United States Immigration Handbook

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					United States Immigration Handbook
Current through February 15, 2002

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The United States Immigration Handbook includes the Immigration Procedures Handbook, Immigration
Employment Compliance Handbook, and the Labor Certification Handbook (all published by West Group). The
Library also includes the H-1B Handbook - a start to finish guide through the H-1B approval process with all the
rules, regulations, forms supporting documentation, legal discussion and citations to case law needed to obtain
H-1B status.

Database Description                                                                                                   Identifier
Federal Immigration - Training Materials                                                                               FIM-TM
Fragomen and Bell Immigration Handbooks Combined                                                                       IM-HNDBK
H-1B Handbook                                                                                                          H1B
Immigration Employment Compliance Handbook                                                                             IMECH
Immigration Legislation Handbook                                                                                       IMLH
Immigration Procedures Handbook                                                                                        IMPH
Labor Certification Handbook                                                                                           LABCERT

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