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					             Arab Jordan Investment Bank
                    International Banking Unit
                       Limassol - Cyprus

This application form is submitted by the applicant requesting AJIB to provide Services to the customer
according to the Terms of Business that are set out below.

Please complete Part1 and Part2:

Part1. Corporate Disclosure

  Account No.: ____________________ Date Opened: _____________

      Authorized Persons
             Name(s)                                                Signature

  1.________________________                                   ____________________

  2.________________________                                   ____________________

  3.________________________                                   ____________________

  4.________________________                                   ____________________

  Base Currency : __________________

  Collateral : ______________________

  Required Margin: _________________

  Corporate clients must enclose copies of the following:
     (1) Certificate of incorporation.
     (2) Certificate of director and secretary.
     (3) Memorandum and articles of association.
      (4)   Certificate of registered office of the company.
      (5) Copies of authorized signatories Passports.
      (6) Company’s Resolution.

Clients Applications Form                                                                                 1
                           Terms Of Business for AJIB I.B.U Cyprus
“Arab Jordan Investment Bank –IBU ” herein after referred to as “the BANK” will provide Services to the Customer on the
terms of these Terms of Business (referred to as this “Agreement”)
In this agreement the following terms shall have the following meanings and may be used in the singular or plural as
appropriate .

“BANK” means Arab Jordan Investment Bank I.B.U - Cyprus

“Customer” means the natural or legal person to whom services will be provided by the BANK.

“Electronic System” means the software provided to the customer by the bank for placing orders, requesting quotes for
trades, receiving price information and market related news as well as having a real-time revaluation of the open positions,
through the Internet.

“Account” means an account of the Customer at the BANK and/or held with the BANK in the name of the account Holder.

“Authorized Person” means a person authorized by the Customer to give instructions to the BANK in accordance with the
provisions of clause 5.

“Business Day” means any day of the year except weekends, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

“Collateral” means any securities or other assets deposited with the BANK.

“Contacts” means any contact, whether oral or written, for the purchase or sale of any commodity, security, currency or other
property including any option, future or other transaction relating thereto, entered into by the BANK with the Customer or any
back agreement which the BANK may enter into to enable it to enter into or fulfill its obligations of such a contract.

“Contract Note” means a document confirming entry into a Contract.

“eFX Trading” means the facility described in clause 1 of the General Terms.

“Margined Transaction” means the transaction executed within the eFX Trading facility.

“Margin” means the factor by which your collateral will be multiplied in order to calculate your eFX Trading facility.

“Market Rules” means the rules, regulations, customs and practices from time to time of any exchange, clearing house or
other organization or market involved in the conclusion, execution or settlement of a Contract any exercise by any exchange,
clearing house or other organization or market of any power or authority conferred on it.

“Internet” means the international information network.

“Application form” means the application form signed by the Customer that forms part of this Agreement.

“Services” means the services to be provided by the BANK under this agreement;

“In writing or written “ means inclusive of electronic form.

If there is any conflict between the terms of this Agreement and relevant Market Rules, the Market Rules shall prevail.

In this Agreement any reference to a person shall include bodies corporate, unincorporated associations, partnerships and

In this Agreement any reference to any enactment shall include references to any statutory modification or re-enactment
thereof or to any regulation or order made under such enactment (or under a modification of re-enactment).

