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                      W h i t e P l a i n s h o s P i ta l C e n t e r

  A N e w s l e t t e r f o r f r i e N d s o f w h i t e P l A i N s h o s P i tA l C e N t e r

                                                                                                                                                            SEPTEMBER 2007

  Work Starts on WPHC’s ‘Emergency Department
  of the Future’ While Maintaining Full Service

                                      ork is well under way on White Plains
                                      Hospital Center’s (WPHC) crucial $9.5 mil-
                                      lion Emergency Department (ED) expan-
                           sion – without hampering the ongoing delivery of
                           Westchester’s best and busiest ER services.

                                            The new two-story facility will more than
                                            double the size of the current ED, built to
  “in the end we will                       accommodate 30,000 patients a year but
 have one of the very                       last year treated 45,500. When completed

                                            in early 2009, the renovated, reconfigured,

      best emergency                        and expanded ER will be able to serve
  departments in the                        60,000 patients annually.

        tri-state area.”                    The project – vital to the community’s
                                            future health care – is made possible by
           – President and CEO              generous community support of last year’s
                Jon B. Schandler            Health Care for Life Campaign, which
                                            exceeded its $35 million goal by $8 million.

                           “We’re improving the Emergency Department for
                           the benefit of our community,” says Jon B. Schandler,

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                                                         Gala Celebrating CEO’s 25th Anniversary
                                                         Raises $550,000 to Benefit Hospital >> please see page 4
                                                         Paul M. Weissman (left), Chairman, WPHC Board of Directors and Jon B. Schandler stand with
                                                         a rendering of the Jon B. Schandler Pavilion.

   From the
   President’s Desk...
                    Dear Friend:

                            s you will see in the front-page article about
                            the exciting construction project to double
                            the size of our Emergency Department –
                    Westchester’s busiest and best – change is in the air
                    here at White Plains Hospital Center.                       Jon B. Schandler

                    For well over a century, WPHC has continued to
                    adapt, manage change and expand, both physically and        was also stunning to accept the reality that a quarter
                    in its level of medical services, to serve this dynamic     century had raced by! The event, which brought out
                    community.                                                  many friends, also raised $550,000 for the Hospital,
                                                                                and I thank everyone who participated.
                               Our current $9.5 million ED investment is
“we are here for you           just the latest commitment in our never-         I was deeply touched and surprised when Paul Weiss-
                               ending effort to keep pace with change in        man, Chairman of the Board of Directors, announced
   when you need us,           the region – and to always be ready when         that the Hospital will name the new five-story expan-
24/7, with the best in         you need us, around the clock, every day of      sion that includes the new ED in my honor. This is
                               the year.                                        truly a humbling gesture, because whatever success I
  expert medical care                                                           have had at WPHC has been made possible by a team
                           This ED upgrading would not be possible
 and the compassion-       without the strong community support we
                                                                                of outstanding men and women who remain deter-
                                                                                mined to make this Hospital even better every day. To
   ate treatment you receive from friends like you. It allows us to             them, I offer my deepest thanks.
                           invest in the future, and be ready to respond
     expect from us.” to emergencies in the foreseeable future.                 Looking ahead, the only sure thing that is ahead of
                           This has been a top priority because White           us is the assurance that the demand for change will
                           Plains and the area are continuing to expand,        continue. This Hospital faces many challenges and
                while at the same time the overall population is aging.         pressures to control costs while maintaining excellence
                Together, these trends signal increased future needs for        in a most difficult health care environment. Together,
                more Emergency Department services. We will be ready.           we must continue to build on past results and man-
                                                                                age change to stay Westchester’s most preferred and
                    While the current construction necessitates some
                                                                                trusted community hospital.
                    inevitable inconveniences such as closing a lane of traf-
                    fic on East Post Road through early 2009, this will not     Thank you for your confidence and support of our
                    affect our ability to provide the best emergency ser-       efforts to change in ways that keep us one of the
                    vices in the area. We are here for you when you need        nation’s finest hospitals, here in one of the world’s best
                    us, 24/7, with the best in expert medical care and the      places to live, work, and play. Best wishes for a safe and
                    compassionate treatment you expect from us.                 healthy Autumn. We deeply appreciate your continued
                                                                                vital support.
                    Speaking of change, nothing shocks you into realizing
                    how fast the time goes than to reach a personal mile-
                    stone. Anyone who has ever tried to fit into their old
                    outfits for a class reunion knows what I mean. I was
                    deeply honored to attend a special event in May that        Jon B. Schandler
                    marked my 25 years at this desk. At the same time, it       President and Chief Executive Officer

