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									                                 Introduction to Pharmacology
                                        Medication List
                Dosages listed are common adult dose, subject to local protocols

    Medication                      Indication          Route       Common Dosage
Activated Charcoal      Poisoning                        Oral           1-2 grams/kg
Adenosine               PSVT                              IV          6 mg rapid IVP
                                                                     12 mg rapid IVP
Albuterol               Bronchospasm                     Neb                2.5 mg
Aspirin                 Suspected MI                     Oral            80 – 345 mg
Atropine Sulphate       Symptomatic Bradycardia         IV/IM      Bradycardia - 0.5 mg
                        Asystole, PEA                                Asystole 1.0 mg
                        Organophosphate Poisoning                  Nerve Agent 2-5 mg
Atrovent                Bronchospasm                     Neb                0.5 mg
Amiodarone              Tacharrhythmias                   IV             300 mg IVP
                        Refractory V-Fib                             (2 )150 mg IVP
Calcium Chloride        Hyperkalemia/hypocalcemia         IV                1 Gram
                        Calcium Channel blocker OD                       per Dr order
Benadryl                Anaphylasix                     IV/IM          25 mg / 50 mg
Demerol                 Analgesic                       IV/IM          25 – 50 mg IV
                                                                     50 – 100 mg IM
50% Dextrose            Hypoglycemia                      IV                25 gms
Dopamine                Non-hypovolemic hypotension     IV drip     5 – 20 mcg/kg/min
                                                                      titrated to effect
Epinephrine 1:1000      Anaphylaxis                       SQ              0.3-0.5 mg
Epinephrine 1:10000     Asystole, V-fib, PEA,            IVP       Cardiac Arrest 1 mg
                        Impending respiratory arrest               Respiratory 0.5 mg
Glucagon                Hypoglycemia                      IM             1.0 mg
                        When IV cannot be established
Isuprel                 Symptomatic Bradycardia         IV drip      2 – 10 mcg/min
                        (not common prehospital)
Lasix                   Volume overload (CHF)            IVP            40 – 80 mg
                        Pulmonary Edema
Lidocaine               Ventricular Arrhythmias           IV          1.0 – 1.5 mg/kg
                        Refractory V- fib                          reduce by1/2 in >70
Magnesium Sulfate       Torsade de Pointes                IV      2 g IV
                        Refractory V-tach
Morphine                Analgesic, AMI, Pulmonary         IV      IV 1-10 mg
                        Edema                             IM      IM 1- 10mg
Narcan                  Narcotic Overdose                 IV      0.4 – 2 mg
                                                                  titrated as needed
Nitroglycerin           Chest pain, Pulmonary Edema       SL      0.4 mg
                        Hypertensive Crisis
Nitrous Oxide           Analgesic Inhalant              Inhaled 50:50 mix with O2
                                                                controlled by Patient
Oxytocin                Postpartum Hemorrhage           IV drip 10 units in 1000 ml @
                                                                20-30 gtts/min
Sodium Bicarbonate   Documented acidosis             IV     1 mEq/kg
                     Tricylclic antidepressant OD
Terbutaline          Acute Bronchospasm              SQ     0.25 mg
Versed               Seizure activity               IV/IM   1.0 mg – 10 mg
                     Agitation, sedation
Succinylcholine      Neuromuscular blocking agent    IV     2 mg/kg
Etomidate            Anesthetic                      IV     .3 mg/kg
Vasopressin          Shock refractory V-Fib          IV     40 U

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