Tips for Hiring a Freelance Grant Writer

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					Tips for Hiring a Freelance Grant Writer Grants provide the majority of the funds that most nonprofit agencies use to run operations on a daily basis or to implement special projects. If grant funding disappears, so do the organization’s employees and programs, which would mean the ultimate demise of the organization itself. For non-profits to stay up and running, many hire a freelance grant writer to help them find and prepare grant proposals. Reasons for Hiring a Freelance Grant Writer Experience. The primary reason non-profits hire freelance grant writers is because of their experience – experience in writing multiple grant applications and proposals, so they know what it takes to receive a grant. Grant applications tend to be complicated and time consuming to complete. The payoff makes the time investment worth it, but hiring a freelance grant writer can help to reduce the errors and omissions in the application that can render your application null and void before the grant reviewer ever reads it. That’s right, some grant providers are so picky that if you submit the application in a font other than the one directed in the directions, your application may immediately be denied. Fresh Viewpoint. While there may be various individuals in the organization that knows the ins and the outs, a freelance grant writer brings a new and fresh perspective. They may be able to identify benefits and disadvantages of your organization that members of the organization are too entrenched to see. A freelance grant writer, however, can review the organization from the outside in and choose the best parts of your organization to present in the best light as part of the grant application Process for Hiring a Grant Writer 1. Can he/she provide a list of grants they’ve obtained and for which organizations 2. Find out how many years of experience the grant writer has specializing in grant writing for your type of organization 3. Check references by contacting the organizations to describe their experience working with the freelance grant writer 4. Especially focus on grant writers that have worked with organizations similar to your organization Since grants play such a pivotal role in non-profit organizations, it is important to find a grant writer that can help your organization obtain grants. Use these tips to understand how a grant writer can help your organization and how to go about finding the right grant writer for your organization. About the Author Copywriter and marketing consultant, Kristie Lorette, is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and businesses create copy and marketing pieces that sizzle, motivate, and sell. She is also the author of Action Marketing: A Step-by-step Guide to Launch Your Business Marketing Plan. For more information, visit

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