Clients Applications Form                                                                                                        2
    The BANK will grant the eFX Trading limit in the form of a facility the maximum amount of which shall be the result of the collateral
    multiplied by the margin.
    1.       The BANK will enter into transactions with the Customer in the following investments and instruments:
         a.    Contracts for differences on currencies;
         b. Other investments as the BANK may from time to time agree in writing such as:
                   1. Futures and contracts for differences on securities, interest rate and debt instruments, stock or other precious metals,
                        spot and forward bullion.;
                   2. Options to acquire or dispose of any of the instruments falling within (1) and (2)
                        above including options on options,
                   3. Securities including shares (where the transaction in question is ancillary in any transaction in any of the investments
                        in any of the investments described in a and b above)
                  The Services may involve:
                   1. Margined transactions.
                   2. Short sales (i.e sales where one party to the Contract is obliged to deliver an asset which it does not possess) .
                   3. Transactions in investments that are:
                        Not traded on any stock or investment exchange and/or not readily realizable investments.
                        Both the BANK and the Customer will, unless otherwise agreed in writing, enter into
                        Contracts as principal. If the Customer acts on behalf of a principal, whether or not the Customer identifies that
                        principal to the BANK. The BANK will not accept that principal as an indirect customer, unless otherwise agreed in

    2.       The BANK will pay interest on any credit balances present in the Customer’s account according to its standard
             interest rate. Unless otherwise agreed any debit balances are liable to pay interest at the BANK’s overdraft
             interest rate.

    3.       The Customer may give the BANK oral or written instructions (which shall include instructions sent
             Via the internet) The persons authorized to give the BANK instructions on the Customer behalf shall be those
             notified by the Customer to the BANK and may be varied by written notice to the BANK, The BANK shall not
             be bound by any such variation until written notice is received by the BANK. The BANK shall be entitled to act
             upon oral or written instructions of any person so authorized or any person who appears to the BANK to be
             Authorized Person, notwithstanding that the person is not, in fact, so authorized.

    3.1      The Customer shall promptly give any instructions to the BANK, which the BANK may require, of the customer
             in respect of any Contract or proposed Contract. If the Customer does not provide such instructions promptly, the
             BANK may, in its absolute discretion, take such steps at the Customer’s cost, as the BANK considers necessary
             or desirable for its own protection or the protection of the Customer.

    3.2      If the Customer does not provide the BANK with notice of its intention to exercise an option at the time stipulated
             by the BANK, the BANK may treat the option as abandoned by the Customer and, if so will notify the Customer.

    3.3     The Bank shall not be liable for any loss, expenses, cost or liability (including consequential loss) suffered or
            incurred by the Customer as a result of instructions being given, or any other communications being made, via the
            Internet. The Customer will be solely responsible for all orders, and for the accuracy of all information, sent via the
            Internet using the Customer’s name or personal identification number. The bank will not execute an order until it has confirmed
            the order to the customer and transmission of an order shall not give rise to a binding Contract between the BANK and the

    3.4     Instructions will be acknowledged orally or in writing by the BANK, as appropriate.

    3.5     The Customer acknowledges the electronic nature of the Services and the inherent of the risk that communications
            by electronic means may not reach their intended destination or may do so much later than intended for reasons
            outside the BANK’s control

    3.6     Unless otherwise indicated or agreed any prices shown on the BANK’s Electronic system are indicative at the time
            shown based on data that is subject to constant change. The execution price is that which is confirmed to the
            Customer on the confirmation issued ( whether on screen or otherwise) after the customer order is executed, although this
            price may in certain cases differ from the price appearing on the screen at the time the order was placed. In the
            event that an erroneous price is used as the basis of any transaction, the BANK reserves the right to amend or revoke the
            details of the transaction(s) in question.

    3.7     If the service features a dealing or trading service at a guaranteed price or on stated terms for a specific time period
           the BANK shall guarantee that price and the terms provided the Customer accepts the price or terms shown and the
           acceptance is received within the relevant time period.

Clients Applications Form                                                                                                                        3
 3.8     Subject to Clause 3.7 the BANK has taken all reasonable care to ensure the accuracy of all factual information on the
         BANK’s system. Nonetheless the Customer acknowledges that such information may have been collated by third
         parties and is in any case subject to change .As such any reliance the Customer places on such information is entirely
        at the customer’s risk and the BANK accepts no liabilities for any loss or damage suffered as a result of the customer
        reliance on such information.