   DID YOU KNOW? when white Plains hospital Center was given the 2006/2007 Consumer
   Choice Award for westchester County, it was the fifth time the hospital was chosen by health
   care consumers as the area’s most preferred community hospital. we appreciate your confidence.

                                                                                                             (left) Stuart T. Nevins,
                                                                                                             M.D., Golf Outing co-chair
                                                                                                             Sidney P. Zimmerman,
                                                                                                             M.D., Wayne Eisman, M.D.
    WPHC Receives Award                                                                                      and Jon B. Schandler,
                                                                                                             President and CEO.
    From American Stroke                                                                                     (below) Golf outing co-

    Association                                                                                              chair David Wiener and his

        n a crowning achievement for The Ruth & Jerome A.
        Siegel Regional Stroke Center at White Plains Hospi-
        tal, the American Stroke Association has awarded its
    prestigious annual performance achievement award.

    The award goes only to the top U.S. hospitals that meet
    the association’s “Get With the Guidelines™ Program”
    for a full year, and recognizes the Hospital’s commitment
    and success in raising the standards for stroke care. The
    guidelines stress acting very quickly to treat stroke vic-
    tims and sets guidelines for quality standards of care and

    WPHC is the only facility in Westchester County to
    receive the award, which goes to just 113 hospitals
    throughout the country. In 2005, WPHC became the first
    New York State Designated Regional Stroke Center in
    Westchester County.

    “The Ruth and Jerome A. Siegel Stroke Center at White
    Plains Hospital Center recognizes the critical importance
    of acting quickly and effectively in cases of stroke,” notes
    President Schandler. “Our comprehensive system for
                                                                   Annual Golf Outing
    rapid diagnosis and treatment includes being equipped          Benefits WPHC
    24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide brain imag-

    ing scans, having neurologists available to conduct                n July, the Hospital’s fifth annual golf outing and dinner
    patient evaluations at any time and using clot-busting             at Quaker Ridge Golf Club, Scarsdale, raised more than
    medications when appropriate.”                                     $100,000 to benefit various Hospital programs.

    For more information about the stroke center, or to            The benefit was sponsored by Sidney Frank Importing, of
    ask about risk factors and symptoms of stroke, call            New Rochelle, and the event was co-chaired by David Wiener
    (914) 681-1119.                                                                        .
                                                                   of Harrison and Sidney P Zimmerman, M.D., of Rye. The
                                                                   benefit committee included Mark Abeshouse, Wayne Eisman,
                                                                   M.D., John Frank, Jonathan Spitalny, WPHC President and
                                                                   CEO Jon B. Schandler, Frank Seymour and Robert Sholz.

Gala Celebrating CEO’s 25th Anniversary
Raises $550,000 to Benefit Hospital

I                                               25
   n May, the annual President’s Council Dinner honored
   Jon B. Schander, President and CEO, for his 25 years of leadership
   and service. The event, at Trump National Golf Club, Briarcliff
Manor, was attended by 550 people and raised $550,000 for the Hospital.

Paul Weissman, Chairman of the WPHC Board of Directors, presented
President Schandler with a framed rendering of the Hospital’s new five-
story addition and revealed that it would be named the Jon B. Schandler
Pavilion. Mr. Schandler told the audience that he was “truly overwhelmed.”

                                             (top to bottom) Vivian Milstein
                                             and Sidney P. Zimmerman,
                                                                                 Drs. Paul and
                                                                                 Karen Pechman.

