Special Planning and Zoning F.A.Q. Spring 2006 by jackl17


									   Spring 2006
         Volume 7 Issue 1
             Spring 2006          A Letter from Stephen Wagner, Chairman,
A Letter from the Chairman   1
                                  Upper Saucon Township Board of Supervisors
Special Planning & Zoning         Dear Upper Saucon Township Residents,
 F.A.Q.                      1
                                  As I begin my term as your Upper Saucon Township Board of Supervisors’ Chairman, I
Important phone numbers      2    would like to thank all voters who have made recent changes to the board possible.
                                  Beginning January 3, 2006 a milestone was achieved in the long process of rational land use
Stop plumbing leaks          2
                                  planning and community development when the most recent members of the Upper
New Supervisors              3    Saucon Township Board of Supervisors, Miro Gutzmirtl and Joseph Horvath, took their
                                  oath of office.
Police Department
 Keep Kids Alive Program     4    Judging by the many comments I receive, the residents of Upper Saucon Township
Welcome Olympus!             5    certainly are noticing that the landscape of the community is changing rapidly. The local
                                  newspapers have trumpeted the overall growth of the Lehigh Valley as well. Employers
New faces at the Township    6    such as Olympus, Dun and Bradstreet, DeSales University and Aldi are moving to and/or
                                  expanding in the Township. Housing growth has been rapid…so rapid that Township
UST Police Officer emails
from Navy duty in Kuwait     7    population estimates for the year 2010 that were made in 2000 were exceeded by the year
                                  2004. The Promenade Shops at Saucon Valley will open more than 70 stores before the next
Scouts clean up              7    Christmas season. Clearly, the benefits of doing business and living in Upper Saucon
Soleco pool info             8    Township have been discovered. The job, and challenge, for your supervisors is to take
                                  advantage of this current strong economic demand by harnessing it to the benefit of
Summer band concerts         10   residents. The supervisors are particularly keen on achieving a balance of development
                                  that helps the School District maintain a strong tax base relative to student growth.
Compost center schedule      11
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Meeting schedule             12

 Save the Date!
                                       Special Planning and Zoning F.A.Q.
       5th Annual                 Q .neighborhoodbetterthroughoutaboutTownship. What can I do to make sure in my to
                                      I want to be
                                                                       development and development issues
                                                                                                           I’m up
 Family Fun Day                   speed on what’s going on?
  Saturday June 10
        10-4                      A .public notification procedures with which a municipality must comply in the course
                                      PA Act 247, the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC) mandates the

                                  of Township review of subdivisions, land developments, zoning amendments and any
  Community Park                  proposals which require Zoning Hearing Board approval. Upper Saucon Township’s goal
   Preston Lane                   is to abide by the requirements set in the MPC and to provide sufficient opportunities for
                                  citizens to become aware of and comment on planning and zoning submissions currently
 See Page 8 for details.          under review at the Township.

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Upper Saucon Township Newsletter                              Spring 2006                                    Page 1
                                                                Is water sneaking out of your house?
                                                              Community Notes from Lehigh County Authority
                  municipal offices
                  5500 Camp Meeting Road                      P    lumbing leaks inside your home are sometimes easy
                                                                   to catch—you see water dripping from the faucet,
                                                              hear water running at night, or see a puddle forming
                   Center Valley, PA 18034
                                                              under your sink. But sometimes a leak can be very
                     Phone: 610.282.1171                      difficult to catch.
                      Fax: 610.282.3557                       One of the biggest culprits for “sneaky” leaks is the toilet.
                                                              Worn out parts in your toilet can cause silent leaks—
      website: www.uppersaucon.org                            undetectable to the eye and ear. But these leaks are
                                                              detectable on your water bill as thousands of gallons can
                  Municipal Office hours are
                                                              be lost over time, raising your water bill each time.
                    8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
                   Monday through Friday
                                                              A     n easy way to test your toilet for a “sneaky” leak is
                                                                    to take the lid off the back of the tank and drop in a
       important phone numbers                                few drops of food coloring. Wait a few minutes without
                                                              flushing and then look into the toilet bowl. If you see any
                                                              of the colored water in the bowl, you know you have a
       *dial 911 for emergencies*                             leak. Of course this test won’t work with those blue toilet
                                                              bowl tabs, so wait until the blue solution runs out to
Operator/General Info             610.282.1171 ext. 0         conduct this test.
                                                              Sneaky toilet leaks can waste large volumes of water over
Tax Collector                     610.797.2282
                                                              time, but they are usually simple and inexpensive to fix
                                                              with some updated parts—and an enterprising spirit.
Permits and Inspections           610.282.1171 ext. 1

