The Trappings of Seized Real Estate

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The Trappings of Seized Real Estate By Joe Cline

The position that you take on how to make money from real estate really depends on what method or resources that you are using and how well you are using them. This means that you should take due care in deciding the course of action that is going to be best suited to you. Making money from the real estate transactions can be tricky and even trickier when you consider the fact that there are those out there looking to scam you. One of the most common scams is the seized real estate system. This is the case where you are being told that you can purchase homes for one thousand dollars or less that have been seized by the government for a variety of reasons. Most often these places also list cars and boats at the same time for some ridiculously low price. However, what they are not telling you is that they are providing you with information that anyone out there can get free of charge with a few phone calls or an internet connection. As such many people fall into the trap of the seized real estate scam and they are out big time money because of it. What you are actually buying from these guys are lists that show times and dates when the seized real estate sales will take place. Likewise you will be getting lists from other seized property such as cars, boats and so on. Anything that is seized by police in drug related offenses and such is sold at public auction. You can make money from this without having to buy a list from anyone. Why is this possible? Well that is because these are public auctions and the information is made public. All you have to do is know where to look for the information if you want to attend. Actually you can easily accomplish this with just a couple of phone calls. Nearly every piece of information that you would need can be obtained just by talking to the right person and all without having to spend a dime. It is important that you spend considerable time examining the entire process of the scams that surround seized real estate as well. Some of the criminals are getting clever and have actually found a way to make more money. They are sending out notices of sale for seized property and then getting several attendees but the properties for sale are not theirs. You are bidding on something that is not for sale through a legitimate auction. A recent sting operation netted twenty arrests of men and women involved in this very same scam. So as you can see there is a lot that you have to work around when you are looking for some seized real estate. These auctions take place rarely because most of the jurisdictions do not get enough
Government And Police Auctions Seized cars from $100, boats, real estate, collectibles and jewelry. Government and police auctions online, instant access. Page 1

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seizures to warrant extra sales. You should contact the local police department if you want to find about future auctions of this type. About the Author: The author writes articles on Austin Real Estate Blog. For more information about REMAX Austin, Real Estate in Austin TX and Austin TX realtors can be found on the net. Visit ,

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Seized Real Estate – Buy Cheap Real Estate At Seized Real Estate Auctions By Rick Lee

Having a home that they can call their own is the ultimate goal of many married couples. But finding one that is comfortable for them and just within their budget is stressing. But your search for homes is now over since there are many real estate properties that you can find at an affordable price especially considering the current economic downturn. These are many real estates were seized by the government and are being sold at a price that many could afford. By now, you can make your dream home a reality! The seized real estates is a good property considering its price. They can give you the comfort and security in your home. You can now even invite your friends over for a nice conversation, drink, or dinner. Mostly, these seized real estates were owned by drug dealers and tax cheaters. And yes, these kind of people live in a luxurious way of life. Some of the seized real estates are mansions, suburban houses and cabin getaways. So just imagine your luck if you can own this kind of house at a very reasonable price. The government-seized real estate properties are about 30-40% cheaper than the market price although sometimes you can find real bargain homes going for as much as 90% off market prices. So this is an excellent investment if you want to save money but would want to own a house where you and your family can comfortably live. Seized real estate auctions are held all year round although it may be difficult to know where and when it will be held since they are not advertised much except probably in local newspaper classified. The best way to keep updated of new seized real estate auctions is to go online as they are a few sites that keeps tracks of the latest seized properties being auctioned all over the country. These online seized real estate sites allows you to know when and where the auction is held, the price and location of the real estate as well so you can determine whether it is worthy of buying before going down to auction. Discover where to buy cheap seized real estate. Learn where to find seized real estate auction online.

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