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									                                                                                       Washington Assessor’s User Notes
                                                                                                          October 2009
TerraScan Abstract Instructions

To create an Abstract of Assessment for the 2010 year, follow these instructions. The values printed on the
abstract are the values from the assessment records. If the values currently in the ATR are not the values for
2010 you will need to read the appraisal information before printing the abstract. If you have any questions,
please contact TerraScan Support at (800) 279-5770.

Delete Orphaned Records

Deleting Orphaned records will remove all records that do not have a parent record i.e. an agland record that
is not attached to a farm record.

   1. Have all other users exit TerraScan.
   2. From the main menu select Program Maintenance, TerraScan File Maintenance, Delete Orphaned
   3. TerraScan will remove all unlinked records and purge the appropriate files. Users may return to
      TerraScan when this process is completed.

Recalculate the ATR

Recalculate the ATR to insure all values are accurate.

   1. From the main menu select Program Maintenance, TerraScan File Maintenance, Recalculate a
      Data File, ATR File Recalculation.
   2. TerraScan will ask what you want to recalculate.
      • Entire File – Will recalculate the entire file.
      • Current Index – Will appear if you have an index open. Select to recalculate your open index.
      • Open Index – Will allow you to create or open an index using the Index Maintenance Utility.
      • Cancel – Will cancel the recalculation process.
   3. TerraScan will notify you of the number of records that will be recalculated. Select OK to continue.

Print Duplicate Parcel Number Report

Run the Duplicate Parcel Number Report to print a list of all duplicate parcel numbers. Any duplicate parcel
numbers must be corrected.

   •   From the main menu, select Report Generation Menu, Error Checks & Misc Reports, Duplicate
       Parcel # Report.
   •   To correct duplicate parcel number errors:
       1. Find the parcel in the ATR that was reported.
       2. Select Edit, Change Parcel # from the menu.
       3. Change the parcel number to a unique number.
       4. If working files exist TerraScan will ask if you want to change all occurrences of the parcel or
          one. Select One to change the ATR record only or select All to change all connected files as well
          as the ATR file.
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Print Assessment Error Report

Print the Assessment Error Report to check for errors in the assessment records.

   1. From the main menu select Report Generation Menu, Error Checks & Misc. Reports, Assessment
       Error Report.
   2. A dialog box will confirm that you want to run the Assessment Error Report. Click Yes to continue.
       TerraScan will process the records and print the report to your default printer. TerraScan will report
       the following errors on this report:
       • Improvement values not equal – [PROPERTY TYPE] <> EXEMPT and [IMPR MARKET
           VALUE] <> [IMPR USE VALUE]
       • Permanent crop values not equal – [PROPERTY TYPE] <> EXEMPT and [PERM CROP MV]
           <> [PERM CROP UV]
       • Land values not equal – Not in open space [DOR Code]<>83*, [PROPERTY TYPE] <>
       • Market land value less than use land value – In open space [DOR Code]=83*, [PROPERTY
       • Senior exemption with no frozen value – [EXEMPTION CODE] <> XX and [FROZEN VALUE]
           = blank or 0
       • Minimum value override on value over minimum – [TOTAL USE VALUE] >= [MIN VALUE]
           (county information table) and [EXEMPTION CODE] = XX
   Once all errors are corrected it is advised to recalculate the ATR file again (see Recalculate the ATR) and
   re-run the Assessment Error Report.

Print the Abstract

The abstract TerraScan generates is in Excel format. When the abstract is run TerraScan will open Excel and
populate a workbook with the abstract data. You can use Excel to print or save the abstract.

   1. From the main menu select Report Generation, State Defined Reports, Abstract of Assessment.
   2. A dialog box will ask for the personal property roll year to use. The Assessment (Roll) Year under
      the Personal Property section from your County Information table will populate this box. If it is
      incorrect, change the year to be reported.
   3. When the reports are finished processing, an Excel workbook will open with the finished report.
      Each page will be a tab on the lower left hand corner of the workbook.

   To print the abstract select File, Print from the Excel menu. Verify the printer settings and select Entire
   workbook under the Print what section of the dialog box to print all pages of the abstract. Select OK
   when finished and the report will print to your printer.

   To save the workbook for later viewing or to submit it electronically, select File, Save As from the Excel
   menu. Specify the file path to save the workbook, and click Save. Do not save the abstract on the
   original file path as it will override the master abstract spreadsheet.

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