Major Life Themes Chart by oss17616


									Major Life Themes Chart
Interpretation for Susan Margaret Boyle
April 1, 1961

12:00 PM

Blackburn, Scotland
57 N 12    2 W 18     Tropical NeoPorph

Daylight Savings Time observed       GMT: 11:00:00

Time Zone: 0 hours West

Planet Positions:

Sun 11 Ari 29                 Pluto 6 Vir 02
Moon 14 Lib 02                N. Node 5 Vir 53
Mercury 16 Pis 24             Asc. 26 Can 29
Venus 26 Ari 20               MC     21 Pis 35
Mars 13 Can 37                2nd cusp 17 Leo 46
Jupiter 2 Aqu 50              3rd cusp 0 Vir 18
Saturn 28 Cap 41              5th cusp 0 Sco 18
Uranus 22 Leo 00              6th cusp 17 Sag 46
Neptune 10 Sco 42

Technical Details of how the planetary patterns are determined: Each interpretation is based on a 3-
planet pattern. The 3 planets are forming a midpoint structure where a planet forms one of the
following aspects to the midpoint of 2 other planets: conjunct or opposition with 2 degee orb, square
with 1 1/2 degree orb, semisquare or sesquiquadrate with a 1 degree orb, or 1/16, 3/16, 5/16, or 7/16
with a 30 minute orb. Also, the 3 planets are aspected to each other in the same harmonic. The
harmonics analyzed are 1 through 64 and any doubling of these numbers, such as 120 which is a double
of 60, up to 180. The total number of harmonics analyzed is 108. In the harmonic chart all 3 aspects are
within a 12 degree orb. Also, any midpoint structure involving a conjunction or opposition aspect within
a 1 1/2 degree orb, even if a harmonic triangle is not involved, is interpreted.

Given below is a brief interpretation of your birth chart. The major themes in your life are described. The
themes are presented approximately in the order in which they are a priority in your life. In other words,
the themes which are most important are, in general, described near the beginning of the report, and
the less important themes are described towards the end of the report.

Each astrological influence described in this report is a resource available to you. It is up to you to
express these energy patterns in the best possible way. It is possible to repress, block, or try to avoid
issues, or to fight yourself; hopefully this report will help clarify issues in your life, and encourage you to
master your life rather than be a victim of circumstances.
Sun-Moon-Mars 4th Harmonic

You become bored when you are not challenged. You become irritated if there isn't some lively activity
to get involved in. Engaging in competitive sports is good for you. You are very sensitive to feeling
dominated or pushed around by others, and you may feel provoked to assert yourself over relatively
minor incidents.

Mars Opposition Mercury/Neptune 0 deg 04 min

You have exceptional ability in some areas and are rather weak in others. At an early age it is possible
that you developed a fear of some technical and scientific areas, which would be unfortunate because
actually you can be competent in these areas. You are very good at picking up on fine nuances of
meaning in literature, poetry, and art. You have a very imaginative and creative mind, but you can
become confused if overloaded with too much information at one time.

Jupiter Opposition Mars/Uranus 0 deg 01 min

You are enthusiastic and optimistic about your plans. Your enthusiasm is infectious and you are able to
motivate and inspire others with your vision and optimism. You are dynamic and energetic. You should
utilize your gift of optimism and dynamism to do the things that are important to you.

Jupiter Conjunct Venus/Neptune 0 deg 41 min

Your artistic tastes, preferences in clothing and food, are rich, exotic, or unusual in some way. You like
things that are foreign and you may even marry someone from another country. You can be generous
without being discriminating, which can result in wastefulness, and you should be careful when
investing or taking risks to make sure you have thoroughly analyzed the situation before committing
yourself to it.

Pluto Opposition Sun/Saturn 0 deg 57 min

It is likely that in early adulthood you departed from some of the traditional career options available to
you, and you chose a lifestyle and path of your own. You frequently forego opportunities for material
advancement in favor of a life that is meaningful and personally rewarding. You demand a great deal
from yourself and are not easily satisfied with your accomplishments. Do not take your
accomplishments for granted; it is likely you have made more progress than you give yourself credit for.
Uranus Opposition Mercury/Saturn 0 deg 33 min

You enjoy solving difficult problems. You can analyze a problem from different points of view, and you
are very good at abstract reasoning. It is good for you to apply yourself to complex subjects because you
quickly become bored with simple problems. For example, in the area of music, you may find that some
forms of classical music appeal to you because the intricacy and sophisticated musical concepts appeal
to you.

Pluto Opposition Sun/Jupiter 1 deg 07 min

You are good at promoting, marketing, and bringing things to a larger audience. You find ways to expand
the exposure of a product, or of bringing something to the attention of a larger number of people. You
strive for success, and sooner or later you will achieve it.

Venus Opposition Moon/Neptune 1 deg 02 min

You are idealistic and dreamy in romance, and it is likely that you will be disappointed at least once by
others when you wake up from your love dream to see the other person more clearly. Music and art are
important for you, and it is best if your home is imaginative and beautiful; living near water, for
example, suits you well.

Mercury Conjunct Venus/Jupiter 1 deg 50 min

You have good artistic sensitivity, and you are able to discriminate between items that are well-made
and therefore of greater value and those that are not as well-made. You communicate well and are able
to express your feelings openly and candidly. Very often you are encouraging and supportive of others.

Mercury Opposition Moon/Uranus 1 deg 37 min

You have quick reflexes, which gives you talent in some sports, playing a musical instrument, or any
other activity that requires quickness and agility. You are very clever and have a good sense of humor.
You pick up on things that other people miss. You function well in a fast-paced environment but can
become nervous and high-strung from too much stress.
Moon-Uranus-Pluto 180th Harmonic (180=5x9x4)

Your emotions can remain fairly stable for most of the day and then suddenly erupt without notice. At
such times, you can say and do things that you later regret. Your spontaneous, compulsive feelings can
also incline you to unusual creativity and achievements.

Venus-Jupiter-Uranus 56th Harmonic (56=7x8)

You have a good sense of rhythm, and you have talent in music and/or dance. You also have a good
sense of humor, and when you are in a good mood, you put everyone in a good mood. Very often you
are the life of the party.

Mars-Saturn-Pluto 48th Harmonic (48=3x16)

You are capable of extremely hard work. You can work long hours at tedious tasks and without
complaining. If you set your mind on a goal, you can focus single-mindedly on the work and leave no
stone unturned. Others may take advantage of your efforts; try to receive reasonable compensation for
your contributions.

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