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									Traveling to the United States                                                          Your student visa does not
                                                                                     guarantee entry into the United
This section includes important          more than 30 days before the                  States. It allows you to travel
information about what you need          program start date . Your student
                                                                                       to the United States only as
to do once you have been admitted        visa does not guarantee entry into
to a college and have obtained           the United States; it allows you to           far as the port of entry. The
your F-1 student visa. Pay special       travel to the United States only as
                                                                                        immigration and customs
attention to the visa requirements       far as the port of entry (airport or
for scheduling your arrival into the     land border crossing) .                     officers make the final decision
United States as well as to the U .S .
                                                                                       to allow or deny entry based
entry and customs requirements .
                                         U.S. Entry and Customs                        on compliance with customs
                                         Requirements                                  and immigration regulations.
Secure Housing Before                    Be sure you are in compliance with
Arrival                                  U .S . regulations . For information,
Find a place to live before you
pack your bags to attend college in
the United States . If your college
does not have on-campus housing,
it will have contracts with local
housing providers to accommodate
international students . Be sure to
contact your college’s international
office for assistance in finding
housing . (See Housing Options
on page 57 for a description of the
kinds of housing available .)

Schedule Your Arrival
Be sure to schedule your arrival
according to visa regulations .
You may be refused entry into
the United States if you arrive

                                                                                Traveling to the United States           49
                                                                                                         contact the nearest U .S . embassy,
                                                                                                         consulate, or EducationUSA
                                                                                                         advising center . When you visit the
                                                                                                         consulate for your visa, ask for a
 •   New Residence Hall                                                                                  copy of Customs Hints for Visitors
 •   Small Classes                                                                                       (Non-Residents) .
 •   Quality Instructors
 •   Great Programs                                                                                      Basic Requirements for Entry
 •   Classes Transfer
                                                                                                         ¢ You must be healthy .
                                                                                                         ¢ You will need to show proof of
                                                                                                         vaccination if you were recently in
                                                                                                         a country with epidemics such as
                                       3200 West C Street
                                                                                                         cholera or yellow fever .
                                      Torrington, WY 82240
                                        1.866.EASTWYO                                                    ¢ You will probably be denied
                                        or 1.866.327.8996                                                entry if you are HIV-positive .

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        Preparation Before Traveling to the United States

COnTACT THE COLLEGE’S                    o Ask your doctor for signed               o Label your luggage inside and
InTERnATIOnAL OFFICE                       prescriptions for any medications          outside with your name, your
o Make housing arrangements.               you use, particularly those                college’s name, and the address
                                           that contain narcotics or are              where you will be living. If your
o Notify the college of your travel
                                           administered by syringe. Penalties         luggage is lost, this will help the
  plans and expected arrival date.
                                           for smuggling narcotics into the           airline return it to you.
o Arrange for transportation from          United States are severe.
                                                                                    o Pack a change of clothing in your
  the airport upon arriving in the
                                         o Obtain an updated prescription             carry-on bag in case your checked
  United States.
                                           from your eye doctor if you wear           luggage is delayed or lost.
                                           glasses or contact lenses in case
                                           you need a replacement while in          SECURE MOnEY nEEDED FOR THE
o Make copies of your SEVIS Form
                                           the United States.                       TRIP AnD In THE UnITED STATES
  I-20 and the passport pages
                                                                                    o Carry traveler’s checks and credit
  containing your photograph,            o Call the airline to learn the rules
                                                                                      cards instead of large amounts of
  passport number, expiration date,        for carrying medications that are
                                                                                      cash. Be sure to change a portion
  and U.S. visa stamp. Keep these          liquids or gels in your carry-on
                                                                                      of your money into U.S. dollars
  copies separate from the original        luggage. If not allowed, place them
                                                                                      before departure or upon arrival
  documents. One copy should be in         in your checked baggage.
                                                                                      in the United States at the airport
  your carry-on luggage, one in your
                                                                                      so that you have enough cash
  checked luggage, and one at home       OBTAIn A DRIVER’S LICEnSE
                                                                                      to meet expenses you will have
  with your family.                      o If you plan to drive in the United
                                                                                      during your first few weeks in the
                                           States, you must obtain an
o Give your family members your                                                       United States.
                                           international driver’s license from
  U.S. contact information.
                                           your home country.                       o Plan to buy small appliances (such
                                                                                      as a hair dryer, electric razor,
                                         PREPARE FOR YOUR FLIGHT                      electric clock, and iron) in the
o Visit your doctor and ask about any
                                         o Check the airline’s baggage                United States. Those purchased
  vaccinations required for your trip.
                                           allowances before packing your             in your home country may not
  You may also want to check the
                                           bags. You may have to pay extra for        operate in the United States
  U.S. Centers for Disease Control
                                           bags that exceed maximum weight            because of the difference in
  and Prevention (CDC) Web site for
                                           and size allowances.                       voltage and electrical outlets.
  requirements. In addition, contact
  your college’s international office    o Reconfirm your flights 72 hours before
  to find out about any special            departure, and arrive at the airport
  vaccination requirements.                at least 2 hours before your flight.

