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					Website Specification Plan
Before embarking on a website development project it is important to set out your aims
and objectives for the site.

If you can answer all the questions outlined here then you will have the basis of a
website specification for your group/ organisation.

The more preparation you do before undertaking a web development, the better end
result you can expect.

If you are working with, or are in conversation with, a web developer, it is sometimes
useful to have a document like this beforehand.

                                                                                                  Tip Sheet: Digital Toolkit
1.1 Overview
An explanation of what your organisation is and what it does.
                                                                           For more information
1.2 Background                                                                 on aims and
A brief explanation of why you want website development at this             objectives see Tip
stage, including your aims and objectives e.g. if it is for a particular      Sheet Website
project or a particular audience, or if you want to upgrade your               Development
existing website.

1.3 Current Situation
If you already have a website it is helpful to outline what you do have, including the website

2.1 Overview
Give a summarisation of the purpose of the website.

2.2 Stakeholders
All websites have a number of different stakeholders: (amend as appropriate)
    • existing audiences
    • new/ potential audiences
    • funders and statutory bodies
    • Your team

It is vital that you specify who your main audience will be.

2.3 Design
This is your opportunity to outline any design issues – this relates to the audiences and
stakeholders i.e. ‘user friendly’ ‘brand conscious’.
You should state here whether or not it should incorporate any existing design elements,
colours or logos.

2.4 Navigation
You might not have a clear idea of navigation at this point, but if there are any particular
issues of principles then these should be included here.
It is also a good idea to add in some features at this point (i.e. search/sitemaps).

                 For more information or advice please contact Marcus Wilson
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Website Specification Plan
                                                                           For information on
2.5 Accessibility
                                                                           web accessibility
Websites must comply with the Disability Discrimination Act.
                                                                           check out
Stating how you will be accessible to your audiences here will
set the tone for you website development.

2.6 Content
Here list the type of content that you will include on the site i.e. text, photographs, audio,
video, PDF’s etc.

                                 2.7 Integration

                                                                                                      Tip Sheet: Digital Toolkit
 You can subscribe to            Increasingly websites are integrating with back office
 free online CRM                 systems e.g. ticketing systems, financial systems, customer
 systems to manager              relationship management systems (CRM), it is important to
 your customer                   be clear where this is the case.
 databases and mailings
 easier. For example:            2.8 Third Party Plug-ins
 www.freecrm.com/                Web 2.0 functionality increasingly involves integration with
                                 third part applications e.g. YouTube, Flickr, iTunes, RSS
 For information on CRM          feeds, Facebook, Twitter. Using third party applications can
 see the Tip Sheet               help to deliver particular functionality i.e. an online gallery, a
 Customer Relationship           shopping cart).

2.9 Administration
The site will be administered by one/ or a number of users and should be able to be
administered from any internet connection.
You may require a CMS (Content Management System) if this is the case then you may
want to outline who in your group or organisation has responsibility/ permission for what i.e.
uploading content, restructuring the site, adding layers of
information.                                                           For more information
                                                                      on social networking –
2.10 Additional Functionality                                           and whether this is
If you intend to have any particular functions e.g. an online poll,    right for you see Tip
a forum or registration system, then you will need to go into as           Sheet Social
much detail as possible here.                                               Networking

2.11 Security
Outline what levels of security you will require e.g. a secure members area, an ecommerce or
payments system.

2.12 Hosting
You may already have a domain name, if not then you will need to investigate the type of web
hosting service you will need. The level of functionality of your site will determine how
expensive the site will be.

                 For more information or advice please contact Marcus Wilson
                    e: Marcus@hi-arts.co.uk t:01463 717 091 w:hi-arts.co.uk
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