ARKemink 2009 2010 AVID Advancement Via Individual Determination Ms Kemink Washburn High School 2009 2010 Email andrea kemink mpls k12 mn us Mission Statement The mission of this course is t

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					ARKemink                                                                           2009-2010

                   AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination
                                        Ms. Kemink
                                  Washburn High School
Mission Statement
The mission of this course is to provide students with an intensive preparation for higher
education by providing students with the reading, writing, inquiry and collaboration skills
necessary to succeed after high school. Students in this course are about to embark on a
series of life choices which begin in this classroom. Regardless of your college
ambitions, this course will provide you with the critical thinking and literacy skills
necessary, not only for success in higher education, but also that which is demanded in
the workplace. Everyone has something to gain regardless of your plans beyond
Washburn. This course is yours to gain from, so enjoy.

Course Objectives
As a result of participating in this course, students will be able build critical thinking and
literacy skills as well as strategic reading and writing skills necessary for success in the
classroom, standardized assessments and the workforce.

Grading Criteria

      Your grade will be determined by the following: binder upkeep, attendance,
       tutorial and classroom participation, homework/bellwork. Academic dishonesty
       will result in a zero!
      Scores will be recorded into my computer/grade book, and most papers will then
       be returned to you.
       more than happy to discuss your academic progress before or after class/school.

Binder Upkeep                  20%
Agenda Book Upkeep             20%
Tutorials                      20%
Daily/Weekly Assignments       20%
Attendance/Participation       20%
How much I like you            0%

Grading Scale
Percentage                           Grade
81-100                                A
80-61                                 C
60-0                                  Incomplete
ARKemink                                                                     2009-2010

      All assignments are due at the beginning of the period ( when the tardy bell
       rings). This does not mean 10 minutes into class, at the end of class, when you
       come late with a pass from another teacher b/c they let you finish/print
       ect…before you got here.

Makeup Work

Homework will be given regularly. It is an important part of your grade and helps with
overall comprehension, so please complete all missed homework.
    Makeup work will only be given for excused absences.
    IF you have an excused absence please follow the following procedure
        1)Check the assignment log 2) ask a classmate for help 3) After following 1
        and 2 and thinking hard, come ask me – before or after class. NOT during
        class you are not the only student in the room.

Late work policy
There is NO late work policy. Because we are preparing for higher education, I
expect you to be responsible and hand your work in on time or accept the

        BE ON TIME. You must be in your seat and ready to work when the
         bell rings. IF you are late to class you will place your name on the
         Tardy DT list near the door and serve detention with me after school.
        BE PREPARED. Bring daily-required binder materials to class every
        BE RESPECTFUL. Show respect to everyone and everything.

Behavior Policies
Let me begin by saying that I do not anticipate problems in this area.
This course is a choice. You chose to be here and I chose to have you
Therefore, I expect you to conduct yourself like a young adult.
However….should you forget………

   1. Verbal warning/ Look
   2. Louder verbal warning / Angry Look / Class gets silent and looks
      at you “ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh” / I stand by you, sit by you –
      treat you like a 2nd grader.
   3. “Vacation” from my class until you and I speak and figure out the
      problem. No make-up work allowed for missing class due to
   4. Referral
   5. I don’t know – we’ll cross that bridge if we get there
ARKemink                                                                         2009-2010
ONE LAST THING – Cell phones go on your desk right in front of you
and me – first thing when you sit down – that way we won’t be sneaking
texting ect... If I catch you messing with your phone and it’s NOT on
the table – it’s MINE. End of story.

IPODS can be used when I say you can use them. Don’t ask me if you
can use it – I will tell you when you can use it_

Mondays and Wednesday will be reserved for skills and strategies
Tuesdays and Thursdays will be reserved for tutorial sessions
Fridays will be typically used for special events

I want you to succeed in this course! I am a strong believer that every student is college
bound – it is simply a matter of effort. If you are willing to put in the time, so am I. You
can see me before school or after school if you need assistance with this class or anything
else that might be troubling you. I look forward to getting to know each and everyone of
you and watching you reach your goals! Ms. Kemink