Community Development             610.282.1171 ext. 2

Administration                    610.282.1171 ext. 3

Police (non-emergency)            610.282.3064

Utility Billing                   610.282.1171 ext. 229

Water and Sewer Dept.             610.694.8680

Road Dept.                        610.282.1171 ext. 6

Finance                           610.282.1171 ext. 7

Fire Dept. (non-emergency)        610.791.0266
                                                              Township Manager Tom Beil presents Water/Sewer Department
Ambulance (non-emergency)         610.282.1565                Superintendent Dan Stahlnecker (left) with a Certificate of
                                                              Appreciation in recognition of his 25-plus years of service to the
Pavilion Rental/Park Info         610-282-1171 ext. 2         Township at the employees’ holiday party in December 2004. Dan
                                                              started his tenure with the Township in 1979 as the Chief Operator of
Newsletter Editor,                610.282.1171 ext. 237       the original wastewater treatment plant on Preston Lane. When he
                                                              was hired, Dan was the sole crew member at the plant. As
Sharyn Yeakel
                                                              Superintendent, Dan is now responsible for the maintenance of the
                                                              public water and sanitary sewer disposal systems and the collection
Writer Lauren Fitzsimmons                                     system, as well as supervision of 10 employees.

Upper Saucon Township Newsletter                          Spring 2006                                            Page 2
New Supervisors Miro Gutzmirtl and Joseph Horvath Take Office

           t the January 3, 2006 reorganization meeting of the Upper Saucon Township Board of Supervisors, Miro A.
           Gutzmirtl and Joseph M. Horvath were introduced as the newest members of the board.

           orn in Pech, Hungary in 1945, Miro A. Gutzmirtl came to the United States with his family in 1951 after
           spending the first six years of his life in a post war British refugee camp in Austria.
           Once in the U.S., he attended Catholic school in Philadelphia, graduating in 1964 from Father Judge High
           School and continuing on to Villanova University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Education in
         “Teaching young people ranks up there among my greatest accomplishments,” Miro said, “more so than
awards or recognitions I may have ever received.”
         But above anything else, he admitted, if combined, his marriage, children, and strong religious convictions
would be his biggest, best, and most significant accomplishment.
         Miro and his wife Phyllis have been happily married for 37 years, enjoying three sons, Tony, Joe, and Pete,
two wonderful daughter-in-laws, one grandson Josh, and second grandchild that is on the way.
         Retiring from the Pennsbury School District in 1999, Miro moved to Jared Drive in Upper Saucon Township
after numerous strong endorsements from friends who lived in the area and the open space recreation opportunities
that he saw available.
         It is that open space that he will work to preserve now that he is a supervisor.
         “I have always believed,” Miro stated, “that we are stewards of this land, and anything within law that can
preserve—save what little open space we have should be exercised now rather than postponing it. With the help of
other board members, we can do just that by being attentive to our zoning ordinances and making the necessary
modifications to promote this agenda.”
         His interest in open space and recreation, however, extends into his personal life with golf and camping being
his best-loved hobbies. In fact, one of his dreams has always been to camp in every state in the country.
         Miro also shared other fun facts that provide a glimpse into his personality. While his favorite snack is potato
chips and his favorite sports team the Philadelphia Eagles, he can’t get enough of Villanova basketball and do-it-
yourself manuals.

            eated beside Miro at the supervisor’s table is Joseph M. Horvath, resident of the Township since 1978 when
            he relocated here with his wife Judi.
            When speaking of their decision to move to the township, Joe said, “The rural nature of Upper Saucon
            provided a respite from the normal routine of work in an urban setting. We were impressed by the
beautiful open vistas that surrounded our home—weekends seemed like a vacation in the country.”
         Born and raised in Allentown, Joe attended grade school at Sacred Heart, and graduated from Central
Catholic High School. After serving his country in the United States Air Force Intelligence Service from 1964 through
1968, he enrolled in Lehigh-Carbon Community College (LCCC) graduating with an Associate degree in Computer
         Later, he attended Moravian College studying Business and Finance and DeSales University where he earned
a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.
         In his professional life, Joe worked for Mack Trucks, Inc. in the fields of IT, Production Planning, and Logistics
and taught evening courses in IT at LCCC for five years. Currently, he works as a business consultant.
         But despite his career accomplishments, Joe confessed, “My biggest achievement has been to build a lasting
and meaningful relationship with my wife.”
         As for his goals as a supervisor, Joe stated, “I will focus on community development, recreation and land
preservation,” he said, because “to make any meaningful change for the current and future generations, we must act
now.” And, he added, “to improve the efficacy of our efforts, we must update our zoning and planning concepts.”
         In his private life, Joe takes pleasure in fishing excursions with friends, saying, “It allows for conversation
with those you enjoy, while providing the opportunity to observe the beauty of nature.”
         In addition to fishing, which is his #1 hobby, Joe is a Philadelphia Eagles fan, prefers vanilla ice cream, and
enjoys traveling with his wife Judi.