 3.9    If the service features any limit order functionality , the functionality will be subject to the Internet service remaining
        available over the period in which the limit order is outstanding, and will be subject to size limits input by the
        BANK’s dealer(s) remaining in excess of the Customer’s order size and such dealer’s position limits and/or any limits
        determined by the BANK to be applicable to the Customer (whether or not disclosed to the Customer) still being able
        to facilitate the order at the time the limit price is reached.

 3.10 The identification or use of any third party products, services or website is not an endorsement by the BANK of such
      services, products of websites. The BANK accepts no responsibility or liability of any kind in respect of any materials
      on any website which is not under the BANK’s direct control.

 3.11 The service may allow the Customer to access websites provided by persons outside the BANK’s Group via a
      hypertext or other link to such websites. The customer acknowledges that the access to such other websites may
      require the BANK to provide certain information about the Customer to the proprietor of that website.

  3.12 The BANK will confirm all details (in writing ,by fax or otherwise) of any transactions entered into by means of the
       services. The absence of any such confirmations will not prejudice the validity of any transaction entered into.

 3.13 The Customer shall indemnify the BANK and keep the BANK indemnified against all loses, which the bank may
      suffer as a result of:
       a. Any error in any transaction given by an Authorized Person, or
       b. Acting on any instruction that is, or appears to be, from an Authorized Person.

 3.14    The BANK may (but shall not in any circumstances be obliged) require confirmation (In such form as the BANK
         may request) of any instruction:
         a   If it appears to the BANK that such confirmation is necessary or desirable; or
         b   If such instruction is to close an Account or remit money due to the customer.

 3.15    The BANK may, in its sole discretion and without explanation, refuse to act upon any instruction.

 3.16    If, after instruction are received, the BANK believes that it is reasonably practicable to act upon such instructions
         within a reasonable time , the bank may defer acting upon those instruction until it is, in the BANK’s reasonable
         opinion, practicable to do so or notify the Customer that the BANK is refusing to act upon such instructions. The
         BANK shall not be liable for any losses resulting from such deferral or refusal.

 3.17    The BANK shall to be obliged to seek best execution in respect of any transactions effected off-exchange.

 3.18    The Customer’s orders may be aggregated with the Bank’s own orders, orders of any of the BANK’s associates
         and/or persons connected with the BANK (including employees and other customers). Although orders will only be
         aggregated where the BANK reasonably believes it to be in the overall best interests of its customers, aggregation
         may on some occasions result in the Customer obtaining a less favorable price than if the Customer’s orders had been
         executed separately.

 3.19    The Customer acknowledges that many Contracts will be effected subject and in accordance with Market Rules. In
         particular, the Customer acknowledges that Market Rules usually contain wide powers in an emergency or otherwise
         undesirable situation and the Customer agrees that if any exchange or clearing house takes any action which effects a
         contract then the BANK may take any action which it, in its discretion, considers desirable in the interests of the
         customer and/or the BANK. The BANK shall not be liable for any loss suffered by the Customer as a result of the
         acts or omission of any exchange or clearing house or any action reasonably taken by the Bank as a result of such
         acts or omission.

