up to 1,000 email accounts and unlimited email storage to keep track of communications with your customers. When it comes to web design, most designers say that from good, fast and cheap, you can choose two. When you choose Yahoo web hosting and Yahoo Small Business design tools, you don’t have to choose. You’ll get a great design, set it up yourself in no time at all, and get the design tools free with your Yahoo web site. Yahoo Small Business is your perfect choice for creating your web site quickly, easily and without learning a complicated programming language or going to design school. Your unlimited Yahoo web hosting lets you communicate with your customers, make a great first impression on your customers,
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and keep your Yahoo web site up and running. Yahoo Small Business is your partner in running an online business that gets results. When it comes to creating a web site that speaks for your business, Yahoo Small Business web hosting gives you the design tools, the unlimited storage and bandwidth, and the support you need to excel. Russell Blanc manages a website about yahoo web hosting and yahoo small business at

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Create Unlimited Yahoo Web Pages With New and Improved Yahoo Hosting By Russell Blanc

Many years ago, when running a business online was relatively new, there was an ongoing argument about which mattered more in a web site: content or design. That argument is basically defunct now, with most online business owners agreeing that content is the primary factor in a web site’s success. Yahoo Small Business is dedicated to helping online businesses provide the content their visitors want, no matter how much content that is. You can now create an unlimited number of Yahoo web pages packed full of content. With unlimited Yahoo web hosting, you will never find yourself running out of storage space on your Yahoo web site, or having your web site shut down for sending too much traffic to it. Your Yahoo Small Business web hosting account also has unlimited email storage and 1000 email accounts, so you can keep in touch with your visitors effectively. The best way to keep your web site drawing more traffic every week and pulling in more business is to update it regularly. Many business owners do not have the time, or inclination, to learn web design. With Yahoo Small Business, you can design your site, and continue to maintain it and add new Yahoo web pages whenever you want. Yahoo web hosting comes with a web design tool created with the business owner in mind. It is simple, intuitive, and fast. With Yahoo Small Business, you can choose from a large variety of professionally designed templates, and customize them to fit your needs. With templates available in a wide variety of themes and industries, you’re sure to find something you like. It is extraordinarily fast and easy to build a Yahoo web page. You can be online with a professional Yahoo Web Site in no time. If you were to hire a web designer, you would pay thousands of dollars up front for a graphic "look and feel" design of your site; more if the design team inserts your content into your site. Maintenance and content updates on your site would incur ongoing monthly bills. And each page over a certain number would cost more money, with most designers. With Yahoo web hosting’s design tools, you pay nothing for a professional web site design, and you can update your own content, even adding new Yahoo web pages every day, if you wish, at no additional charge. Many web hosts offer inexpensive hosting, but very few of these accounts offer the unlimited hosting that Yahoo Small Business does. When you set up your Yahoo web site, you pay no setup fee and under $9 per month for the first three months. Try the unlimited hosting at Yahoo Small Business risk-free for 30 days. You’ll be very satisfied with the unlimited file storage, bandwidth and email storage. Once you design your own web site with Yahoo Small Business design tools and see how easy and convenient it is to create and maintain your own web site, you won’t dream of going with a budget host. And when you have an issue or a question, as everyone does from time to time, you’ll find Yahoo Small Business technical support representatives available around the clock to quickly resolve your difficulty and get you back to running your business. Yahoo Small Business is dedicated to helping you grow your business online with unlimited,

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feature-rich hosting accounts and an excellent design tool to help you build as many Yahoo web pages as you need. Russell Blanc is a web hosting professional and manages a Yahoo Web Hosting Resource site at

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