Upper Saucon Township Newsletter                          Spring 2006                                        Page 3
 Police Department expands efforts
to deter speeding on Township roads

T         he Upper Saucon Township Police Department has joined
          forces with the nationwide Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 ®

       The program is a safety campaign that targets residential
neighborhoods with signs to remind drivers to keep their speeds at 25
mph or lower. At the behest of Township residents, the Police
Department will provide folks with signs for placement in their front

T         he Department has seen an increase in the number of
          complaints from residents who are concerned with drivers
          speeding through their neighborhoods. Through a
combination of speed enforcement and the Keep Kids Alive signage
program, it is the Department’s hope that drivers will be reminded of
their responsibility to drive the posted speed limit and that accidents
will be avoided. Driving safely and within the lawfully posted speed      Corporal Roger Miller with one of the Keep Kids Alive Drive 25
limits is a personal responsibility all drivers share.                    signs, posted on resident Lois Frank’s property

(Planning & Zoning F.A.Q. Continued from page 1)
    All proposed subdivision and land developments are first reviewed by the Upper Saucon Township Planning
Commission, an appointed board that reviews plans and makes recommendations to the Board of Supervisors. The
Planning Commission provides an excellent opportunity for public comment on proposed developments in the
Township early in the approval process. The Planning Commission meets on the 1st Tuesday of every month at 7:30
p.m. in the Township Municipal Building. Several days prior to the Planning Commission meeting, the draft agenda is
placed on the Township web site and posted in the Municipal Building lobby.

O nce thesubdivisions and land developments. The Board of Supervisors meet on the 2 Monday and 4 Tuesday of
          Planning Commission makes a formal recommendation, the Board of Supervisors ultimately approves or
                                                                                                 nd                     th

each month at 6:00 p.m. and the public notification procedures for subdivision and land development are the same as
noted above for the Planning Commission.
    Proposals which are required by the MPC to provide more extensive, formal public notification include zoning
ordinance amendments and conditional use approvals by the Board of Supervisors and special exceptions and zoning
variances by the Zoning Hearing Board. Conditional use applications and Zoning Ordinance amendments, which may
include text changes, new regulations or map changes must be advertised in a newspaper of general circulation, (The
Morning Call) and any property affected by the proposal must be posted prior to a public hearing before the Board of
Supervisors. Notice of conditional use hearings and hearings to consider proposed Zoning Ordinance amendments are
placed on the Township web site and posted in the lobby of the Municipal Building. Additionally, the full text of
proposed Zoning Ordinance amendments are made available for public viewing at the Township Building.

T circulation. Propertiesthat notices ofsubject of thetoappeals are posted with noticesadvertised in a newspaperthelocal
  he MPC also requires
                          that are the
                                         all appeals the Zoning Hearing Board be
                                                                                       giving information about

hearings, at least one week prior to the hearing date. Additionally, owners of property within 300 hundred feet of the
subject properties are sent notice of the hearing approximately one week prior to the hearing. The Zoning Hearing
Board meets on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. and all meeting notices are provided on the Township web
site, posted in the lobby of the Municipal Building and are advertised in The Morning Call Legal Section on the 1st and
2nd Mondays of each month.
   Finally, residents are encouraged to contact the Department of Community Development at 610-282-1171 ext. 2 for
more information or to get answers to specific development questions.

Upper Saucon Township Newsletter                          Spring 2006                                                 Page 4
Welcome, Olympus! New Headquarters Opens in Center Valley
   Upper Saucon Township would like to welcome                  the community, but to become a part of it. “Our biggest
Olympus America and Olympus Imaging America to                  effort so far has been as the principal sponsor of
Center Valley.                                                  Musikfest,” said Director of Marketing and Community
                                                                Services David Willard. “We were also principal sponsor
   “Olympus is a precision technology leader, designing         last year to kind of say ‘we’re on our way’, and this year is
and delivering innovative solutions in healthcare and
                                                                to announce we’re here.” The company has also created
consumer electronics worldwide.”                                the Olympus Digital Imaging Center at the Banana
     By 1950, when it introduced the Gastrocamera, the          Factory, a community arts center and gallery in Bethlehem,
first of its kind, Olympus had been in business for 31          providing digital cameras and equipment for 16 student
years, had produced two microscopes, opened its own             work stations and instructor resources enabling the
optical research center, and released three cameras for         introduction of a range of new classes.
retail sale, one being Japan’s first 35mm with lens shutter         And it doesn’t end there, promised Willard. Aside
system. Over the next 30 years, Olympus made great
                                                                from the continuing work they will do with ArtsQuest and
strides in both medical technologies and development of         the Banana Factory, Willard said they hope to connect with
retail products, marketing scientific products in the United    those in the community who can benefit from their
States beginning in 1968 and consumer products in 1977.
                                                                extensive line of medical products.
In the 1980s and early 90s, Olympus introduced to the
world acoustic microscopes and ultrasonic endoscopes,               “We will be looking for associations that have ties to
several evolving models of fully automatic, compact             the healthcare community and the medical field.”
cameras, and joined the AIDS research movement by
                                                                    For more information on Olympus America, its products, or
developing, in cooperation with United Biomedical, a
                                                                employment opportunities in Center Valley, visit the company’s
reagent to detect AIDS antibodies.
                                                                website at www.olympusamerica.com.
      In 1996, the company joined the digital age of cameras,
selling $10 million Stylus models a year later and
becoming a leader in a practically newborn market.
Today, nearly 87 years after its origination, Olympus is
still advancing in leaps and bounds developing the
world’s first DNA computer for gene analysis in 2002. In
addition, Olympus has spread worldwide with facilities in
Japan, Germany, Austria, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan,
Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Latin America, and the
United States in cities like Miami, FL, Melville, NY, and
soon, Center Valley, PA.
     Throughout May and into June 2006, employees of the
Olympus America and Olympus Imaging America will be
transitioning to their new headquarters location off Center
Valley Parkway in the Stabler Center. It is estimated the
three-story, 335,000 square foot building will contain, once
                                                                Olympus’s three-story, 335,000 square foot, state-of-the-art American
fully staffed, close to 700 employees. Libby Sullivan,
                                                                headquarters in Center Valley will contain close to 700 employees once
Director of Public Relations at Olympus America,                fully staffed. Employees will begin the process of occupying the
clarified, “Positions that are moving to the Lehigh Valley      building in May and June.
include administrative support, finance, financial services,
human resources, IT, distribution and supply chain,
marketing and product development, sales support,                         Township offices closed
regulatory and quality assurance, and facilities and
operations.” Furthermore, she explained, “the companies                                  Memorial Day
are responsible for the marketing, sales, after-sales                                 Monday, May 29, 2006
support, education, and training for all Olympus-brand
products sold in the Americas.”                                                         Independence Day
                                                                                       Tuesday, July 4, 2006
    Olympus, however, does not plan to merely exist in