Clients Applications Form                                                                                                             4
   4.      The Services may include Margined Transactions. In such an event the Customer may therefore from time
          to time be required to supplement the amount the Customer deposits with the BANK and make additional
          payments to the BANK, The Customer agrees to pay to the BANK in accordance with Bank’s requests:
                  a. Such sums of money or other assets by way of deposits or as initial or variation Margin as the BANK may from
                       time to time require;
                  b. Such sums of money as may from time to time be due to the BANK under a Contract and such sum as may be
                       required in or towards clearance of any debit balance or any account; and
                  c. Such sums of money as the BANK may from time to time require as security for the Customer’s obligations to
                       the BANK.
         The bank’s rights in respect of the above moneys and assets are set out in the Terms of Business. In the absence off
         Formal arrangement to the contry, the BANK will normally be forced to close out any open cotract if the customer
         does not provide margins at the request of the BANK or the position the Customer holds is deteriorating at a rate that
         the Customer’s available Collateral has dropped below the agreed limit.
        There are three distinct margin control levels, which when triggered, will automatically initiate the following to be
        A margin call notification is communicated directly to the client’s on-line trading platform requesting the client to
        Either add more margin collateral funds to the clients trading account and/or to reduce any or all exposures.
        In the event that the client has breached the second of the margin call levels, then another warning is issued to the client
        via the client’s on-line trading platform, requesting either margin collateral funds and/or to reduce any or all
         In the event that the client has breached the third and most serious of the 3 margin call levels the clients trading
         Platform will have been programmed form the outset, to automatically close out all of the clients open positions at the
         first available opportunity under the prevailing market conditions, and apply any proceeds thereof to payment of any
         amounts due to the Bank.
        After being notified of such a breach in any of the clients trading accounts AJIB will immediately suspend the
        designated clients trading account.
 4.1         The Bank may Pass on any money or Collateral received from the Customer in order to satisfy the BANK’s obligations to
             any third party. The BANK has no liability for loss as a result of not informing the Customer of this action. The
             BANK shall not be obliged to account to the Customer for any income received by the BANK as a result of
             carrying out any of the activities described herein.
 4.2        The Customer shall promptly deliver any money or property deliverable by it under a Contract in accordance
            with the terms of that Contract and with any instructions given by the BANK for the purpose of enabling the
            BANK to perform its obligations under any corresponding Contract entered into between the BANK and a third party.
 4.3        The BANK may (but shall not in any circumstances be obliged to) convert any moneys held by it for the
            Customer into such other currency, as the BANK considers necessary or desirable to cover the Customer’s
            obligations and liabilities in that currency at such rate of exchange, as the BANK shall select. The BANK
            shall be entitled to charge and retain for its own account such administration fee for arranging such conversion
            as the BANK may from time to time specify.
 5.         The Bank reserves the right to retain, or make deductions from, any amounts which the BANK owes,
            or is holding for the Customer, if any amounts are due from the Customer to the BANK or its Associates. The
            Customer hereby authorizes the BANK, at the BANK’s discretion, at any time and without notice or liability to
            the Customer, to sell, apply, set-off and/or charge in any manner any or all of the Customer’s property and/or the
            proceeds of any of the same of which the BANK or any of the BANK’s Associates or agents has custody or
            control in order to discharge all or any of the Customer’s obligations to the BANK or the BANK’s Associates.
  5.1       Upon the happening of any of the events described in I) to XV) below, the BANK shall have the
            right to, and is authorized at its discretion:
        a. To sell or charge in any way, any or all, of the Customer’s assets and property which may from time to time be in the
              possession or control of the BANK or any of the Bank’s Associates or agents or call on any guarantee:
        b. To buy any investment or other property where this is, or is in the reasonable opinion of the BANK likely to be, necessary
              in order for the BANK to fulfill its obligations under any Contract: the Customer shall reimburse the BANK, the full
              amount of the purchase prices plus any associated costs and expenses;
        c. To deliver any investment or property to any third party, or otherwise take any action the BANK considers being
             desirable in order to close out any Contract;
        d.   To require the Customer to immediately close out and settle a Contract in such manner as the BANK may in
             its absolute discretion request;
        e.   To enter into any foreign exchange transaction at such rates and times as the BANK may
             determine, in order to meet obligations incurred under a Contract; and
        f.   To invoice back all or part of any assets standing to the debit or credit of any account (this involves commuting BANK’s
             or the Customer’s obligation to deliver an asset into an obligation to pay an amount equal to the market value of the asset
             (determine by the BANK in its absolute discretion) on the date invoicing back takes place).

