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Statement of Publicity by rra18575


									Shropshire Waste Local Plan 2002 - 2014 • Adopted Plan October 2004 Statement of Publicity

Statement of Publicity
ACCESS TO INFORMATION: This document can be made available on request in large print, Braille or audio cassette. It can be translated into Urdu or Punjabi on request. It will take us some days to transcribe it. If you would like a copy in one of those formats or if you wish to ask anything else about this document, you can telephone: Adrian Cooper at Shropshire County Council (01743) 252568, or write to: Community & Environment Services Shropshire County Council Shirehall Abbey Foregate Shrewsbury SY2 6ND You can fax us on (01743) 252505 You can contact us by email on: This document is also available on our website at:
Production information: Designed by the Design Team, Shropshire CC. Printed by Livesey Limited, Shrewsbury. April 2005. This document is printed on recycled paper. The cover is printed on 250gsm white gloss ‘Revive’. The text pages are printed on 100gsm white matt ‘Revive’. At least 75% of ‘Revive’ is made from 100% de-inked post-consumer waste and a maximum of 25% mill broke.


statement of publicity

Shropshire Waste Local Plan 2002 - 2014 • Adopted Plan October 2004 Statement of Publicity


Shropshire Waste Local Plan 2002 - 2014 • Adopted Plan October 2004 Statement of Publicity

Statement of Publicity
Shropshire County Council has prepared a Waste Local Plan, in accordance with the requirements of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 as amended by the Planning and Compensation Act 1991. The Regulations that set out the requirements for the preparation of development plans, are the 'Town and Country Planning (Development Plan) (England) Regulations 1999'. Specifically in connection with this document, Regulation 21 requires local planning authorities to prepare a statement listing: 1. the persons they have consulted; 2. the steps they have taken to publicise the plan; and, 3. the opportunity that has been given to make representations in respect of the plan. This document is intended to meet these requirements by describing the steps which were taken to prepare the plan, the publicity arrangements and opportunities provided to comment. Regulation 22 (2) requires that this document is available at the Council's principal offices, which are: Community and Environment Services Directorate, Shropshire County Council, Shirehall, Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY2 6ND. It is also possible to purchase a copy of this document by contacting Shropshire County Council on (01743) 252515 or to view it on Shropshire County Council's web site at


statement of publicity

Shropshire Waste Local Plan 2002 - 2014 • Adopted Plan October 2004 Statement of Publicity

The Plan Preparation Process
This is the 'Adopted' Waste Local Plan. The Plan was adopted by the County Council on 22nd October 2004.The Adopted Plan includes changes which were recommended by an independent Planning Inspector following a Public Local Inquiry in January 2004.

Persons Consulted
At First Deposit Draft stage, copies of the Plan were sent to statutory consultees, including Government Office for the West Midlands (GOWM), local authorities within and adjoining the Plan area, the Environment Agency, the Countryside Agency and English Nature. Copies of the Plan were also been sent to parish councils within the Plan area. Other organisations including interest groups, the waste management industry and their representatives, and waste management industry trade bodies have been notified of the publication of the Plan by letter. [See Appendix 3]. At Revised Deposit Draft stage, copies of the revised Plan were again sent to statutory consultees, including Government Office for the West Midlands (GOWM), local authorities within and adjoining the Plan area, the Environment Agency, the Countryside Agency and English Nature. All registered objectors were notified of the publication of the revised Plan, along with details of the proposed response to each of their objections. Prior to the Public Local Inquiry, all registered objectors were notified of the publication of a schedule of proposed pre-inquiry changes to the Plan. Following the receipt of the Inspector's report, all registered objectors and Government Office for the West Midlands (GOWM) were notified of the publication of a schedule of proposed Modifications to the Plan. Finally, on adoption of the Plan by the Council, all registered objectors were notified of the adoption of the Plan.

Steps T aken to Publicise the Plan
At First Deposit Draft stage, the County Council issued a press release on 23 May 2002 and officers and members held a press briefing about the Plan on Wednesday 24 May 2002.The press release and briefing were reported in local papers and on the local radio station (the press release is given in Appendix 1).The publication of the Plan for consultation was advertised in the London Gazette and in local newspaper notices. In addition to the arrangements above, the County Council arranged a series of briefings for District Council officers and elected members in each district; for Parish and Town Councils in areas affected by sites identified in the Plan; and a seminar for community and environmental groups and representatives of the local waste management industry. These seminars provided a further opportunity to explain the Plan's content and its preparation process.


