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Telluride Real Estate -- It's Not About Money By Ray Roark

Far from the bling bling of Aspen, the rustic mining town of Telluride, Colorado, is surrounded by majestic snow capped peaks, dramatic waterfalls, and sunsets of pink, turquoise, orange and blue. Sure you will find charming Victorian homes with all of the modern conveniences, condos on the river, and log mansions on the mountain, but the beauty, recreation, and sense of community inspires a reality check every day of your life in this enchanted town. And, of course, investing in Telluride real estate will increase your bottom line, but it's not about money and it's not for everyone. Those who will gain the most from their investment are those that seek a greater reward, those that appreciate life and living. It's amazing how quickly priorities skew and values change. Whether you own Telluride real estate or just visit, the incredible natural beauty of the area seems to keep one's life in perspective with a daily consciousness of nature and universe. Living in a postcard is life in Telluride. The spectacular, 14,000 foot peaks, mountains swathed in golden aspens during the fall, roaming elk herds numbering in the hundreds are a few of many sources of personal motivation and creative inspiration. Looking at mountains instead of buildings provides a continuous connection with nature. Beautiful and extreme changes in weather keep nature a consideration and priority. Breathtaking geography and coexistence with deer, elk, beaver, bears, and coyotes are constant reminders of our participation in life and responsibility as caretakers of our environment. But most of all the dangers of geography, weather, and wildlife also bring a consciousness of death and a sense of personal responsibility that gives one the greatest appreciation for living. Beyond just a place to live, owning Telluride real estate is also an opportunity to exercise mind and body as you enjoy 300 days of sunshine each year. Telluride, Colorado, offers unlimited activities, opportunities, challenges, and new experiences keeping one physically healthy and mentally happy. While Telluride residents and visitors will find access to skiing and snowboarding within a few feet of their front door, they can also hike a short distance to the sources of rivers, bike across the valley floor, or enjoy an outdoor summer music festival. And throughout the area they will find fly fishing mountain streams and lakes, camping at the edge of a 1000 foot cliff, soaking in natural hot springs, and horseback riding across a sunny mesa. Other recreation includes snowmobiling, rollerblading, mountain biking, touring ghost towns, sleigh rides, rock and ice climbing, hunting, golfing, ice skating, rafting, kayaking, snowshoeing, ice fishing, 4 wheeling, and Telluride is home to many musicians and artists.
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Whether Telluride's 2000 residents arrived with a certain inner peace and appreciation for life or gain their insight by becoming a part of the community, it is apparent in those you meet on the street or encounter on the river trail. Buying Telluride real estate is joining an exclusive society where people say hello, rally to help a fellow resident in need, and genuinely care more about your happiness than the car you drive. Six by 12 blocks in size, walking is the main mode of transportation and socialization. Telluride also provides free bus transportation and a free 2 mile gondola ride to neighboring Mountain Village and the ski area. Although Telluride has an airport, the town is not easy to get to, and for this reason most everyone in Telluride wants to be in Telluride. The residents of Telluride are a close, supportive group that operates below the radar to host tens of thousands of guests every year. As a visitor, resident or owner of Telluride real estate in this resort community, you also enjoy a number of benefits not found in most small towns, such as, quality dining, a festive atmosphere with nighttime activities and parties, as well as, a range of upscale personal services. But, the tolerant and non-judgmental attitude where every voice makes a difference is Telluride's greatest distinction from many other small towns. The bank tellers keep treats for your puppy, and the post office serves hot chocolate and rice krispie treats while you wait in line during the Christmas rush. The giving and kindness of the locals is infectious and the single most valuable asset included with each real estate property sale. Telluride is not cheap, but it's not about money. Telluride real estate is a lifestyle inspired by nature, fueled by healthy activity and preserved by the genuine spirit of the people. Ray Roark enjoys life as a Telluride resident. To browse Telluride real estate listings or find a local Telluride real estate agent visit

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