                                                                                 Mr. Schandler, whose mother flew to the event from
                                                                                 North Carolina, was also joined by his wife Amy and

                                             M.D.; Congresswoman Nita            their two grown children, Matt and Karen. In his
                                             Lowey and Joseph Hofheimer;         remarks, he declared: “I have received more than I have
                                             H. Guy Leibler, Hospital Board      given to White Plains Hospital Center. I feel each day
                                             member, and Louis R. Cappelli.      that I have the honor to do something special – to lead
                                                                                 a great organization and make a positive impact on our

                                                                                 “It is impossible to recount 30 years at White Plains
                                                                                 Hospital Center and 25 years as CEO,” Mr. Schandler
                                                                                 added. “Our accomplishments are the result of a remark-
                                                                                 able collaboration among management – the Board and
                                                                                 the Medical Staff. I am honored to represent staff who
                                                                                 are so dedicated and committed to the thousands of
                                                                                 patients we serve each year.”

                                                                                 The new Jon B. Schandler Pavilion will contain WPHC’s
                                                                                 expanded Emergency Department; the new cardiac cath-
                                                                                 erization suite – for which the Hospital received state
                                                                                 approval last fall, and space for other services resulting
                                                                                 from continued growth as the pre-eminent provider of
                                                                                 quality health care to Westchester residents.

                                             (right) Matt Shafiroff, M.D.,
                                             Sari Maenza, Asst. Nurse Man-
                                             ager, E.D., Seth E. Lerner, M.D.,
                                             Mark Gordon, M.D.

    WPHC Among Nation’s Best
    in Treating Heart Failure
    White Plains Hospital Center was found to be the only hospital in
    Westchester County – and one of only 38 in the nation – to outperform
                                                                                      Vital SignS
    national mortality rates for heart failure. The statistics were announced
    at a Washington press conference by the Centers for Medicare and Med-
    icaid Services.

    Comments Jon B. Schandler, President and CEO: “We are very proud of
    this achievement. It confirms once again the superb job that our entire
    health care team is doing in treating cardiac patients. (For details, visit
    our web site at: and check “What’s New at WPHC.”)

                                                                                  New Program for
                                                                                  Chronic Depression
                                                                                  The Hospital’s Anxiety and Phobia Treatment Center has
                                                                                  announced a new program created to help individuals
                                                                                  suffering from a chronic, low-level depression that has been
                                                                                  unresponsive to medication. Frederic J. Neuman, M.D., the

    NYS Authorizes Angiograms                                                     Center’s Medical Director, says the program is designed
                                                                                  to have chronically depressed persons “un-learn” negative
    Speaking of leadership in cardiac care, since the Hospital’s state            ideas. It is based on the successful model the Center has
    approval to perform diagnostic cardiac catherizations, a campaign             developed over the past 35 years of treating phobias and
    has been launched to raise $5.5 million for a unit on the third floor         other anxiety disorders. For more information, please
    of the new Jon B. Schandler Pavilion, now under construction.                 contact Judy Chessa, LMSW, at (914) 681-1038.
    The campaign is being led by Board members Peter Hochfelder
    and Jonathan Spitalny.

    Cardiac catherization, also known as a coronary angiogram, is used
    to identify blockages in the coronary arteries. It is currently only
    available at New York City hospitals and two other hospitals in
    Westchester County. “Having these services available close to home
    will make a great difference to our patients and physicians,” says
    President Schandler.

    Summer Nurse Program Ends                                                     Cancer Program Wins Award
    In August, the Hospital successfully completed its second year of
                                                                                  The Hospital’s renowned cancer program has received
    an eight-week nursing apprenticeship program. The program this
                                                                                  the 2006 Outstanding Achievement Award from the
    year attracted 15 high school and college students, compared to
                                                                                  American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer.
    only 10 the first year. Three of this year’s students will be awarded
                                                                                  It is the only such award in the Westchester and New
    paid internships next summer, part of the program’s effort to recruit
                                                                                  York metropolitan area.
    nurses during the current national shortage.