Shropshire Waste Local Plan 2002 - 2014 • Adopted Plan October 2004 Statement of Publicity

At Revised Deposit Draft stage, the County Council issued a press release on 17 March 2003 (see Appendix 1).The publication of the Plan for consultation was advertised in local newspaper notices. A series of public meetings were held to explain changes to the Plan in respect of the proposed landfill sites at Woodhouse Farm near Telford and those near Shrewsbury. The adoption of the Plan was advertised in local newspaper notices (see Appendix 2). Following the adoption of the Plan, the Council intends to contact local waste management businesses in Shropshire to increase awareness of the Plan and its objectives. The Council also intends to prepare and issue a 'non-technical' summary of the Plan to enhance its accessibility to the community in Shropshire.

Opportunity to Make Representations
The Plan preparation process has included a number of opportunities for representations to be made. Copies of Plan documents and supporting information have been made available for inspection, free of charge at the County Council's offices at Shirehall, Shrewsbury; at District and Borough Council offices and at libraries and information points throughout the county. It has also been possible to view and download the Plan on the County Council's website or to purchase a copy of the Plan by contacting Shropshire County Council.


Shropshire Waste Local Plan 2002 - 2014 • Adopted Plan October 2004 Statement of Publicity

Appendix 1 – Press Release and Sample Press Coverage

Press Information

issued by Shropshire County Council, 23rd May 2002

Shropshire Revolution In Getting Rid Of The Rubbish
Shropshire people will soon be able to comment on a plan which identifies new sites for waste management right across the county. Shropshire County Council has developed a comprehensive Waste Local Plan, aimed at keeping Shropshire in step with national and European law, which will introduce about 30 new sites around the county which may be used for recycling commercial and municipal waste, composting and other waste management facilities. Shropshire's traditional method of dealing with waste - landfill sites - is also included in the plan, but there will be less reliance on it in future. The emphasis is strongly on recovery and recycling of waste and on composting. A report going to councillors next week lists about 30 sites which meet the necessary criteria for a range of possible uses, although only about two-thirds of them will eventually be needed to give the wide-ranging service Shropshire requires. Officers are recommending that the county should develop a larger number of small-scale sites, rather than concentrate activity on only a few major sites, because this will better serve Shropshire's thinly spread population and keep transportation of waste to a minimum. However, several potential larger sites are located around the Shrewsbury area because of the population size. The plan which goes to the Council's Cabinet meeting next Tuesday (30 April) is a first draft and a long consultation period, including a public inquiry, will follow. The County Council hopes the plan will be adopted in its final version in some two years' time. The Council's role will be in identifying where the waste sites should be. It is then up to private contractors and other third parties, such as district councils and community groups, to bring forward proposals and planning applications for the details of exactly what sort of waste facility goes on those sites. “We are at a critical point both in Shropshire and nationally as regards waste management,” said County Council Leader, Roger Walker. “The amount of domestic and commercial waste we have to cope with is increasing rapidly year after year and it is vital that we have a plan which identifies where waste will be dealt with in future - not just the household waste we all produce but the materials from industry and commerce as well. “Shropshire County Council, like all similar local authorities, has many new responsibilities and the Waste Local Plan is a legal requirement on us. We must respond in a positive way. “This report is the result of a lot of developmental work over a considerable period of time and offers a long-term way forward for Shropshire in dealing with its growing waste problems.” ENDS 4

Shropshire Waste Local Plan 2002 - 2014 • Adopted Plan October 2004 Statement of Publicity

