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Should You Buy Property in 2009? By Susy Copus

If you are thinking of buying in 2009 you will hear differing views of when to buy. Here we look at the views expressed by leading economists together with a recent report from the National Association of Estate Agents. The housing market and general economy is still falling, yet the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) has reported that in December 2008 there was a slight increase in activity with potential buyers and sellers tempted into the market, possibly by successive interest rates. There was a rise in both those looking to buy a house and the number of new properties that came on the market. First time buyers, having been priced out of the market for so long, bought 10.8% of the properties sold. In addition, the average number of sales made per agent held steady in December even though this is traditionally a quiet month. Some agents reported a small rise in house prices which the NAEA suggest may indicate that the rate at which prices are falling had slowed in some areas, rather than that the prices had reached a trough. The number of househunters rose from 186 to 200 and the numbers of properties agents had on the books rose from 87 to 100. The number of sales agreed per agent held steady at 6. However, in comparison, early in January this year the Financial Times had asked the question “Will 2009 be a year to buy property?” and gathered the views of over 50 economists. Over 60% believed that 2009 would not be a good year to buy property, whilst the remaining economists believed that, particularly towards the end of the year, it could be safe to buy a property. There was an interesting mix of views. On the side that believe 2009 will be a year to buy property the reasons given were that buying real assets such as property would be protection against a decline in currency. Interest rates are expected to remain low throughout the year and by the end of 2009, although lending will remain tough, there may be more credit available particularly if the government steps up its intervention. Some economists believe that the market will have bottomed out by the end of 2009 and some buyers will then be enticed back into the market by the combination of low prices and low interest rates. For those against the idea of buying property in 2009 the key belief is that property prices will remain simply too high in comparison to earnings and credit availability. Some economists expect property prices to continue to fall into 2010 and bottom out during that year - Capital Economics expects prices to fall a further 20%, Global Insight 15% and JPMorgan 10%. However, one economist predicts that the house price falls will continue into 2014. Factors to support the continued falls are ongoing credit
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
restrictions, still stretched affordability, rising unemployment with muted economic growth, and the negative expectations that the market will continue to fall. And of course, with the recession biting potential buyers may delay buying due to fears of their job security. As a whole there seems no rush to buy property. The country is in recession, 2009 will see huge rises in unemployment, lending is expected to remain constrained and as a result the demand will be low. Of course some people will have to move house due to personal reasons and the desire for home ownership and the personal benefits that owning your own home can bring. Transactions will therefore continue to trickle, but the idea of buying a property as a good investment i.e. the buy-to-let market, is some way off. However, post-recession and in the years following economic recovery we could see another housing boom due to an undersupply of housing, increasingly affordable property and a new, more secure banking system. During 2009 property sold at auctions and those that are in need of repair and renovation will be sold at very low prices and bargains will be easily found. If you buy in 2009, offer low and assume to hold your property for some time. Susy Copus writes about all aspects of the property market. Her work has featured the UK Property Search Engine,, who find property for you to renovate and

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Spanish Property in Costa Blanca Overview from Spanish Hot Properties July 2009 By Susana Suspenda

2009 has been really interesting year so far for the Spanish property market the Costa Blanca property market has been no different. The enquiry levels have been substantially increased from 2009 but actual enquires converting into property sales is at an all time low according to Spanish Hot Properties marketing and operations manager Susana Suspenda. “The first thing you have to understand about the Costa Blanca property market is that you have two very distinctive markets in one stretch of coastline, Costa Blanca North and Costa Blanca South. Now the Costa Blanca North property market tends to start just north of Benidorm at Calpe and runs up past Denia until you reach Costa Azahar. Now the Costa Blanca South property market tends to start just After San Javier at the end of Costa Calida and run right up to Benidorm just outside Alicante with Costa Blanca South representing some of the best priced property in all of Spain where you can still buy close to the beach for an amazing price of €70,000 or less. The only problem with this is when you start to look at Costa Blanca North clients believe they can get real Spanish property bargains and the reality is they can’t. The truth is Costa Blanca North or more importantly the prime areas of Moraira , Benissa and Javea there just aren’t the property bargains and prices whilst reduced haven’t tended to come down in the way they have done in Costs Blanca South” explained Susana. So what about the Costa Blanca market as a whole in 2009 and how does it compare with the rest of Spain with such fantastically price property on some of the Costas of Spain. “Well at Spanish Hot Properties we did some analysis of our enquires across the board and the results for Costa Blanca North especially were extremely interesting in that clients who enquired through our Bank repossessions and distressed sales in Spain page were looking for Costa Blanca North property bargain but in reality had no real knowledge of the market and very false expectations of what they could get. Obviously there will be some odd property that is distressed but in reality Costa Blanca North has held up pretty well. Then when we looked at the enquiries directly from the Costa Blanca North page, Javea and Moraira pages these enquiries were much more realistic about what they might be getting for their money and these people probably knew at what level any property deal could be struck at. As for Costa Blanca South it didn’t really matter what page of the site the enquiry came from it was aimed at cheap, cheap cheap. Interestingly though no matter what the price is the conversation from enquires to sales is like the rest of Spain very poor and the people who do act are tending to get property at very good prices especially in Costa Blanca south” explained Susana

Anyone wishing to find more about the current state of the Costa Blanca property market should contact Spanish Hot Properties. HQ Mailing Address: Spanish Hot Properties SL

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