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Spring 2007                    A Community Publication
                               from Carson City Hospital

          Please join us in celebrating
         the grand opening of our new
            Emergency Department

      Emergency Department
           Open House

              Tuesday, May 29, 2007
                  1 p.m. - 6 p.m.
              Ribbon Cutting at 1 p.m.

               Tours • Refreshments
              Give-Aways • Drawings
                                    Carson City Hospital
                                       406 E. Elm Street • P.O. Box 879
                                                Carson City, MI • 48811

                                    Our mission is to provide high-quality and
                                    accessible health-care services to the
                                    communities we serve.

    Our Values...              From the office of our CEO
                    Great things are happening right now
    Caring          at Carson City Hospital. We have
                    a lot to be proud of. Phase I of our
                    “Vision Continues” building project
    Accountable     was completed in 2006 and included:
                    a new two-story, 19,440-square-foot
                    Physician Office Building completed
    Respectful      last April; the only full-time, fixed
                    MRI in Clinton, Ionia and Montcalm
                    counties; and, completed this past October, the new Carson Health

    Sincere         Network Physical Rehabilitation Center. This new center offers
                    the only multi-lane, multi-depth indoor therapeutic pool in the

    Open (Honest)   The next exciting step will be the completion of Phase II of our
                    construction project – the new 8,300-square-foot Emergency

    Noble           Department, along with state-of-the-art additions to the Radiology
                    Department: a 64-slice CT scanner, two computed radiography
                    X-ray rooms and PACS (picture archive communications system).

                    The new Emergency Department will be a great asset to the com-
                    munity. We invite you to join us for an Open House on Tuesday,
                    May 29, from 1-6 p.m. The ribbon-cutting ceremony will begin
                    at 1 p.m. Join us as we unveil our cutting-edge Emergency
                    Department and walk you through all of its amenities before it
                    officially opens on June 5.

                    Phase III of the hospital’s renovation will begin in June.

                    Thank you to the entire Carson City Hospital family and to the
                    many citizens and organizations from all of the communities we
                    serve for donating to the “Vision Continues” campaign. We could
                    not have made this happen without your support.


                    Bruce L. Traverse, FACHE
                    President and CEO
2                   Carson City Hospital
         Carson City Hospital’s Nurses
            Go Above and Beyond

On Feb. 18, 2007, the Carson City            they did, he wouldn’t be here with us
Hospital Emergency Department staff          now. He would’ve died.”
saved a 42-year-old Stanton man’s life.
                                             Carson City Hospital nurses, in addition
“He just thought he was having hea-          to their state-required licensures and
burn, but I made him go with me to the       education, go above and beyond when
ER at Carson,” said his wife. “Before I      it comes to continuing education and
even left the patient registration area,     certifications.
they’d given him an EKG and knew he
was having a heart attack. The ER was        “This is so important to us because we
busy that night, too. We’d left our house    care about our patients and we want
in Stanton at 8:45 and by 10:20, he had      to provide the best care we can to
been flown by AeroMed and was being          the community we serve,” said Shelley
admitted to Butterworth.”                    Whitacre, an RN and Clinical Services
                                             Manager for the Carson City Hospital
                                             Emergency Department. Whitacre said
                                             the hospital’s ED nursing staff includes
                                             nurses with up to 32 years of experi-
                                             ence. “We’re very proud of our profes-
                                             sion, and want to be as knowledgeable
                                             as possible.”

                                             Carson City Hospital’s ED nurses are
                                             certified in the following areas: Basic
                                             Cardiac Life Support, Advanced Cardiac
                                             Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life
                                             Support, Neonatal Resuscitation (OB)
                                             Provider, Emergency Nurse Pediatric
                                             Course, and in the Trauma Nurse Core

 The attentiveness, training and skills of   There’s a strong focus on pediatric care
 Carson City Hospital’s Emergency Depart-    at the hospital. “We focus on giving
 ment nurses means quality health care for
 the hospital’s patients.
                                             kids the most pain-free experience pos-
                                             sible,” said Whitacre.

                                             Hospital nurses are provided with a
                                             wide variety of educational opportuni-
                                             ties throughout the year to enhance
                                             their knowledge and experience.