                                                                                 Traveling to the United States             51
                                                                             ¢ You must always provide
                                                                             accurate answers to customs and
     Documents You Will need at U.S. Customs                                 immigration officials .
     and Immigration                                                         ¢ You must be able to support
                                                                             yourself financially during your stay .
     Important: Always notify the police and your embassy                    ¢ You must show intention to
     immediately if your passport is lost or stolen.                         leave the United States after you
                                                                             complete your studies and any
                                                                             OPT in which you participate .
     o Passport, valid for at least 6 months beyond the
       proposed date of entry into the United States
                                                                             Items You Cannot Bring Into
     o SEVIS Form I-20                                                       the United States Without
                                                                             Special Permission
     o College acceptance letter
                                                                             ¢ Drugs or medications without a
                                                                             doctor’s prescription
     o Evidence of financial resources
                                                                             ¢ Fruits and vegetables
     o Paper receipt for the SEVIS fee, Form I-797
                                                                             ¢ Living plants
     o Name and contact information for your designated                      ¢ Meat and meat products
       school official (DSO), including a 24-hour emergency
                                                                             ¢ Firearms and ammunition
       contact number at the college
                                                                             ¢ Products made from certain
     o Your completed Customs Declaration Forms (CF-6059)*                   protected animals

     o Your completed Arrival/Departure Record Form (I-94)*                  Answering Questions at
                                                                             Customs and Immigration
                                                                             You must have a brief customs and
     *   The CF-6059 and I-94 will be available from your flight
                                                                             immigration interview when you
         attendant if you are traveling by air or from the customs
                                                                             arrive in the United States . Keep
         officer at the port of entry if you are traveling by land or sea.
                                                                             all your answers simple and direct .
                                                                             For example, when asked about
                                                                             your purpose for visiting the United
                                                                             States, say that you are a student .

                                        Answers to Prepare for U.S. Customs
      You must have a brief
    customs and immigration             Q: What is your purpose for entering the United States?
   interview when you arrive            A: _________________________________________
   in the United States. Keep           _______________________________________________
  all your answers simple and
                                        Q: Do you have anything of value (not for your own
   direct. For example, when            personal use) to declare?
 asked about your purpose for           A: _________________________________________
 visiting the United States, say        _______________________________________________
     that you are a student.
                                        Q: Are you bringing any money into the United States
                                        with you? How much?
If you are asked the name of your       A: _________________________________________
college, provide the name of the
college that issued your SEVIS
Form I-20 and is listed on your
                                        Q: Are you bringing any plants, fruits, meats,
visa . If you present a Form I-20
                                        vegetables, clothing made from the skins of endangered
issued by a college other than
                                        animals, ivory, lottery tickets, obscene articles or
the one listed on the visa, the
                                        publications, or switchblade knives into the United
inspecting officer will conclude
                                        States? (Note: These are all prohibited.)
that you made misrepresentations
to the consular officer and will        A: _________________________________________
deny your entry . A student who
attends a college other than the
one authorized is considered to
                                        Q: Are you bringing any prescriptions or narcotics,
be out of status and must apply
                                        such as barbiturates, amphetamines, or marijuana,
for reinstatement .
                                        into the United States? (Note: These are illegal in the
                                        United States unless you have a prescription from your
See the worksheet on the right
for typical questions asked at U .S .
Customs . Write down your answers       A: _________________________________________
to these questions in advance and
keep them with you .

                                                                 Traveling to the United States   53
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