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What Decisions To Make When Purchasing A Home By Peter Geisheker

Purchasing a home is the single greatest purchase anyone will make in his or her lifetime. It can be a very exciting experience, however there are many decisions that need to be made. The first decision is to determine what type of home you want to purchase. A traditional home has its perks, however there is a lot of maintenance that goes along with it. For this reason, many people make the choice to purchase a condo for their first home. Condo living also has a lot of advantages, and few disadvantages. The biggest advantage is that there is literally no maintenance. What this means for the homeowner is that he or she will not have to shovel snow, rake leaves, or do any type of repairs. For those who purchase their condo for real estate purposes, the benefits can be outstanding. Purchasing a condo and renovating it can bring a hefty profit. If you purchase your condo as a real estate investment, there are specific areas in the United States where it can be most profitable. Real estate condos in West Virginia for instance, can yield very high profits when the owner decides to rent the condo to tourists. If you choose to purchase a condo for personal living space, you will find that the condo community is very adaptable. Many people in these communities have formed friendships that last a lifetime. The amenities that are available in some condo communities are incredible. There are social areas, where the community comes together for social events, pools and even fitness centers where condo owners can get in shape using state of the art equipment. Purchasing a condo as a first time home is a good option for many people, especially those who have less than perfect credit. By making your payments on time, you will build your credit rating. When you make upgrades to the condo, you may increase the value. Combine these two factors and you have an incredible opportunity to purchase a larger home when it is needed and make a very good profit. The only disadvantage to purchasing a condo is the association fees. Each condo community has their own association and each charges a different fee. The fees are used to cover all maintenance
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and repair costs to the condos. The fee is in addition to your mortgage payment and monthly expenses. The association has the sole decision on how the funds are used, and if a major repair is needed and it exceeds the funds available then the homeowner is responsible for the difference. They also are the solely responsible for setting and enforcing the rules in the community including a no pet policy. It is important that you obtain and read the rules and regulations before you make a decision to purchase. Although the many people have shied away from the condo community because they felt the association fees were too high, when you consider the cost of even one major repair in a traditional home, you will find that the association fees are not unreasonable. Peter Geisheker is the CEO of The Geisheker Group marketing company. http://www.marketing-consulting-company.com Peter develops and implements strategic marketing programs for businesses including real estate developers and West Virginia real estate. http://www.fountainviewcondos.com/index.htm

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Women Drive Real Estate Purchases By Real Estate Advisor

Women are working more, earning more and buying more than they ever did. Consequently, they have a significant influence on the American economy in general, and the real estate industry in particular. The collective buying power of US women accounts for about 85 % of all consumer purchases. When it comes to purchasing patterns, women are estimated to make 94 % of home furnishings decisions, 91 % of new homes purchase decisions, and 89 % of travel decisions. Women's earnings have accelerated over the last few years and they have emerged as the Chief Purchasing Officers in their households. According to IRS data, women constitute 39 % of the top wealth holders in the country. This means about 2.5 million women possess a wealth of $4.2 trillion put together. Notably, the IRS estimates that by 2050, 42 % of these women will be single or widowed. The IRS further estimates that more wealth is bound to be accumulated among women. Another growing trend that emerged in a December 2006 study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) was that about 22 % of homes purchased between July 2005 and June 2006 were by single women who were in the 25 to 34 age range. Women accounted for a record number of 1.76 million home purchases (1 in every 5 homes), a significant increase from 14 % a decade ago. Women's growing success in their careers, higher education, financial independence and a desire to build an early nest on their own, are some of the reasons that have spearheaded this home buying trend. Among the vast demographic spectrum in the real estate industry, women have become a force to reckon with. Real estate agents are increasingly taking note of their female clients and the power they wield in home buying decisions. By the influence that they bring into play in home buying decisions, women form a significant and growing market that simply cannot be ignored. If you are considering buying a home, condo, or any other real estate, be sure to seek out the services of a local real estate agent to guide you through this complex process. http://www.sandiegocondos.name, http://www.sabrespringsrealestate.info and http://www.scrippsranchcondos.com

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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