                                                          The new ED’s three main areas, each with its own nursing station, will
                                                          have state-of-the-art computer and information systems. Every patient
                                                          room will have a computer, and computers on wheels will be deployed for
‘Emergency Department                                     medical documentation, information retrieval and patient registration.
 of the Future’… from page 1                                                                                       .C.,
                                                          Designed by Cerniglia Architecture and Planning, P of Hopewell Junc-
                                                          tions, the new ED encompasses part of a five-story, 7,000-square-foot
                                                          addition to the Hospital. The addition also will house the new cardiac
President and CEO. “We hope that the public will
                                                          catherization suite (see related article on page 5) on the third floor. The
bear with us and excuse any inconvenience that these
                                                          fourth and fifth floors will be allocated
improvements may necessitate, because in the end we
                                                          for other services resulting from the
will have one of the very best Emergency Departments
in the tri-state area.”
                                                          Hospital’s continued growth as the          “Visitors will notice
                                                          preeminent provider of quality health
Timothy Haydock, M.D., Director of WPHC’s Depart-         care to Westchester residents.               some big changes.
ment of Emergency Medicine, adds: “Visitors will
notice some big changes. There will be more space,
                                                          President Schandler says the top con-        there will be more
                                                          cern in planning the expansion was
more privacy and the latest in technology. Generally,
                                                          the need for more space. “The closings       space, more privacy
patients will be seen quicker because we’re not only
                                                          of St. Agnes Hospital in White Plains
reconfiguring and expanding the ED but we’re also
                                                          and United Hospital in Port Ches-            and the latest in
revamping the admission process to include a ‘no wait’
                                                          ter also impacted our Hospital and
concept of bedside registration and rapid movement
                                                          increased the number of visits to our
from triage.”
                                                          ED,” he adds.
Highlights of the renovation project include:
                                                          One lane of traffic on East Post Road will be closed throughout the con-
Ê Expansion of space from 13,000 to 26,390 square feet    struction. If you have any questions or concerns about this vital project,
                                                          please contact the Community Relations Department at (914) 681-1119 or
Ê An increase from 17 to 38 beds – all in private rooms
                                                 Thanks for your patience.
Ê Dedicated treatment areas designed for children
Ê Specialty treatment rooms for specific types of
  emergencies, including a decontamination room
  adjacent to the ambulance entrance that can be used
  in mass casualties or bio-hazardous emergencies

Ê Expanded triage and “fast track” areas, with spe-
  cialty rooms for orthopedic procedures and OB-
  GYN patients

                                                                     Construction begins along
                                                                     East Post Road on the Emer-
                                                                     gency Department expansion,
                                                                     more than doubling the size
                                                                     of the current E.D.

      Since winning her battle with                             Unique WPHC Program
      breast cancer, Louise Ciero of                            Recruits And Retains
 White Plains rollerblades as often
                                                                ED Nurses
 as possible – something she never

                                                                        he Hospital is taking the lead in dealing with the continuing
considered before she entered White                                     national nursing shortage, including developing an innova-
                                                                        tive program to recruit and retain Emergency Department
     Plains Hospital Center’s award-                            (ED) nurses. To date, six Registered Nurses have completed it and are
                                                                working in WPHC’s Emergency Department.
     winning Cancer Program. Why?                               Named the Bendheim ED Nursing Fellowship Program in honor of
“Because I can,” she enthusiastically                           benefactors John and Maxine Bendheim, of Scarsdale, it is the only
                                                                one of its kind in Westchester Country. The free 16-week course is
 told the crowd at our 14th Annual                              designed to educate registered nurses about applying their skills in the
                                                                ED. It was developed by nurse managers Maggie Chilly, R.N. and
           Cancer Survivors Day.                                Sari Maenza, R.N. and Paul Quinn, Clinical Nurse Specialist and mid-
                                                                wife. It is open to all current WPHC nursing staffers as well as nurses

 “Because I can!”                                               seeking employment at the Hospital.

