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Blogger? Make Money on the Web Selling Thoughts By Ainsley Howard

Saying that blogs are a dime a dozen is the understatement of the millennium. With over 112 million blogs monitored by Technorati, which apparently does not include the over 72 million Chinese blogs and other non-English blogs that escaped Technorati radar, blogging is serious business indeed. Or at least, it would be serious money when you use blogs to make money on the Web! After all, not every Web busybody monetizes their blogs in the belief that monetization equals prostitutions. But that is digressing. Instead, let us focus on the ways you can make money on the Web specifically by selling your thoughts and by selling your blog. Here is how. Sell Your Thoughts And the drama behind it. That is how the likes of the Go Fug Yourself girls and Perez Hilton blogger make money - by putting drama into otherwise mundane matters like fashion faux pas and celebrity gossips. Of course, you can be as helpful as you want on topics like how-to instructional blogs on everything from apples to zebras, celibacy to sex, and whatever niche you want to tap into. And this is where you can make money on the Web - niche blogging. Your market will be people who are either fanatical about the topic or into special research on the topic. With the millions of people logging on to the Internet every day, you can find more than a handful of people who will patronize your sites and the advertisers therein. For example, Jay Brewer launched his blog on a very specific subject: one-cup coffee makers. Wonder of wonders! There are people out there who love the topic and soon enough, advertisers came knocking on his online door. Add in affiliate marketing and featured advertisements and you have more ways to make money on the Web using just your writing savvy and sassy approach to the blog niche! You need not even start big; instead, focus on garnering attention to your blog, sustaining the interest and offering fresh perspectives on old topics. And when you do, watch advertisers trooping to your site! Learning technical requirements and terms will help, too.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Sell Your Blog If you get tired of blogging about the same topic for months on end and you have run out of fresh ideas and perspectives, then it is time to sell the drama. Don't abandon the blog because you will be putting it at the mercy of online copycats and they will earn money based on your ideas! No can do. Instead, you can go to the Sitepoint Marketplace where you can participate in the online auctions of Web sites and domain names. This way, you can take a nice profit from the sale of your well-established blog while relinquishing control over its maintenance. Before you go about selling your blog as a means to make money on the Web, remember these selling points, which are not by any chance comprehensive and complete: - Domain Name, including name recognition and value - Date Blog Established - Technorati, Alexa, Google, Yahoo rankings - Web traffic statistics for at least a year, including feeds and unique visitors - Number of posts, articles and comments - Inventory of web assets - Contractual obligations Indeed, selling your blog can take up time but the money you earn during its successful run and its sale can compensate for the trouble. Just remember that the Web is the new global marketplace. When you take its dynamics to heart, you will discover to your bank accounts delight that indeed, you can and you will make money on the Web! At, you can find information on how to make more money ( and more specifically, how to make money on Internet ( After visiting them, you will have many ideas on how to make money on the web ( the guaranteed way.

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Tips for Blogger - Using It Successfully By Adam Waxler

Although there are a lot of ways for you to put your information onto the Internet, the service that is run by is by far one of the most convenient. It doesn't require you to invest any money and once you set up your own free blog, you are free to do with it as you please. If you're interested in making a little bit of money on your blog, that is also a possibility by using this free blogging service. Regardless of whether you are using it for money or not, however, the tips for blogger really are the same. Here are a few to get you started. The best thing that you can possibly do to get started with is to read all of the information that is available on their website. They have taken a lot of time to walk you through every step of the process of setting up your blog and getting it rolling. That is one of the biggest tips for blogger that I can possibly give you but it is also one that many people ignore. They tend to wait until things are almost beyond repair before they begin looking for somebody to help them repair them. One of the reasons that blogger is such a popular service is because it is owned by the search engine Google. Everybody wants to be listed on Google and you need to get their attention in order to make that happen. Simply by using blogger, you have the opportunity of being recognized. They also have some tools on the back end which allow you to use RSS and pinging in order to gain recognition from the search engines as well. There are a number of other tips for blogger that you might want to use but it really all depends upon your goals that you are trying to achieve. For example, you can start up websites on various Web 2.0 properties and post your RSS feed in order to get some great back links. You may also want to try fooling around with the templates in order to find out what is going to convert the best for you. The same would also be true of any advertising, continue to test to see which works best for you. It is the best way for you to make sure that you are earning your full potential and receiving the traffic to your new blog at And, if you're really interested in tips for blogger, then you must take a look at this pro's step-by-step blueprint at But HURRY...the 8 FREE bonuses won't last long...

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