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					                            Helping Children Cope with Death and Loss

                             Picture Books
Always and forever                          My Grandma Leonie
By Alan Durant                              By Bijou Le Tord
Picture Book Shelves DUR                    Picture Book Shelves LET

And what comes after a thousand?            Nana upstairs and nana downstairs
By Anette Bley                              By Tomie De Paola
Picture Book Shelves BLE                    Picture Book Shelves DEP

Anna’s corn                                 Old Pig
By Barbara Santucci                         By Margaret Wild
Picture Book Shelves SAN                    Picture Book Shelves WIL

The cat next door                           The purple balloon
By Betty Ren Wrigth                         By Chris Raschka
Picture Book Shelves WRI                    Picture Book Shelves RAS

Fox song                                    Rudi’s pond
By Joseph Bruchac                           Eve Bunting
Picture Book Shelves BRU                    Picture Book Shelves BUN

The granddad tree                           Sophie
By Trish Cooke                              By Mem Fox
Picture Book Shelves COO                    Picture Book Shelves FOX

I remember Miss Perry                       A story for Hippo: a book about loss
By Pat Brisson                              By Simon Puttock
Picture Book Shelves BRI                    Picture Book Shelves PUT

In the piney woods                          That summer
By Roni Schotter                            By Tony Johnston
Picture Book Shelves SCH                    Picture Book Shelves JOH

                                            Thank you, Grandpa
Liplap’s wish
                                            By Lynn Plourde
By Jonathan London
                                            Picture Book Shelves PLO
Picture Book Shelves LON
                                            The wishing tree
The memory string                           By Roseanne Thong
By Eve Bunting                              Picture Book Shelves THO
Picture Book Shelves BUN

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                              Helping Children Cope with Death and Loss

                     Picture Books - Loss of a Pet
The Berenstain Bears lose a friend                Goodbye, Mousie
By Stan and Jan Berenstain                        By Robie Harris
Picture Book Shelves BER                          Picture Book Shelves HAR

The best cat in the world                         Jim’s dog Muffins
By Leslea Newman                                  By Miriam Cohen
Picture Book Shelves NEW                          Picture Book Shelves COH

Dribbles                                          Saying goodbye to Lulu
By Connie Heckert                                 By Corinne Demas
Picture Book Shelves HEC                          Picture Book Shelves DEM

The forever dog                                   Toby
By Bill Cochran                                   By Margaret Wild
Picture Book Shelves COC                          Picture Book Shelves WIL

Goodbye, Mitch
By Ruth Wallace-Brodeur
Picture Book Shelves WAL

        Picture Books in Parent/Teacher Collection
My grandfather’s house                            Samantha Jane’s Missing Smile: A Story
By Bruce Coville                                  about Coping with the Loss of a Parent
Parent/teacher shelves JE/COV                     By Julie Kaplow
                                                  Parent/teacher Shelves JE/KAP
Where do people go when they die?
By Mindy Avra Portnoy                             Saying Goodbye to Daddy
Parent/teacher shelves JE/POR                     By Judith Vigna
                                                  Parent/Teacher Shelves JE/V
I had a friend named Peter: talking to
children about the death of a friend              Where Are You? A Child’s Book about
By Janice Cohn                                    Loss
Parent/teacher shelves JE/C                       By Laura Olivieri
                                                  Parent/teacher Shelves JE/O
Is Grandpa wearing a suit?
By Amelie Fried                                   Heaven
Parent/teacher Shelves JE/FRI                     By Nicholas Allen
                                                  Parent/teacher Shelves JE/A
Molly’s rosebush
By Janice Cohn
Parent/teacher shelves JE/C

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                                 Helping Children Cope with Death and Loss
                 Non-fiction books about grief, death and loss
A candle for grandpa: a guide to the               I Miss You: A first look at death
Jewish funeral for children and parents            By Pat Thomas
By David Techner                                   Youth Non-Fiction J155.937 T
Youth Non-fiction J393.23 T
                                                   Jungle Journey
Children also grieve: Talking about Death          By Barbara Betker McIntyre
and Healing                                        Youth Non-fiction J155.937 M
By Linda Goldman
Youth Non-Fiction J155.937 G                       Lost and Found: A Kid’s Book for Living
                                                   through Loss
Coping when a parent dies                          By Marc Gellman
By Janet Grosshandler                              Youth Non-Fiction J152.4 G
Youth Non-fiction J155.937 G                       2
                                                    Meeting death
Coping with Grieving and Loss                      By Margaret O. Hyde
By Sandra Giddens                                  Youth Non-fiction J155.937 H
Youth Non-fiction J152.4 G
                                                   Remembering Mama
Dealing with terminal illness in the family        By Dara Dokas
By Heather Lehr Wagner                             Youth Non-Fiction J152.4 D
Youth Non-fiction J155.937 W
                                                   What’s Heaven?
Dealing with the loss of a loved one               By Maria Shriver
By Sara L Latta                                    Youth Non-fiction J155.937 S
Youth Non-fiction J155.937 L
                                                   When Dinosaurs Die: a guide to
Death and dying                                    understanding death
By Pete Sanders                                    By Laurence Krasny Brown and Marc
Youth Non-fiction J155.937 S                       Brown
                                                   Youth Non-fiction J155.937 B
Don’t Despair on Thursday
By Adolph Moser                                    When I die, will I get better?
Youth Non-fiction J152.4 M                         By Joeri Brebaart
                                                   Youth Non-fiction J155.937 B
The fall of Freddie the leaf: a story of life
for all ages                                       When someone dies
By Leo Buscaglia                                   By Sharon Greenlee
Youth Non-fiction J 155.937 B                      Youth Non-fiction J155.937 G

                                                   Why do People Die? Helping your Child
                                                   By Cynthia MacGregor
                                                   Youth Non-fiction J155.937 M

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                              Helping Children Cope with Death and Loss

                        Non-fiction: Loss of a Pet
Remembering Pets: A Book for Children          When a Pet Dies
who have lost a special friend                 By Fred Rogers
By Gina Delpra-Berman                          Youth Non-fiction J155.937 R
Youth Non-fiction J155.937 D

            Non-fiction: Parent/Teacher Collection
Lifetimes: The beautiful way to explain        Help me Say Goodbye: Activities for
death to children                              helping kids cope when someone special
By Bryan Mellonie                              dies
Parent/teacher Shelves J 155.937 M             By Janis Silverman
                                               Parent/teacher Shelves J155.937 S
Healing a Child’s Grieving Heart: 100
Practical Ideas for Families, Friends &        Sad isn’t bad: a good-grief guidebook for
Caregivers                                     kids dealing with loss
By Alan Wolfelt                                By Michaelene Mundy
Parent/teacher Shelves J155.9n W               Parent/teacher shelves J155.937 M

                              Adult Non-fiction

Guiding your child through grief               The grieving child
By Mary Ann Emswiler                           By Helen Fitzgerald
Adult Non-fiction 155.937 E                    Adult Non-fiction 155.937 F

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