Appendix 1 – Press Release and Sample Press Coverage

Press Information

issued by Shropshire County Council, 17th March 2003

Changes Proposed to Shropshire’s Waste Local Plan
Shropshire County Council's Cabinet will consider about 250 changes to Shropshire's Waste Local Plan when it meets next week (Tuesday 25 March). The changes are proposed in a report to Cabinet that responds to comments received from the public and new information.They would satisfy over half of the 1,000 objections made to the Plan when it was originally published in June 2002. Many of the changes are minor, but some are more significant. Further work by consultants has confirmed that the approach taken by the County Council to the identification and assessment of potential waste disposal sites near Shrewsbury was basically correct. However, more detailed work reveals that, of the two sites originally identified in the Plan, because it would be difficult to get acceptable road access, the development of a site at Lower Edgebold is uncertain. At Day House Farm, the consultants conclude that while a site could be acceptable, its development would have significant adverse impacts which would have to be dealt with. The consultants have also concluded that the site at Woodhouse Farm, near Telford, is a potentially suitable location for the development of a landfill or land-raising facility. The report to Cabinet recommends that the adverse impacts caused by the development at Day House Farm outweigh those which would result from additional traffic caused by taking waste to the proposed site at Woodhouse Farm, near Telford.The report therefore proposes that the revised Plan continues to identify the site at Woodhouse Farm, near Telford, but that the sites near Shrewsbury be deleted. In addition to changes to sites for waste disposal, the report proposes dropping 6 of the 25 waste transfer and recycling sites identified in the First Deposit Draft Plan as the land is no longer available. John Stevens, Shropshire County Council's Cabinet member for sustainability, said: “I am pleased that the level of public interest in the Plan has enabled us to modify some of our original ideas. The revised Plan has much to commend it as a major contribution to sustainable waste management.” Following approval by Cabinet, the revised Plan and supporting documents will be placed on deposit for public consultation for a 6 week period beginning at the end of April. The publication of the Plan will be advertised in the local press and the Plan and supporting documents will be made available at local government offices and public libraries. The revised documents will also be available on the County Council's website ( At this stage, comments can only be made about the changes which have been proposed to the 'First Deposit Draft' Plan. Previous objections to the First Deposit Draft will still stand if changes have not been made that resolve the issue concerned. Outstanding objections which cannot be resolved through discussion with the Waste Planning Authority will be considered at a Public Local Inquiry which is likely to take place late in 2003. ENDS 5

Shropshire Waste Local Plan 2002 - 2014 • Adopted Plan October 2004 Statement of Publicity

Appendix 2 – The Adoption of the Waste Local Plan - Formal Notice

Notice of Adoption of Shropshire Waste Local Plan 2002 - 2014
On 22nd October 2004, Shropshire County Council adopted this Plan.The adopted Plan will form part of the Development Plan for Shropshire. This Development Plan forms the basis for decisions on land use planning affecting that area. Copies of the adopted Plan are available for public inspection free of charge at: • Community & Environment Services reception, Shropshire County Council, Shirehall, Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury between normal office hours which are Monday to Thursday 0900-1700 and on a Friday between 0900 and 1600; • District Council offices during their normal office hours; and • Public libraries during their normal opening hours. The adopted Plan can also be viewed on the County Council’s website by navigating to: and selecting ‘Waste Local Plan’ and then ‘Adopted Plan’. Also available for inspection are copies of the supporting documents which accompany the Plan. The Plan came into operation on its adoption. Any person aggrieved by the proposals who desires to question their validity on the ground that they are not within the powers conferred by Part II of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 or that any requirement of that Act or any regulation made under it has not been complied with in relation to the adoption of the proposals, may, within six weeks from 29th October 2004, make an application to the High Court under section 287 of the 1990 Act. Further information concerning the Proposed Modifications is available from Adrian Cooper at Shropshire County Council.Telephone: 01743 252568, email: Claire Porter, Head of Legal Services, Shirehall, Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury Date: 29th October 2004


Shropshire Waste Local Plan 2002 - 2014 • Adopted Plan October 2004 Statement of Publicity

Appendix 3 – List of Persons and Organisations Notified of the Publication of the Plan

