LONG TERM PLANNING

               Term 1                   Term 2                  Term 3               Term 4                 Term 5                  Term 6
Year 1         Unit 1A                 Unit 1B                  Unit 1C              Unit 1D                 Unit 1E                 Unit 1F
          An introduction to      Using a word bank          The information       Labelling and         Representing            Understanding
              modelling                                        around us            classifying           information           instructions and
                                                                                                          graphically:        making things happen
Year 2         Unit 2A                 Unit 2E                  Unit 2B              Unit 2B                Unit 2C                 Unit 2D
            Writing stories:         Questions and          Creating pictures    Creating pictures    Finding information     Routes: controlling a
            communicating              answers                                                                                    floor turtle
         information using text

Year 3        Unit 3A                 Unit 3A                   Unit 3B               Unit 3C               Unit 3E                 Unit 3D
          Combining text and      Combining text and       Manipulating sound     Introduction to           E-mail            Exploring simulations
              graphics                graphics                                       databases

Year 4         Unit 4A                  Unit 4A                  Unit 4B             Unit 4C                  Unit 4D              Unit 4E
         Writing for different    Writing for different     Developing images   Branching databases       Collecting and      Modelling effects on
              audiences                audiences             using repeating                                 presenting             screen
                                                                 patterns                                  information:
                                                                                                        questionnaires and
                                                                                                             pie charts
Year 5        Unit 5A                   Unit 5D                  Unit 5F              Unit 5B                 Unit 5C               Unit 5E
         Graphical modelling        Introduction to            Monitoring       Analysing data and          Evaluating         Controlling devices
                                     spreadsheets             environmental      asking questions:    information, checking
                                                              conditions and      using complex            accuracy and
                                                                 changes             searches               questioning
Year 6          Unit 6B                 Unit 6B                  Unit 6A             Unit 6A                  Unit 6C                Unit 6D
              Spreadsheet             Spreadsheet              Multimedia          Multimedia               Control and        Using the internet to
               modelling               modelling               presentation        presentation         monitoring - What     search large databases
                                                                                                         happens when...?        and to interpret

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