Clients Applications Form                                                                                                                  5
            The BANK may take any of the above actions :

            i.           If the customer fails to make any payment or fails to do any other act or thing required by the clauses above;
            ii.          If the Customer fails to remit funds necessary to enable the BANK to take delivery under any Contract on the First
                         due date;
            iii.         If the Customer fails to provide assets for delivery, or take delivery of assets, under any Contract on the first due date,
            iv.          If the Customer dies or become of unsound mind;
            v.           If an application is made in respect of the Customer for an interim order or if a bankruptcy petition is presented in
                         respect of the Customer or, if a partnership, in respect of one or more of the partners, or if a company , a receiver ,
                         trustee , administrative receiver or similar officer is appointed,
            vi.          If a petition is presented for the winding-up or administration of the Customer,
            vii.         If an order is made or resolution is passed for the winding-up or administration of the Customer (other than for the
                         purposes of the amalgamation or reconstruction with the prior written approval of the BANK),
            viii.        If any distress, execution or other process is levied against any property of the Customer and is not removed,
                         discharged or paid within 7 day , or
            ix.          If any security created by any mortgage or charged becomes enforceable against the Customer and the mortgagee of
                         chargee takes steps to enforce the security or charge,
            x.           If any indebtedness of the Customer or any of its subsidiaries becomes immediately due and payable, or capable of
                         being declared so due and payable, prior to its stated maturity by reason of default of the Customer (or any of its
                         subsidiaries) or the Customer (or any of its subsidiaries) fails to discharge any indebtedness on its due date;
            xi.          If the Customer fails to fully comply with any obligations under this Agreement or any contract;
            xii.         If any of the representations or warranties given by the Customer are, or become, untrue
            xiii.        If the BANK or the Customer is requested to close out a Contract (or any part o a Contract) by any regulatory agency
                         or authority or;
            xiv.         If the BANK reasonably considers it necessary for its own protection of its Associates.
            xv.          If the BANK is obliged to so by operation of law.

      5.2        The Customer authorizes the BANK to take any or all of the steps described in this clause 5 without notice to the
                 Customer and acknowledges that the BANK shall not be responsible for any consequences of it taking any such steps.
                 The rights described in this clause 5 are in addition to any other rights which the BANK or any of its Associates may
                 have against the Customer. The Customer shall execute such documents and take such other action as the BANK may
                 request in order to protect the rights of the BANK and its Associates under this Agreement or under any agreement the
                 Customer may have with any of them.

      5.3        If the Bank exercises its rights to sell any property of the Customer under this clause 5, it will effect such sale, without
                 notice or liability to the Customer, on behalf of the Customer and apply the proceeds of sale in or towards discharge of any
                 or all of the customer’s obligations to the BANK or the BANK’s Associates.

      5.4 Without prejudice to the BANK’s other rights, the BANK may, at any time and without notice, combine or consolidate all or
          any of the accounts maintained by the Customer with the Bank or any of its associates and off-set any and all amounts
          owned to, or by, the BANK or any of its Associates in such manner as the BANK may determine.

      6.     The Customer will pay to the BANK the commissions and charges as required by the BANK from time to time. The BANK
             may vary such commissions and charges from time to time by written notice to you. In addition to such commissions and
             charges, the Customer will pay any applicable VAT and other taxes, storage and delivery charges, exchange and clearing
             house fees and all other fees incurred by the BANK in connection with any contract. The BANK may share commission and
             charges with its Associates or other third parties or receive remuneration from them in respect of Contracts entered into
             Details of any such remuneration or sharing arrangement will not be set out on the relevant Contract Note but will be made
             available on request. The BANK (or any Associate) may benefit from commission, mark-up, markdown or any other
             rumination where it acts for the Counterpart to a Contract.

            All amounts due to the BANK (or agents used by the BANK) under this agreement will, at the BANK’s option:
                      a. be deducted from any funds held by the Bank for the Customer; or
                      b. be paid by the Customer in accordance with the provision of the relevant difference account, Contract Note or
                           other advice.
            In respect of any transaction to be effected off-exchange, the BANK will quote prices at which it is prepared to deal with the
            Customer. The Customer will not be obliged to deal at those prices. The prices quoted on Contract Notes sent to the
            Customer will be net of any charges, which will not be separately identified. The Customer agrees to receive Contract Notes
            in this form.