Minerals & Waste Companies
BIFFA Waste, Minworth Brightstar Environmental, Harrow Bromfield Sand & Gravel Co. Ltd, Ludlow Buildwas Sand Quarry,Telford Cae Post Plastics Recycling, Montgomery Cartwrights Waste Disposal Services Ltd,Telford B Chapman, Oswestry Clay Colliery Co. Ltd.Telford Central Car Spares, Craven Arms Clee Hill Motor Spares, Ludlow Coal Authority, Mansfield Coal Contractors Ltd. Chesterfield County Skip Hire, Shifnal County Skips, Albrighton H Evason & Co, Shrewsbury Evolve Composting, Newtown Focsa Services (UK) Ltd, Manchester Furber Bros Motor Salvage, Market Drayton W J Furber, Prees S. Grundon (Ewelme) Ltd. Reading Greenfinch Ltd,Tenbury Wells Hanson Aggregates, Shepshed Hanson Aggregates, Wetherby Harry West (Prees) Ltd, Whitchurch Ibstock Building Products Ltd. Bristol IET Energy, Cullompton Jackfield Car & Commercial Ltd,Telford JDM Accord Ltd, Shrewsbury Johnston Roadstone Ltd,Telford Kingpin Tyres Ltd, Wem Lafarge Redland Aggregates Ltd. Leicester Lea Composting, Shifnal LMS Skips, Ludlow Loosemores Transport Ltd, Shrewsbury Lowe Farm Transfer Station, Wem Mr Lewis, Ashfield Hotel, Oswestry Market Drayton Skips, Market Drayton J Mc Grath Tenbury Ltd, Ludlow Midland Degreasing Systems Limited, Shifnal Mini Skip Services, Shrewsbury Onyx Total Waste Management,Wolverhampton ORRTEC, Lincoln Oswestry Waste Paper, Oswestry Paperback Collection & Recycling Ltd, Oswestry G I Parkes, Oswestry Parry & Evans, Welshpool Pink Skips,Telford Potters, Welshpool Premier Bodies Ltd, Oswestry Mr Pugh, Church Stoke RMC Aggregates (UK) Ltd, Bromsgrove Salop Sand & Gravel Supply Co. Ltd.Telford Securiburn Ltd, Clun Shanks Waste Solutions, Ellesmere Port Shifnal Motor Spares Limited, Shifnal Shropshire Skip Hire, Bridgnorth Shropshire Waste Management, Shrewsbury Simpro Ltd, Coven SITA Technical Group, Packington Tarmac (Western) Ltd., Kington Three Counties Reclamation Ltd, Ludlow Tudor Griffiths Group Ltd, Ellesmere Vital Earth Systems, Brecon Waste Recycling Group, Lavister L N Williams & Co, Oswestry GD Wilson & Sons, Oswestry

Minerals & Waste Consultants
Axis, Chester Carter Jonas, Shrewsbury Crestwood Environmental, Wolverhampton David Walker Chartered Surveyors, Eckington GW Recycling, Newport Mineral Surveying Services, Leicester SLR Consulting Ltd, Alvechurch D.K. Symes Associates, Banbury


Shropshire Waste Local Plan 2002 - 2014 • Adopted Plan October 2004 Statement of Publicity

E4 Environment Ltd, Shrewsbury Entec (UK) Ltd, Shrewsbury Enviros Ltd, Shrewsbury

Wardell Armstrong, Newcastle Under Lyme Adams Hendry, Winchester

Shropshire Business and Land Interests
McCartneys, Ludlow Norman Lloyd & Co, Shrewsbury Catterall Morris Jabor, Wem Haston Reynolds Partnership,Telford Wardell Armstrong, West Bromwich ADAS,Telford Allan Moss Associates Ltd, Shifnal Country Land & Business Association, Stafford Gordon Wood & Co, Much Wenlock Hazlin Doors, Ludlow Hickman Stanmore Ltd, Bridgnorth Bowen, Son and Watson Mr Suckley, Oswestry Halls, Shrewsbury Wilson Dryburgh Ward, Shrewsbury Shropshire Chamber of Commerce,Telford Mr Roberts, Shrewsbury Mr Wingfield, Shrewsbury K & M Engineering (Shropshire) Ltd, Shrewsbury Morris Properties Ltd, Shrewsbury National Farmers Union (West Midlands Region),T elford Parkhill Estates Ltd, Newport Stadco Ltd, Shrewsbury Mr D Small, Ludlow Plymouth Estate Office, Ludlow Grove Feeds, Market Drayton Hinson Parry & Co, Newcastle-under-Lyme Border Holdings Ltd, Craven Arms Dalton & Co, Oswestry Brynkinalt Estate Office, Chirk Mr Cadwallader, Oswestry Blackmore Haulage, Shrewsbury CSJ Planning Consultants National Trust, Shrewsbury Mr Kynaston, Shrewsbury Harry West Ltd, Prees

District Councils in Shropshire
Bridgnorth District Council North Shropshire District Council Oswestry Borough Council Shrewsbury & Atcham Borough Council South Shropshire District Council

