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									Corporate Travel Management –                        Client Profile Form

Please print & complete the following personal profile form to enable us to give you the best possible service.

Post it to us at;
CTM, Unit 2A, Hillview Campus, Euro Business Park, Little Island, Cork, Ireland.
Or Fax it to us on: 021 – 4524466. Or internationally on +353 21 4524466

Client Profile

Job Title:
Email Address:

Home Address:

Home Telephone Number:
Office Telephone Number:
Mobile Telephone Number:

Spouse’s Name:
Spouse’s Contact Number:
Children’s Names and Ages:

PA’s Name
PA’s Contact Number:

Full Passport Name:
Passport Number:
Date of Birth:
Issue Date:                          Expiry Date:                           Place of Issue:

Airline Preferences:
Frequent Flyer Cards Held            (Advise Numbers)

Seating: Window                      Aisle                                  Other
Dietary Preferences:

Car Hire Preference:              Size of car:
Car Hire Appreciation Cards Held: (Advise Numbers)

Hotel Chain Preference:
Frequent Stay Cards Held:            (Advise Numbers)

Credit Card Number:
Credit Card Provider:                Visa, Mastercard, Amex etc.
Credit Card Expiry Date:

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