Upper Saucon Township Newsletter                           Spring 2006                                               Page 5
        New Faces at the Township: New Appointments to Boards,
                               Commissions, Committees and Staff
    There are various boards and commissions that comprise the       Jersey, Aaron has a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the
Upper Saucon Township government, some with decision-                University of South Australia, and is currently an MBA
making powers, and others that exist as advisory panels for the      student at DeSales University. Having lived here 6 years,
Board of Supervisors. Among them are the Planning                    Aaron found himself interested in zoning and planning, as
Commission, the Zoning Hearing Board, the Municipal and              well as the growth and development of the area.
Sewage Treatment Authority, and the Park and Recreation              Describing himself as “an experienced team player and
Commission. And as the officials that occupy these seats change,     problem solver,” Aaron “enjoys exploring challenges for
a profile will appear in the subsequent newsletter in an effort to   potential outcomes.” Aaron will serve a five-year term
familiarize residents with those who represent them.
                                                                     ending December 31, 2010.
    The year began with two new faces joining the
                                                                          Tyrone Hollie appointed March 13, will fill an
Planning Commission on January 24, 2006.
                                                                     unexpired term ending December 31, 2007 on the Park and
     George Thomas V of Locust Valley Road,                          Recreation Commission. A five-year resident living on
Coopersburg, has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics                Red Oak Drive, Tyrone brings his past experiences
and has worked as a computer consultant at Air Products              working in parks and recreation in Minnesota and his
for 26 years. A Penn State alumnus and former member of              involvement in the Minneapolis revitalization project.
the United States Army, George has been a resident of the            Tyrone holds a Bachelor of the Arts in Marketing, an MBA
Township since 1938. When asked the reason for his                   in International Business and Marketing, and is employed
interest in serving on the Planning Commission, George               by Novartis Pharmaceuticals in New Jersey.
responded, “In my youth, I was able to explore the beauty
                                                                         Another appointment to the Parks and Recreation
and harmony of farms, orchards, woods, spectacular
                                                                     Commission on March 28 was Joaquim “Jack” DeMatos of
views, and historical landmarks of Upper Saucon.
                                                                     Vera Cruz Road. Vice President of Pact Two, LLC, Jack is a
Unfortunately, much of this remains a fond memory. I
                                                                     municipal contractor and graduate of Lehigh University
believe too many compromises have been made to satisfy
                                                                     with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.
developer requests, and I would like to join the Planning
                                                                     Jack hopes “to help serve the community and better the
Commission to help them focus on the goals of the
                                                                     township in which we live,” through his appointment to
Comprehensive Plan.”
                                                                     the commission. His term will expire December 31, 2007.
    The second appointee, John Gilda, Jr., also of Locust                                            ~~~~~