      7.     From time to time the BANK may enter into arrangements with a third party under which that third party provides benefits
             designed to improve the standard of the BANK’s service and for which the eBANK makes no payment, but instead
             undertakes to place business through that third party. The BANK may effect Contracts with such third parties.

Clients Applications Form                                                                                                                              6
    8.     From time to time the BANK may effect transactions with or through its Associates in order to provide the Services. The
           Bank may pay commission or other charges to such Associates.
     9.1   In order to give effect to the Customer’s instructions, the BANK may instruct an intermediate broker selected at
           the Bank’s discretion and the Bank Shall do so where the Contract is to be subject to the rules of an exchange or
           market located outside Cyprus.
     9.2   The BANK will notify the Customer orally or in writing of rights conferred in respect of investments held by an
           intermediate broker.
    10.    In the event of other investments being offered by the BANK in accordance with the provisions mentioned in
           clause 1 (b) the following will apply:
    10.1 In respect of each Contract entered into by the BANK with the Customer, the BANK will send to the Customer
          or to the Customer’s order a Contract Note and, after closing out an open futures position, a difference account.
          Such documents will, subject to the exceptions described in paragraphs (a) to (d) below be sent prior to the
          close of business on the Business Day next following the day on which the Contract is concluded. The
          documents will not be sent at this time:
         a. If one order is affected by means of a number of Contracts within a singe 24-hour period, in which case one Contract
               Note and, if necessary , one difference account will be sent;
         b. If the Customer’s order has been aggregated with the BANK’s own transactions or orders of the BANK’s other
               customers, in which case the Contact Note (and difference account, where appropriate) will be sent on the Business Day
               next following the day on which the allocation is made;
         c.     If the BANK instructs another person to effect a transaction in order to enable the BANK to fulfill its obligations under
               a Contract, in which case the BANK may deliver to the Customer either a copy of the Contract Note delivered to the
               BANK by the third party or its own Contract Note, and the sending out of such Contract Note (and difference account,
               where appropriate) may be delayed by one Business Day; or
         d. If a Contract is entered into after 21.00 Cyprus time, but before midnight (Cyprus time), in which case the Contract will
               be treated as having been effected on the next following Business Day.

    10.2    A monthly statement in respect of every Account, including any position that the Customer may have, shall be sent to the
            Customer within two weeks of the end of each calendar month. The Customer can have at his will any statement for his
            transactions from the BANK’s Electronic System which can be sent to him electronically to the e-mail address he specifies.

    10.3    The Customer should verify the contents of each document received from the BANK. Such documents shall, in the absence
            of manifest error, be conclusive unless the Customer notifies the bank in writing to the contrary within three Business Days
            of receiving such document.

    11.     By entering into this agreement the Customer hereby authorizes the BANK to disclose such information relating
            to the Customer as may be required by any law, rule or regulatory authority, including any applicable Market
            Rules, without prior notice to the Customer.

    12.     The BANK, its Associates or other persons connected with the BANK may have an interest, relationship or
            arrangement that is material in relation to any Contract effected under this Agreement. By entering into this
            Agreement the Customer agrees that the BANK may transact such business without prior reference to the
            customer. In addition, the BANK may provide advice and other services to third parties whose interests may be
            in conflict or competition with the Customer’s interests. The BANK, its Associates and the employees of any of
            them may take positions opposite to the Customer or may be in competition with the Customer to acquire the
            same or a similar position. The BANK will not deliberately favor any person over the Customer but will not be
            responsible for any loss, which may result from such competition.

    13      This Agreement shall form the entire agreement between the parties governing the provision of the Services. It
            supersedes all previous agreements between the Customer and the BANK whether oral or written which relate to
            the Services, provided that the terms and conditions of use of AJIB, Cyprus, accepted by the Customer shall
            apply to this agreement to the extend that they are relevant.

