The Explorer Dating Game Clue Sheet by rra18575


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 The Explorer Dating Game Clue

Explorer #1: Juan Ponce de Leon                  Explorer #5: Hernando de Soto
Clues:                                           Clues:
         •   Named Florida                                •   Ended prehistory in Georgia
                                                          •   Stole food from the Natives,
         •   Fountain of Youth                                including their dogs
                                                          •   Brought disease to the New
         •   First European on U.S. soil                      World which killed thousands
                                                          •   Armor, horses, and crossbows
         •   Road named after him in Atlanta                  helped conquer natives

Explorer #2: Hernando Cortes                     Explorer #6: Ferdinand Magellan
Clues:                                           Clues:
         •   Spanish                                      •   Went around the southern tip of
                                                              South America
         •   Went to Mexico and conquered                 •   Looked for a “Northwest
             the Aztecs                                       Passage”
         •   Rich                                         •   Known as a great navigator

         •   Killed over ½ of the Aztecs                  •   Went on a very long expedition

Explorer #3: John Cabot                          Explorer #7: Christopher Columbus
Clues:                                           Clues:
         •   Sailed for England                           •   Thought he was in “The Indies”
         •   England claimed the entire east              •   Called the people “Indians”
             coast of North America based on              •   Originally wanted to sail for
             his explorations                                 Portugal, but ended up sailing for
         •   Named Newfoundland                               Spain
         •   1st Englishman to the New World              •   One of history’s most famous

Explorer #4: Pedro Menendez                      Explorer #8: Vasco de Gama
Clues:                                           Clues:
         •   Spanish missionary                           •   Sailed around the southern tip of
         •   Established St. Augustine                    •   First to find a water route to Asia

         •   Kicked the French out of the land            •   Landed in India
             and claimed it for Spain
         •   Converted Native Americans to

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