Valley Road, Coopersburg is interested in the Planning                    It is inevitable, our staff will not always remain the same, so
Commission as a way of serving the community. John,                  check each newsletter for profiles on newly hired employees and
who has lived in Upper Saucon for 15 years, is an IT                 their roles in the Township.
consultant with a Master of Science in Technology
Management. He hopes that his extensive experience in                    Hired in August 2005, Trent Sear is Upper Saucon
business planning and general and program management                 Township’s newest Zoning and Code Enforcement Officer.
will benefit the Commission and the Township.                        A resident of Allentown where he lives with his wife Jill
                                                                     and nine-year-old daughter Megan, Trent has a degree in
     Then on February 13, James T. Rouland became the                Urban and Regional Planning from the Indiana University
newest member of the Zoning Hearing Board fulfilling an              of PA (IUP) and a graduate degree from West Chester
unexpired term ending December 31, 2006. James,                      University.
however, is far from new to Township government,
serving over 2 years on the Planning Commission in the                   In addition to working for the Lehigh Valley Planning
'90s and more recently on the elected Board of Auditors.             Commission and the City of Easton, Trent most recently
Furthermore, as a graduate of Penn State with a Masters in           served as the Planning and Zoning Administrator for
Civil Engineering, he is a Registered Professional Engineer          Lower Nazareth Township, Northampton County.
in the state of Pennsylvania and works for the PPL                        Impressed with Upper Saucon’s planning efforts and
Corporation. James lives on Jared Drive in Center Valley,            the resultant quality of life, Trent will not only serve as the
and has been a resident of Upper Saucon for 22 years.                Zoning and Code Enforcement Officer, but as the staff
    Also appointed February 13 to the Municipal                      liaison to the Park and Recreation Commission.
Authority/ Sewage Treatment Authority was Aaron B.
                                                                         Please contact Trent at (610) 282-1171 ext. 254 with any
Attwood of Eichler Circle, Coopersburg. An Engineer and
                                                                     zoning-related inquiries.
Project Manager for Ingersoll-Rand in Clinton, New

Upper Saucon Township Newsletter                               Spring 2006                                              Page 6
UST Police Officer Heading Home from the Middle East
     Upper Saucon Township Police Officer Frank Najera will      them in your prayers for they serve as frontline ambassadors
return home this summer after 8 months in Kuwait with the        of our great country.”
U.S. Navy Customs Battalion Papa. Stationed at Camp                     Overall, Najera believes his military career has offered
Patriot, Second Class Petty Officer Najera is an Operation       many experiences that have helped him to become the person
Specialist who has 10 years of service in the armed forces.      that he is today, and for that he his thankful. “I will be forever
     Najera shared, via email exchange, his thoughts on his      grateful for the chance to serve my country in the world’s
tour of duty in Kuwait.                                          finest navy.”
     “My job gave me the chance to work side by side with               Here at home, Najera has a wife Michele and two sons
the men and women who served on the front lines in Iraq,”        Brendan and Preston.
he wrote humbly. “Nothing that I did could ever compare to             When asked what he has missed most during his time
the truest form of patriotism that these brave Americans         away, Najera replied, “The ability to reach out and hug my
showed in their unending fight against terrorism and             little boys, give my wife a kiss has proven difficult at times.
tyranny.”                                                        The most amazing thing is how much you miss the smallest
     “Looking back,” he continued, “the opportunity to serve     parts of your daily life.”
my country in this capacity was a great honor for me.”                 But despite his sacrifice, Najera admitted, it is his family’s
     And if there was anything that Najera could ask not only    emotional strength that he admires. “Sacrifice comes in many
the residents of Upper Saucon, but across the nation to do for   forms, and I believe they are heroes in their own right.”
soldiers fighting in the Middle East, it would be to “Keep

                                                                 Officer Najera receiving the Combat Patch for the 115th Area Support
                                                                 Group on December 10, 2005 from Colonel James C. Robertson Jr.,
Officer Frank Najera in front of “Big Brother”.                  Commanding Officer of the 115th.

          Den 6 Junior Webelos remove litter from Township Park
             On April 6, 2006, 4th Grade Webelos from Cub Scout
             Pack 333, worked toward their World Conservation
             Award by cleaning the litter from the portion of the
             Upper Saucon Township Community Park opposite the
             Copperhead Grille. With some help from Pack
leaders, the Scouts used equipment donated by the Township and
removed many bags of litter and several piles of debris. The
Township is sincerely grateful for the efforts of these young Scouts,
all of whom attend Hopewell Elementary. Our Community Park is
a source of great pride for young and old alike and this portion of
the Township property, being on the corner of Old Bethlehem Pike
and Preston Lane, is often the first glimpse visitors get of the Park.
The Township thanks Scouts Chase, Chris, Tarin, Nick, Devon, Nat
and leaders Debee Kostecki and Lisa Annunziato.

