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Why Some Denver Homes Don’t Sell? By Bruce Swedal

I've been in the real estate business for a long time now, and during that time I have answered many questions on the topics of selling a home. The question that I hear most often is "Why didn't this house sell?" Many different people including other agents have asked me this question. I tell them there are many factors why a home might not sell. The most common factor is the home is overpriced. There are many important factors that come into play when deciding on an asking price for a house that is for sale. A couple reasons may be the asking price is too high or there are unrealistic expectations from the seller and an over enthusiastic listing agent. These reasons and many more can cause a house not to sell. Even in cases where an offer is made on an overpriced home, the hopes of the homeowner and buyer can be shattered when the buyer realizes he will have some problems financing the home. One way to determine if you have an overpriced home is by checking the prices of similar homes that are nearby. If those homes are selling for less than yours, you may have priced your house too high. In the end it is the buyer that sets the price of the home because they are shopping for the best deal and will typically pick a similar home that has the lower asking price. If you put a home on the market that looks like it has been twenty years since it was last painted, home buyers will not be impressed. Most people that are looking for a home to buy want to know that the home is ready to move right into. The chances of a quick sale are much higher for a home in good condition. You need to take a step out of your shoes and into the shoes of a home buyer to view your home with a very critical eye. Then you will be more apt to see what needs to be done to make the home more attractive to a home buyer. You might find that you need to repaint the inside and outside of your home. Paint does not cost that much and a freshly painted home will make a big impact on a home buyer. You should also make sure that the flooring is in good condition. New flooring is not that expensive and if yours is worn, you should have new flooring installed. New carpet and flooring will be something that makes a positive impact on the potential buyer. Another important point is that for anyone to buy your house, they need to see it. Agents will need to show it to as many potential buyers as possible. Real estate agents are typically pretty busy and will find homes that accommodate their schedule and are easily accessible. Having a lock box at your home and being flexible with scheduling showing appointments is vital to getting traffic through your home.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
You should also check to make sure that your agent has an aggressive marketing plan to sell your home and ask them to explain that plan to you. You can then determine how effective that real estate agent will be in selling your home. Request for your agent to show you the information on some of the homes for sale in your area and make sure that he agent knows your market. If you would like to have your metro Denver, Colorado home evaluated to determine why it did not sell, or if you need advice on how to sell your Denver home for the best possible price visit my http://www.bruceswedal.com/ Denver Real Estate website, and give me a call.

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Investment in Denver Real Estate is Wise a Decision By Derek Weeks

Being the capital and largest city of Colorado, Denver is an ideal choice for any real estate investment. With an elevation of 5,280 feet, it had been nicknamed as the Mile-High city. Denver is the twenty-sixth most populous city in the United States, having a population of 598,707 in 2008. Denver was founded as a small mining town settlement in November 1858, when the Pikes Peak Gold rush swept the western Kansas area. Since the city of Denver and many of its suburbs are situated in a ‘bowl’, Denver is protected from strong winds and severe cold. The arid climate of Denver is a major attraction for people who wish to relocate to Denver. Hence, Denver real estate had been growing at considerable pace in the last few decades. Denver real estate has great appeal due to the 79 neighborhoods of the city and its community groups. The features and characteristics of these neighborhoods possess a wide range of variations. In Denver, you would find old world brick constructions, particularly in the city center. As you move away from the center, you would come across neighborhoods that had been developed after the Second World War. Modern homes and skyscrapers are a common sight in these areas. Denver homes for sale are quite affordable, with the average single-family home price remaining around $280,000. The City and County of Denver officials are fully committed in developing affordable housing options for their citizens. The Denver Office of Economic Development Division of Housing and Neighborhood Development Division renders sizable assistance in providing affordable Denver homes for sale and in solving other housing related issues. However, at Urban Synergy Realty, we do much more than that. We guide, counsel, and advice on all aspects of Denver real estate investment. We help you find the choicest properties at the best possible prices. We assist you in developing the properties and in the construction of homes, commercial complexes, or any other type of property development that you would like to do. We help you in adhering to all the local laws and regulations of Denver real estate, so that you waste very little time on such details. If it is your aim to buy a house, then Urban Synergy Realty should be your first choice. We keep track of all new and old homes available for sale, as well as homes that had been foreclosed and are kept for public auction. We work in close liaison with financial institutions to obtain such foreclosed Denver homes for sale at cheapest prices. We are familiar with every area in Denver real estate. If you wish to rent a house or a property in Denver, obtain an emergency housing before you buy a permanent one, seek assistance in foreclosure of your present property, need mortgage advice, or want to sell your property at the best possible price, Urban Synergy Realty is your best friend. We also guide you all the way, if you are thinking of relocating to Denver. Talk to our experts, work with them and watch your investment grow, despite the current recession in the US. Urban Synergy Realty takes pride in helping our clients buy and sell Denver Real Estate, be sure to check out our site at http://www.UrbanSynergyRealty.com for all the latest market information. You can also follow us on our blog at http://www.UrbanSynergyRealtyBlog.com

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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