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Budget Web Hosting For Small Businesses By James Koh

When starting a small business, one of the things that will give you the edge necessary and maximise your exposure and business presence of course is the internet. Getting online is one of the business common sense that must be applied to any strategy, and the strength of the digital platform as a business weapon is something that can really be quite amazing. When starting a small business, you cannot think of things like pricy offline rentals, office equipment and other sorts of start up fees when you have not tested your idea on the live market. But however, you need to balance this with instilling trust in potential customers, and they will only do that once you have some sort of business presence. Getting online is one of the best ways to position yourself, and test out your ideas on the market without the risk. Budget web hosting is one of the ways for you to get out there and start doing working. There are plenty of budget web hosting options out there and they give you a smaller version of the normal large business options that most web hosts will give you. The cost would be a fraction, mostly a third of the total cost you would normally occur. This idea makes sense because you need to save money at every turn, and just because the internet is known to be less expensive, does not mean that you cannot save money online as well. There are many budget web hosts out there and looking at the stats of their customers would reveal many small start up businesses, college students doing some enterprising work and platforms to sell commercial goods online. Their scripts are just as good when it comes to customising your website to be a commercial platform, and you have many options to choose from when talking about content management on your website and installing many commercial functions like the shopping cart and the online verification and payment. You do not need to worry about security as well, as these budget hosts are build on the backbones of the same security infrastructure as normal web hosts. They do not skimp on their security because of the inherent dangers of malware, viruses and hackers who would try to crack into their database and steal all their email contacts. You also will get plenty of options for ghosting or masking your website, if you are into things like affiliate marketing online, or setting up a vendor website to sell third party products online. As you can see, budget web hosting is here to stay and it is a viable option for at home, virtual workers who want to expand their business portfolio and just for people who want to stamp a business presence online. The costs are cheaper and the functions relatively, the same. It makes sense to go budget in these tough times, and getting one should be as easy as clicking the
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Yahoo Web Hosting is Truly Unlimited! By Russell Blanc

Your business web site is your online pulse. Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting is designed for businesses and webmasters, like yours, that need the best features and outstanding support at affordable prices. When you set up a Yahoo web site, you get unlimited hosting, a web page design tool, 24/7 support, and unbeaten reliability. Yahoo Small Business is dedicated to helping small business owners like you build profitable businesses online. Unlimited web hosting is absolutely essential to growing your business online. Your goal is to bring consistently more qualified traffic to your site and offer them content that keeps them coming back and referring others to your web site. But what would happen if your web site suddenly got very popular? If you have a Yahoo web site, your site would continue delivering content to your visitors. But many hosts don’t offer the unlimited web hosting you’ll get with Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting. If you’re not hosting your site with Yahoo Small Business, your site could be suspended if it gets "too much traffic." Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting knows there is no such thing as "too much traffic." Hosting with Yahoo Small Business means that you have all the storage space, all the data transfer, and all the email storage you will need. When your web site becomes popular and traffic increases, your Yahoo web site will stay online and help you take advantage of the additional traffic. Unlimited data transfer, or bandwidth, is very important. With Yahoo Small Business, your web site can offer all the video, all the audio, all the content you desire. With some web sites, "bandwidth" is limited, which means that the more people access your web site, the closer you get to the bandwidth limit. When you reach it, your site goes down. Your Yahoo web site is unlimited. Unlimited traffic, unlimited pages in your web site, unlimited email stored for future communication with your customers. Unlimited hosting is what Yahoo Small Business web hosting does best. Finding affordable unlimited hosting can be difficult, because many web hosts that advertise "budget" pricing offer very limited plans at those rates. For unlimited plans, these hosts charge far more. Yahoo Small Business web hosting offers only unlimited hosting plans, with no surprises. When you sign up for your Yahoo web site, you’ll pay no setup fee, and an introductory rate of under $9 for the first three months, with a fee of under $12 thereafter. You won’t find "additional" charges with Yahoo web hosting; everything is explained very clearly and Yahoo Small Business is more interested in keeping your web hosting business than keeping your setup fee. One of the best features of Yahoo web hosting, besides its affordable unlimited hosting, is its risk-free guarantee. You can try Yahoo Small Business for 30 days, and if you’re not completely happy with your Yahoo web site, simply cancel your account and receive a full refund from Yahoo Small Business web hosting. As you prepare to set up your business web site, keep in mind all of the advantages of a Yahoo web site, including not only unlimited service at affordable rates, but a fast and easy design tool and excellent customer support. Russell Blanc manages a website about Yahoo Small Business and Yahoo Web Hosting at http://www.website-hostingco.com

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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