Parish & Town Councils in Shropshire
BRIDGNORTH: Albrighton PC Alveley and Romsley PC Astley Abbots PC Aston Botterell, Burwarton and Cleobury North PC Badger PC Barrow PC 8 Farlow PC Highley PC Kemberton PC Kinlet PC Morville, Acton Round, Aston Eyre, Monkhopton and Upton Cressett PC Much Wenlock TC

Shropshire Waste Local Plan 2002 - 2014 • Adopted Plan October 2004 Statement of Publicity

Beckbury PC Billingsley, Deuxhill, Glazeley and Middleton Scriven PC Boningale PC Bridgnorth TC Broseley PC Chelmarsh PC Chetton PC Claverley PC Ditton Priors PC Donington with Boscobel PC Eardington PC Easthope, Shipton and Stanton Long PC NORTH SHROPSHIRE: Adderley PC Baschurch PC Cheswardine PC Childs Ercall PC Clive PC Cockshutt-cum Petton PC Ellesmere Rural PC Ellesmere TC Grinshill PC Hadnall PC Hinstock PC Hodnet PC Hordley PC Ightfield PC Loppington PC Market Drayton TC Moreton Corbet & Lee Brockhurst PC OSWESTRY: Kinnerley PC Knockin PC Llanyblodwel PC Llanymynech and Pant PC Melverley PC Oswestry TC Oswestry Rural PC

Neen Savage PC Neenton PM Quatt Malvern PM Ryton and Grindle PC Sheriffhales PC Shifnal TC Stockton PC Stottesdon, Sidbury PC Sutton Maddock PC Tasley PC Tong PC Worfield and Rudge PC

Moreton Saye PC Myddle and Broughton PC Norton in Hales PC Prees PC Shawbury PC Stanton upon Hine Heath PC Stoke upon Tern PC Sutton upon Tern PC Welshampton and Lyneal PC Wem Rural PC Wem TC Weston under Redcastle PC Whitchurch Rural PC Whitchurch TC Whixall PC Woore PC

Ruyton-XI-Towns PC St Martins PC Selattyn and Gobowen PC West Felton PC Weston Rhyn PC Whittington PC


Shropshire Waste Local Plan 2002 - 2014 • Adopted Plan October 2004 Statement of Publicity

SHREWSBURY & ATCHAM: Acton Burnell, Frodesley, Pitchford, Ruckley and Langley PC Alberbury with Cardeston PC All Stretton, Smethcote and Woolstaston PC Astley PC Atcham PC Bayston Hill PC Berrington PC Bicton PC Bomere Heath and District PC Buildwas PC Cardington PC Church Preen, Hughley and Kenley PC Church Pulverbatch PC Condover PC Cound PC SOUTH SHROPSHIRE: Ashford Carbonell PC Bedstone and Bucknell PC Bettws-y-Crwyn PC Bishop’s Castle TC Bitterley PC Bromfield PC Brompton and Rhiston PM Burford PC Caynham PC Chirbury with Brompton PC Church Stretton TC Clee St Margaret PC Cleobury Mortimer PC Clun PC Clunbury PC Clungunford PC Coreley PC Craven Arms TC Culmington PC Diddlebury PC Eaton-under-Heywood and Hope Bowdler PC Edgton PM Hope Bagot PM 10 Hopesay PC Hopton Cangeford and Stoke St Milborough PC Hopton Wafers PC Llanfairwaterdine PC Ludford PC Ludlow TC Lydbury North PC Mainstone with Colebatch PC Milson and Neen Sollars PC Munslow PC Myndtown, Norbury, Ratlinghope and Wentnor PC Nash PC Newcastle on Clun PC Onibury PC Richards Castle PC Rushbury PC Sibdon Carwood PM Stanton Lacy PC Stowe PM Tugford PM Wheathill PC Wistanstow PC Worthen with Shelve PC Cressage, Harley and Sheinton PC Ford PC Great Hanwood PC Great Ness and Little Ness PC Leebotwood and Longnor PC Leighton and Eaton Constantine PC Longden PC Minsterley PC Montford PC Pontesbury PC Uffington PC Uppington and Wroxeter PC Upton Magna PC Westbury PC Withington PC Wollaston PC

Shropshire Waste Local Plan 2002 - 2014 • Adopted Plan October 2004 Statement of Publicity