                                                                “Sometimes the Emergency Department can be a scary place to work,
                                                                because nothing is ever routine here,” says Mr. Quinn. “This program
                                                                gives nurses a chance to develop their professional skills and also pro-
                                                                vides guidance and a little hand-holding during various situations.”

     500 Attend Cancer                                          The first six R.N.s to complete the program and join the ED staff are:
                                                                Karen Kennedy, Michelle Sentell, Marie Damiani, William Bartoli,

     Survivors Day
                                                                Deirdre Shields and Tara O’Neill.

                 PHC’s 14th annual Cancer Survivor’s Day
                 attracted approximately 500 survivors and
                 loved ones to this event on June 3. Once
     again, it underscored the leadership role that the Hos-
     pital and its acclaimed Dickstein Cancer Treatment
     Center continue to make in curing cancer.

     Cancer survivor Louise Ciero of White Plains, the key-
     note speaker, spoke for everyone when she declared:
     “None of us would be survivors without this remark-
     ably talented and caring team of physicians, nurses,
     technicians and administrators.” She told the group
     she has been following the advice she received after
     successful treatment from Arthur G. Lerner, M.D.,
     Surgical Director of the Dickstein center. “Dr. Lerner
     told me to go on with my life, which is exactly what I
     have been doing – with a greater appreciation for life,”
     she said.

     DID YOU KNOW? the Cancer Program offers the best in comprehensive cancer care, including
     the newest diagnostic tools and treatment protocols, plus a wide range of support groups and
     complementary therapies.

                                                         A Unique Gift
                                                         In addition to the many other ways to support
                                                         the Hospital through bequests and other gifts,
                                                         right now a special opportunity exists to make
                                                         a gift through an individual retirement account
                                                         (IRA) rollover. We will be glad to explain how
      DID YOU KNOW?                                      this special charitable IRA rollover – which
                                                         must be accomplished during 2007 – may ben-
      ‰   Each year, about 700,000 people
                                                         efit both WPHC and you.
          suffer strokes. Our Ruth and
          Jerome A. Siegel Stroke Center                 To discuss this or other planned giving pos-
          successfully treated and dis-                  sibilities to benefit the Hospital and your com-
          charged 406 patients last year, up             munity, please contact Tricia Laine, Director of
          11% from the previous year.                    Development and Major Gifts, either by phone
                                                         at (914) 681-2264 or by E-mail at: plaine@
      ‰   For the fifth time, WPHC was
          received the Consumer Choice
          Award for Westchester County.
          The award, chosen from consumer
          responses on quality and image,
          is given annually by the National
          Research Corporation, of Lincoln,


          In Westchester’s busiest and best
                                                         Visit Us Online…
          Emergency Department, an expert
          triage staff quickly decides who
          should be treated in the main
          treatment area and who can be                  To learn more about how White Plains Hospital Center serves the community with
          sent to our streamlined Fast Track             the best in medical and health care services, visit our web site at:
                                                         We welcome your comments or suggestions on how to serve you better.

                                                         About white PlAiNs hosPitAl CeNter
      D A V I S AV E N U E A T E A S T P O S T R O A D
                                                         White Plains Hospital Center is a voluntary, not-for-
      WHITE       PLAINS, NEW        YORK      10601
                                                         profit health care organization with the primary mission
      WPHC Rounds is published semi-annu-                of offering high-quality acute health care and preventative
      ally by White Plains Hospital Center’s             medical care in a caring and compassionate manner to all
      Development Department.
                                                         people who live in, work in or visit Westchester County
      Richard P. Biondi, Senior Vice President,          and its surrounding areas. The Hospital will provide care
      Development, Marketing, and Community
                                                         and services without regard to race, color, creed, national
                                                         origin, age, sexual orientation or ability to pay.
      Tricia Laine, Director of Development
      and Major Gifts                                    WPHC is an affiliate of the New York-Presbyterian

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