Upper Saucon Township Newsletter                             Spring 2006                                            Page 7
                                                      5th Annual

                                    Family Fun Day
                               June 10, 2006, 10 am-4 pm
                              Upper Saucon Township Community Park
                                          Preston Lane, Center Valley

 Live Entertainment:                                           Plus:
 10:30 a.m. Dave Fry – Godfrey                                 • Meet your Upper Saucon Volunteer
                                                                   Firefighters and Ambulance Corps
 Daniels founder and nationally
 known children’s musician and folk                            • “Paws, Claws, Scales and Tales”
 singer – www.davefrymusic.com                                     Animal Fair in the Southern Lehigh
                                                                   Public Library parking lot from 11 am-
 12:00 Noon – Lisa Facciponti –                                    2 pm— greyhounds, police and rescue
 Storytelling, Drumming & Dance –                                  dogs, alpacas, draft horses and other
                                                                   interesting creatures!
 Be ready to participate!
                                                               • Noah’s World Amusements from
 2:00 p.m – Terry Kitchen –                                        12:00 – 4:00 (Rock Climbing Wall,
 Bethlehem native has been called                                  Starwalk Moon Bounce, Trackless
 “One of New England’s best                                        Barrel Ride, Vertical Reality Bungee,
 songwriters” by the Boston Globe –                                and NEW! Obstacle Course Race)
 www.terrykitchen.com                                          • Kite and Puppet Making

                                                               • Meet QuBot, The Quakertown
               Lots of Great Food!
                                                                   National Bank’s Youth Banking mascot

                    This Summer, Keep Cool at the SOLECO Pool
S to do”isand “it’shere,hot” from kidswillall ages. Instead of spending endless weekends inwith air conditioningnothing
  pring finally
                         and summer
                                           soon follow bringing 90-some degree days filled
                                                                                                lots of “there’s
fighting traffic to the Jersey shore, why not head to the Southern Lehigh Community Pool located at 3900 Jacoby Road in
     The 2006 season kicks off Memorial Day weekend with hours from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday and
weekday hours from 5:30 to 8 p.m. through mid-June. Once school ends, regular summer hours will begin from 1 p.m.
to 8 p.m., seven days a week, with some extended hours until 9:30 p.m. for Family Fun Fridays.
    In addition, SOLECO Pool offers swim lessons taught by trained instructors. Designed for swimmers of all ages,
lessons are held 11:30 a.m. to noon or 12:10 p.m. to 12:40 p.m. in each of three sessions. Session I runs from June 19th to
30th, Session II from July 3rd to 14th, and Session III from July 17th to 28th. Registration takes place during normal pool
hours, is on a first come basis, and costs $40 for members and $50 for non-members.
                                                                                                          (Continued on page 11)

Upper Saucon Township Newsletter                          Spring 2006                                        Page 8
(Letter from the Chairman Continued from page 1)               Road, Woodchuck Lane, Briar Road, Spring Drive, Blue
Among the plans for the new board are rewriting the            Grass Trail and Winding Road. Another winter has
Township Zoning Ordinance to achieve strong                    passed and it is true that we take for granted the quality
environmental protection, application of zoning and            of snow removal, but we need to say that Don Eck and
planning concepts to protect residents, incorporation of       his crew in the Public Works Department gave another
the most recent zoning court decisions and PA                  superb effort throughout this past winter.
Commonwealth statutes, and updating legal language
                                                               As a result of a comprehensive water system study, a
while strongly taking resident concerns for open space,
                                                               number of system deficiencies were identified. The need
recreation and real estate tax implications into account.
                                                               for more system elevation (pressure) was one. Correction
The existing Comprehensive Plan, while sorely strained in
                                                               of these deficiencies, including construction of a tank with
its achievement in recent years, will remain. Note that
                                                               more elevation than the South Mountain tank, is ongoing.
the Township’s existing Zoning Ordinance is 20 years old,
                                                               The study highlighted the need for a variety of system
predating a major change in available water supplies that
                                                               upgrades, beyond the need for a new tank, to achieve
resulted from the closure of the former zinc mine and the
                                                               increased system pressure for homes at higher elevation.
extension of municipal water lines, as well as predating
                                                               To assure quality service the Township recently engaged
the emergence, within the Township, of one of the
                                                               The Pidcock Company as the Township’s new water
nation’s busiest interstate highways linking the area to the
                                                               system engineering firm.
nearby greater New York City area. Clearly the
Township’s existing 20 year old Zoning Ordinance is not        The Municipal (Sewer) Authorities led by Chairman
up to the task of directing the future of Upper Saucon         Bruce Bush and Department Head Dan Stahlnecker will
Township land use.                                             remain very active dealing with developments that are
                                                               already in the “pipeline” as well as meeting ongoing
Within the past month, the Township has contracted with
                                                               environmental demands. Future extensions of sewer
a highly qualified planning consulting firm to work with
                                                               service will be carefully evaluated by the supervisors
the Township’s own community development office,
                                                               before implementation.
solicitors and Township residents on commissions and
committees to update the Township’s 20-year-old Zoning         The year 2006 is the first year of a multi-year program to
Ordinance. As you look around this Township, note that         fund the replacement of apparatus and equipment for the
projects that are currently underway have been in the          Upper Saucon Volunteer Fire Department. Upper
pipeline for some time, and by law, are permitted. It is       Saucon Township has budgeted $150,000.00 for the
true that valuable planning opportunities were lost during     program for 2006. Additionally, the Township has
the past 20 years and valuable lessons have been learned       budgeted $114,000.00 for the Fire Department’s operating
as a result.                                                   expenses and $54,000.00 for the Length of Service Awards
                                                               Program to reward the service provided by long-term
Zoning and land use are not the only matters on the
                                                               volunteer fire fighters. Fire Chief Charles Castetter has
agenda for Upper Saucon Township. Matters of major
                                                               identified volunteer recruitment, retention and training as
concern are police, road maintenance, water supply and
                                                               major goals for the upcoming year.
distribution, municipal (sewer) authorities, recreation and
open space, Upper Saucon Volunteer Fire Department,            The Township has had the good fortune to have a highly
emergency response and the Southern Lehigh Public              competent and motivated individual spearhead a project
Library.                                                       to update the Township’s Emergency Response Plan.
                                                               Township resident Nicole Castetter, on a volunteer basis,
Regarding the Police Department, recently, as a result of
                                                               has spent many hours bringing the plan up to standards
the mature representation on the part of the Township
                                                               required by county, state and federal government
and the police union, a five year labor contract was
concluded. Township Manager Tom Beil, Assistant
Manager Robert Kassel, Police Chief Robert Coyle,              Recently, the Saucon Region Comprehensive Recreation
Investigator Tom Nicoletti, Officer Frank Najera, and          and Open Space Plan was completed by our planning
Officer Michael Fritts set an example of cooperation while     consultant and committee. The recommendations of the
efficiently reaching an agreement.                             plan provide a roadmap for the future of recreation and
                                                               open space initiatives for both Upper and Lower Saucon
Public Works Department projects for this year include
                                                               Townships. Representing our Township on the
surface improvements to portions of the following roads:
                                                               committee that developed the report are Willard
Herman Street, Fairmont Street, Treeline Drive, Cherry
                                                               Cressman, Robert Fulford, Donald Harakal, Robert
Lane, Apple Lane, Orchard Drive, Oliver Street, West
                                                               Kassel, David Pandl, Steve Rivers, Stephen Wagner,
Hopewell Road, Hampton Street, Abbott Street, Chestnut
                                                                                                         (Continued on page 10)
Drive, Chestnut Hill Road, Applebutter Hill Road, Glen