Adjoining Local Authorities and Waste Planning Authorities in the West Midlands Region
Birmingham City Council, Birmingham Cheshire County Council, Chester Coventry City Council, Coventry Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council, Crewe Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, Dudley Herefordshire Council, Hereford Newcastle Borough Council, Newcastle-under-Lyme Powys County Council, Llandrindod Wells Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council, West Bromwich Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, Solihull South Staffordshire Council, Codsall Stafford Borough Council, Stafford Staffordshire County Council, Stafford Stoke on Trent City Council Telford & Wrekin Council,Telford Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council,Walsall Warwickshire County Council,Warwick Wolverhampton Metropolitan Borough Council, Wolverhampton Worcestershire County Council, Worcester Wrexham County Borough Council, Council, Wrexham Wyre Forest District Council, Kidderminster

Government Agencies and Departments
Advantage West Midlands, Birmingham British Waterways Board, Chester Countryside Agency West Midlands, Birmingham DEFRA Land Management, Shrewsbury English Heritage, London English Nature, Shrewsbury Environment Agency – Midlands Region, Solihull Environment Agency – Midlands Region, Upper Severn Area, Shrewsbury Forestry Commission West Midlands Conservancy, Worcester Government Office for the West Midlands (GOWM), Birmingham Health and Safety Executive – Marches Area, Newcastle under Lyme Highways Agency, Birmingham Sport England - West Midlands Region, Birmingham

Environmental and Amenity Groups
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) Stafford Community Council of Shropshire, Shrewsbury Environmental Campaigns West Midlands, Birmingham Friends of the Earth, Shrewsbury Shropshire Real Nappy Network, Shrewsbury Shropshire Wildlife Trust, Shrewsbury Council for the Protection of Rural England, Shrewsbury Ramblers' Association, Bridgnorth South Shropshire Furniture Scheme, Church Stretton Shropshire Geological Society The Council for British Archaeology, West Midlands Shropshire Parks & Gardens Trust 11

Shropshire Waste Local Plan 2002 - 2014 • Adopted Plan October 2004 Statement of Publicity

Field Studies Centre, Montford Bridge Friends of the Earth, Bishop’s Castle Friends of the Earth, Newtown Friends of the Earth, Wem Friends of the Earth, Oswestry

Marches Energy Agency, Shrewsbury The Wasteless Society, Bishop’s Castle Severn Navigation Restoration Trust, Ludlow Wastewatch, London Shropshire Association of Parish and Town Councils

Statutory Undertakers and Utlities
British Gas Properties, Ludlow GPU Power Distribution,Tipton Manweb, Wrexham Severn Trent Water, Birmingham Shropshire Health Authority, Shrewsbury South Staffordshire Water plc, Walsall Transco North West Midlands, Wolverhampton Welsh Water - Northern Division, Dolgarrog British Telecom, Shrewsbury TXU Energy, Ironbridge

Members of the Regional Technical Advisory Body on Waste:
Mr B Braithwaite - Staffordshire County Council Mrs H Watson - Warwickshire County Council Mr C Douglass - Birmingham City Council Mr P Field - Walsall MBC Mr M Bishop - Worcestershire County Council Mr D Coxill - Telford & Wrekin Council Mr A Potter - ESA Mr G Owen - ESA (ONYX UK Ltd) Mr D Clarke - WMLGA Mr C Martin - Government Office for the West Midlands Mrs C Lee - Environment Agency, Solihull Mr G Carmichael – ESA (ONYX UK Ltd) Mr D Bridgwood - City of Stoke on Trent Mr N Brown - Coventry City Council Mr G Bailey - Dudley MBC Mr M Rowley - Wolverhampton MBC Mr N Dean - Herefordshire Council Mr G Watkins - Environment Agency, Solihull Mr N Richmond – ESA (SITA) Mr D Greedy – ESA (Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick) Mr D Marr – Government Office for the West Midlands Mrs J Harper – Worcestershire County Council Mr T Simpson – DEFRA

Transport Interests:
British Road Federation Ltd., London Central Trains Ltd., Birmingham English,Welsh and Scottish Railways, Immingham Freight Transport Association, Leamington Spa Inland Waterways Association, Whitchurch Railtrack Property, Manchester Road Haulage Association, Bristol Wales & West Trains, Cardiff


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