    13.1 The BANK may vary this Agreement at any time by written notice to the Customer. Such charges will
         become effective on the date specified in the notice, which will be at least one week after the notice is sent.
    13.2 No other changes to this Agreement shall come into effect unless they are in writing and signed by an official of the BANK.

    14     The Customer agrees that the BANK may:
                   a. Record all telephone conversations between the Customer and the BANK and
                   b. Use such recordings, or transcripts from such recordings, as evidence in any dispute or anticipated .
                   dispute between the parties.

Clients Applications Form                                                                                                                   7
     15.    The Customer may alter the address to which Contract Notes, statements and other communications are issued by written
            notice to the BANK.

     16.    The Customer shall indemnify the BANK and keep the BANK indemnified against all losses, expenses, costs and liabilities
            whatsoever (present, future, contingent or otherwise and including reasonable legal fees) which arise as a result of or in
            connection with:
                    a. The Customer’s breach of this Agreement;
                    b. The BANK entering into any Contract; or
                    c. The BANK taking any of the steps described in clause 5.
            This indemnity shall survive termination of this Agreement.

     16.1   The BANK shall not be liable for:
            a. Any loss, expense, cost or liability (together “Loss”) suffered or incurred by the Customer unless such Loss is suffered
                 or incurred as a result of the BANK’s gross negligence or breach of this Agreement ;or
            b. Any Consequential loss suffered or incurred by the Customer whether arising from the BANK’s negligence or
                 otherwise; or
            c. Any loss suffered or incurred by the Customer as a result of any third party (including any Counterpart or any person
                 whom the BANK engages in connection with a Contract, for example an intermediate broker) failing to perform its
                 obligations to the BANK and, in such circumstances, the BANK shall not be liable to perform its obligations to the
                 Customer to the extend that it is unable to do so as a result of the third party’s default.

     17.    The Customer warrants and represents that :
            a. It is not under any legal disability with respect to, and is not subject to any law or regulation that prevents its
                performance of, this Agreement or any Contract contemplated by this Agreement;
            b. It has obtained all necessary consents and has the authority to enter into this Agreement (and if the Customer is a legal
                entity), it is properly empowered and has obtained necessary corporate or other authority pursuant to its constitutional
                and organization documents);
            c. Investments or other property, if any supplied by the Customer shall, subject to this Agreement, at all times be free from
                any charge, lien, Pledge or encumbrance and, unless the Customer is a trustee, shall be beneficially owned by the
            d. It is in compliance with all laws to which it subject including, with-out limitation, all tax laws and regulations, exchange
                control requirements and registration requirements; and
            e. The information provided by the Customer to the BANK is complete and accurate.

     17.1   This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of Cyprus.

     17.2   The parties submit, for the benefit of the BANK only, to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Cyprus. For the
            avoidance of doubt, this clause 17.2 shall not prevent the BANK from commencing proceedings in any other relevant

     17.3   The BANK and/or our licensors (as the case may be) shall retain the intellectual property rights in all elements of software
            and database contained in the Services, and the Customer will not obtain any title or interest in such elements other than as
            set out in these terms.

     17.4   The Customer may use the software and databases contained in the services but solely to the extend necessary for the use of
            the services in accordance with these terms. In particular:
            i.        The Customer may not use the software and databases other than the purposes of accessing and using the services;
            ii.       The Customer may not take copies of the software or databases other than to the extend expressly permitted by law
                      or by the BANK in writing, nor he may sell, assign, lease, sub-license or otherwise transfer any of them to any
                      other person;
            iii.      The Customer may not amend or modify the software or databases in any way other than in connection with the
                      normal use of the services.