Upper Saucon Township Newsletter                          Spring 2006                                       Page 9
                                                                          2006 Music in the Park
(Letter from the Chairman Continued from page 9)
Joyce White, and Sharyn Yeakel. As the implementation
process moves forward, the Park and Recreation
Commission and the Open Space Committee, headed by
supervisors Miro Gutzmirtl and Joseph Horvath, will                           Concert Series
begin actual implementation of the plan’s
recommendations.                                                                Upper Saucon Township
                                                                                   Community Park
The Southern Lehigh Public Library recently moved into
its attractive new quarters adjacent to Upper Saucon
                                                                                Preston Lane, Center Valley
Township Community Park. As part of the 2006 budget,                                  6:00 p.m. start time
the Township has committed $168,000.00 for the operating
expenses of the Library and an additional $86,000 for debt           • Thursday, June 15, 2006— the edgy jazz-rock
service on the new Library building. With funding by                    stylings of
Upper Saucon Township and other municipalities, as well                 The Unpronounceable
as the leadership of Mary Jane Risch and Lynnette Saeger,
the Library will remain a vital resource for school students         • Thursday, June 29, 2006— the local favorites are
and adults throughout the entire Southern Lehigh School                 back!
District.                                                               Craig Thatcher Band
Last, but not least, the true backbone of this community is          • Thursday, July 13, 2006— the one, the only!
its volunteers. No doubt all the residents of Upper Saucon
Township join me in extending a “Thank You” to the                      Zen For Primates
numerous volunteers of boards and committees that make
                                                                     • Thursday, July 27, 2006— get in touch with your
local government function “close to the people.”
                                                                        inner Celt with
Remember…“local decisions are a better reflection of
people’s preferences than regulations adopted in more                   Malarky
distant venues.”
                                                                     • Thursday, August 10, 2006— Lady Sings the
Respectfully yours,                                                     Blues...
Stephen Wagner, Chairman                                                Sarah Ayres Band
Upper Saucon Township Board of Supervisors
                                                                     • Wednesday, August 16, 2006—
                                                                        IN PARTNERSHIP WITH   SOUTHERN LEHIGH PUBLIC
              Primary Election                                          LIBRARY

            Tuesday, May 16, 2006                                       The High Strung
                                                                     • Thursday, August 24, 2006—
                                                                        the Caribbean steel drums of
       Voting Districts and Polling Places:
                Upper Saucon 1                                          Ewabo
          Upper Saucon Volunteer Fire Department                         Admission to all shows is FREE!!
           4445 W. Hopewell Road, Center Valley                         Bring some chairs or a blanket and
                        Upper Saucon 2                                          enjoy the music!
          Friedensville Evangelical Lutheran Church                           www.uppersaucon.org
           2451 Saucon Valley Road, Center Valley
                        Upper Saucon 3                                Presented by the Upper Saucon Township Park
                   Calvary Bible Fellowship                                    and Recreation Commission
             6782 North Main Street, Coopersburg
                       Upper Saucon 4                                Thank you to our generous sponsor!
                Township Municipal Building
           5500 Camp Meeting Road, Center Valley
Your voting district can be found on the front of your voter
registration card. Please contact the Lehigh County Voter
Registration Office at 610-782-3194 if you have any questions.

