Nursing Program Web Based Course Development Flow Chart.sdr by oss17616


									  Nursing Program Web Based Course Development Flow Chart

                                        Instructor is                                 Instructor
                                    assigned to develop                               decides to
                                       a new Nursing                                create a Web
                                           course                                  Assisted Course


         Stage 1 : Web Assisted Course Development
         Web Assisted Courses are face to face, instructor taught courses
                                                                                 Instructor is required
         that provide supplemental materials and online content in the
         Angel LMS. The majority of web enabled courses are web assisted.
                                                                                  to take CTD 0282 -
                                                                                   Overview of Online
                                  Note: (CTD) College Training & Development           Teaching.

                                         Nursing Program                          Upon completion of
Content development for a
 web assisted course can              Instructional Designer                       CTD 0282 a web
   include multi-media                 assists Instructor in                    assisted course is made
  development such as a              development of content                    available for development
  PODCAST for ITunesU.
                                     for web assisted course.                      by the Instructor.

                                                                                   Web assisted course
                                                                                    is complete or the
                                                                                      Instructor can
                                                                                   progress to Stage 2.

         Stage 2: Hybrid or Online Course Development
         Hybrid courses are used to save classroom space and
         majority of the course is taught online. An online course                Instructor decides
         is taught completely online.
                                                                                   to teach a hybrid
                                                                                    or online course
                                                                                  for Virtual College

         Note: Instructors are additionally compensated for development
         of Online courses for the Virtual College.

                             The Instructor is the content                      Instructor is required to
                            expert and the Virtual College                     take CTD 0280 - Develop
                                Instructional Designer                          a Virtual College Course
                            supervise the development of                        and CTD 0283 - Virtual
                               the course and ensures                             College Certification
                                    quality control.

                                         Hybrid or
                                      Online course is

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