     17.5   Any notice or other communication given or made under or in connection with the matters contemplated by this Agreement
            shall, except where oral communication is expressly provided for, be in writing and shall be sent to the addresses below:
            For the BANK:
                         Arab Jordan Investment Bank
                         P.O. Box 54384
                         Limassol, Cyprus

Clients Applications Form                                                                                                                     8
           For the Customer:
           The address and facsimile number provided by the Customer for this purpose.
           Either party may notify the other of a change to any of the above details provided that such notification shall
           only be effective on the date specified in the notification date and not misleading in any material respect
           The above warranties and representations shall be deemed to be repeated each time the Customer provides
           Instructions to the BANK.

      18. If the Customer is more than one person (for example, joint account holders):
                   • The liabilities of each such person shall be joint and several; and
                   • The BANK may act upon instructions received from any one person who is, or appears to the
                       BANK to be, such a person.
      19. Either party may terminate this Agreement immediately by giving oral or written notice to the other. In case
           an oral request is made, written instruction via facsimile should be sent as well.

      19.1 No penalty will be payable by either party on termination of this Agreement. Termination will not affect
           any accrued rights. On termination, the BANK shall complete all transactions, which are already in
           progress, and the terms of this Agreement shall continue to bind both parties in relation to such transactions.
           The BANK may deduct all amounts due to it before transferring any credit balances to any account of the
           Customer and it may require to pay any charges incurred in transferring the Customer’s investment.

      20.1 If at any time any provision of this Agreement is or becomes illegal, invalid, or unenforceable in any respect
           under the law of any jurisdiction, neither the legality, validity or enforceability of the remaining provision of
           this agreement under the law of that jurisdiction nor the legality validity or enforceability of such provision
           under the law of any other jurisdiction shall be in any way affected.

      20.2 The BANK shall not be liable to the Customer for any failure, hindrance or delay in performing its obligation
          under this Agreement where such failure, hindrance or delay arises directly or indirectly from circumstances
          beyond its reasonable control.

      20.3 The Customer may not assign any of the Customer’s rights or delegate any of the Customer’s obligations under
           this Agreement to any person.

      20.4 No delay or omission on the part of the BANK in exercising any right, power or remedy provided by law or
           under this Agreement, or partial of defective exercise thereof, shall:
                    • Impair or prevent further or other exercise of such right, power or remedy: or
                    • Operate as a waiver of such right, power or remedy.
                    No waiver of any breach of any term of this Agreement shall (unless expressly agreed in writing by the
                    waiving party) be construed as a waiver of a future breach

      20.5 The BANK will not be obliged to warn you of the nature of any risks involved in any transactions the BANK
           recommends for you or provide you with risk warnings in relation to transactions in derivatives and warrants.

      20.6 The BANK will be under no obligation to set out in writing the basis on which the Services are provided. The
           Services will, however, be provided on the terms of this Agreement.

      20.7 The BANK will not be obliged to inform you of the charges applicable in relation to the Services it will be

      20.8 When making any recommendations to the Customer, the BANK will assume that the Customer is in a position
           to judge the suitability of any advice given.

      20.9 The BANK in general will not provide the Customer with advice. On the rare occasions that the BANK does
           provide advice it will be provided orally or in writing.
      20.10 The BANK effects a transaction with or for the Customer this shall not be taken to mean that the BANK
               recommends or concurs on the merits of the transaction or that the transaction is suitable for the Customer.

      21. All the terms of the present contract are of essence and infringement of them or anyone of them entitles the innocent party to
      claim damages from the party at fault.

Clients Applications Form                                                                                                                  9
      Part 2. Applicant’s Declaration Of Compliance
      I/We submit this application for AJIB eTrader and I/We declare that I/We fully understand my/our right to review all
      aspects of the present document with a lawyer of my choice, that I/We had the opportunity to consult with a lawyer of
      my/our choice, that I/we have carefully read, understood and fully accept all the terms and conditions of the present
      document and that I/we freely voluntarily and in full comprehension of the same enter into and sign the present
      I/We further agree that the BANK is not obliged to approve my application and /or the required margin.

           Applicant’s Signature (s)                                                     Date:

      For Internal Use

      -Approved                  - Not Approved

           Approved Margin: …………………

          Name :………………………………


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