Upper Saucon Township Newsletter                                 Spring 2006                                 Page 10
      Upper Saucon Township Compost Center @ 4461 Liberty Road
                                           Regular Hours — Spring 2006
                    The Drop-Off Center will be open during the following hours in 2006:
                                    2-6 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays
                                           9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays
                         MAY                                  JUNE                                  JULY
          S    M     T    W     T     F    S    S    M    T     W    T    F    S      S    M    T    W     T    F    S
                1    2     3    4     5    6                         1    2    3     30   31                         1

          7     8    9    10 11       12   13   4    5    6     7    8    9    10     2    3    4    5     6    7    8

         14    15    16   17 18       19   20   11   12   13    14   15   16   17     9   10   11    12    13   14   15

         21    22    23   24 25       26   27   18   19   20    21   22   23   24    16   17   18    19    20   21   22

         28    29    30   31                    25   26   27    28   29   30         23   24   25    26    27   28   29

 The Compost Center accepts the following items:
                                                                   PLEASE NOTE THE COMPOST CENTER
               •    Grass clippings                                WILL BE CLOSED TUESDAY JULY 4, 2006 IN
               •    Leaves                                         OBSERVATION OF INDEPENDENCE DAY
               •    Yard waste
               •    Tree and shrubbery trimmings
               •    Branches and tree limbs (must be less than 6 inches in diameter and 5 feet in length)

 • When visiting the Compost Center, please have your Driver’s License ready so our attendant can verify that you
      are a Township resident.
 • Do not drop leaves or other yard waste at the entrance to the site. If the site is not open when you arrive, please
      wait for an attendant and he or she will direct you to the drop-off area.
 • Residents can pick up free compost while supplies last. Mulch and compost are available for Township residents
      only, for personal use. The resale of this material, in any manner, is prohibited.
 If you have any questions or need directions to the Compost Center, please contact the Township Office at 610-282-
 1171, ext. 0.

   The Township Compost Center is located at 4461 Liberty Road, about 1/4 mile from Robin Lane and about a mile
   from Main Street, on the north side of the road.

(SOLECO Pool Continued from page 8)
   And for that summer birthday party or any other occasion, pool rentals are available hourly Saturday mornings and
evenings (after regular hours) with lifeguards provided.

D aily rates are $6 for adults and purchased before May seniors, and membership isvisit the poolan individual mem-
  memberships are available. If
                                   children and $4.50 for
                                                          30, a family
                                                                       for those who
                                                                                     $215, while
                                                                                                 more frequently

bership is $110. After May 30, the fees increase to $250 for families and $125 for individuals. Senior fees and sitter passes,
however, are always $60. Membership registration forms can be obtained on the pool’s website, and can be mailed,
with payment, to SOLECO Pool, P.O. Box 103, Coopersburg, PA 18036. (Membership cards must be picked up at the
pool). For membership registration, further details regarding programs and services, forms, contact information, direc-
tions, or general pool news, visit www.solecopool.org or call (610) 282-1074.

**The website states “Southern Lehigh Community Pool is financially supported by pool memberships and contributions.”

Upper Saucon Township Newsletter                               Spring 2006                                      Page 11
                                                                                     BULK RATE
                                                                                    U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                 CENTER VALLEY, PA
                                                                                    PERMIT NO. 24

5500 Camp Meeting Road
Center Valley, PA 18034
Phone: 610.282.1171
Fax: 610.282.3557

board of supervisors
Stephen Wagner, Chairman
Miro A. Gutzmirtl, Vice Chairman
James H. White, Sr.
Joyce V. White                                                CURRENT RESIDENT
Joseph M. Horvath
                                                              CENTER VALLEY, PA 18034
township manager
Thomas F. Beil


township meeting schedule
board of supervisors
Regular Meeting — 2nd Monday and 4th Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m.
Special Meeting — 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m., if necessary.

planning commission
Regular Meeting — 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m.

zoning hearing board
3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. with special meetings otherwise as advertised.

park and recreation commission
3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

municipal authority/sewage treatment authority
3rd Monday of each month at 7:15 p.m.
The Municipal Authority and the Sewage Treatment Authority hold their meetings in the Water and Sewer Building
located at 4774 Saucon Creek Road. All other public meetings are held in the Township Municipal Building located at
5500 Camp Meeting Road. Meeting times and dates are subject to change. Call 610.282.1171 ext. 0 for the most up-to-
date meeting information.

Upper Saucon Township Newsletter                      Spring 2006                                    Page 12

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