                                             “Outstanding – that was my experience
She said the training and quick action       with the staff at Carson City Hospital,”
of the staff – including the nurses          said the Stanton woman who was so
and emergency physician Dr. Rickey           happy to still have her husband by her
Coleman – saved her husband’s life.          side. “My husband and I have been
                                             best friends since we were eight years
“If we hadn’t gotten him there when we       old. I can’t imagine a life without my
did and if your staff hadn’t done what       best friend.”                           3
                                                                  New E

                           The new Emergency Department at Carson City Hospital
                           is scheduled to open June 5, 2007, with an Open
                           House planned for the public on Tuesday, May 29,
                           2007 from 1 p.m. - 6 p.m. (ribbon-cutting at 1 p.m.).
                           This project will double the size of the current 4,325-
                           square-foot Emergency Department to 8,300 square
                           feet. The new Emergency Department will include:

                               • Walk-in emergency entrance
    Opening June 5, 2007

                               • Ambulance entrance
                               • Six new examination rooms
                               • Two new large trauma rooms
                               • New “safe exam” room for high-risk and
                                 behavioral health patients
                               • New isolation room
                               • Two new pediatric rooms
                               • New obstetric room
                               • New orthopedic room
                               • New shower/decontamination room
                               • Relocation of the chapel
                               • Partial completion of the new Radiology
                                 Department with 64-slice computed
                                 tomography (CT), two computed radiography
                                 (CR) X-ray rooms and PACS (picture archive
                                 communications system)
                                 (see bottom of page 5 for more details)

                           The hospital’s $18 million, three-year expansion and
                           renovation project began in August 2005 and will be
                           completed in July 2008 when the Radiology Department
                           is completed, as well as the new gift shop, new cardio-
                           pulmonary department, expanded retail Apothecary
                           Shoppe and an outdoor healing garden.

                           “We want Carson City Hospital to be the centerpiece
                           of the community, a place where everyone feels com-
                           fortable coming to visit their loved ones,” said Bruce L.
                           Traverse, Carson City Hospital CEO.

                           A new lobby and main entrance to the hospital are sched-
                           uled to open in December 2007. The new lobby and
                           entrance will include a baby grand piano, coffee shop,
                           computer system for families, computerized information
                           kiosk, waterfall and fireplace - creating a welcoming, relax-
                           ing atmosphere for patients and their friends and family.

                           “We made the decision to complete the Emergency
                           Department phase of our renovation early in the proj-
4                          ect, because a state-of-the-art, accessible ED is one
mergency Department
of the most important criteria for
citizens choosing a hospital,” said
Traverse, noting that the current
ED at Carson City Hospital is 32
years old.

“The new department will enable
Carson City Hospital to stream-
line patient flow and reduce wait-
ing times,” said Traverse, “as well
as increase privacy for patients
and their families, and provide
faster access to other hospital       Architectural oversight is being provided by Beta
services.”                            Design. Rockford Construction serves as the
                                      construction manager on Carson City Hospital’s
A new two-story, 19,440-square-       multi-phase, three-year project.
foot Physician Office Building
                                          Carson City Hospital Board of Directors
was completed in 2006 and is locat-
                                          Chairperson. “An extra 25 to 40 miles’
ed on the north side of Elm Street.
                                          distance can increase health issues,
It houses the Carson Family Care
                                          as well as expenses for patients. That’s
Center, Evans Eye Center, Outpatient
                                          why the total renovation and construc-
Mental Health, General Surgeons and
                                          tion project is so critical to both the
the Visiting Physicians Office, as well
                                          Carson City area and to the hospital
as additional hospital parking adja-
cent to the building. A new Physical
Rehabilitation Center also opened in      Additional renovations to the existing
the fall of 2006.                         hospital, the medical/surgical nursing
                                          unit, outpatient surgery area, inpatient
“It is important that members of our      pharmacy and the OB department will
community receive quality health care     be completed in the final phases of
close to home,” said Brent Wilson,        the project.

    New Radiology Department will feature
           64-slice CT scanner
  The current construction phase
  also includes the addition of a new
  Radiology Department at Carson City
  Hospital, which will be partially com-
  pleted when the new ED opens on
  June 5, 2007. It will include a 64-slice
  computed tomography (CT) scanner,
  PACS (picture archive communications
  system), two new offices, two comput-
  ed radiography (CR) X-ray rooms, and
  a fixed magnetic resonance imaging
  (MRI) unit. “The new PACS will bring
  us into the world of electronic image
  storage,” said Jim Newman, Radiology Department Manager. “Doctors
  will be able to easily transfer X-ray images to other hospitals.”
         Meet Carson City Hospital’s
       Emergency Department Physicians

    The Emergency Department physicians are particularly excited about the
    new Emergency Department opening June 5, as the new facility will only
    enhance the quality of treatment patients have received in the past and have
    come to expect from Carson City Hospital. The full staff – hospital associates,
    nurses and doctors – will work with patients so that the transition into the new
    Emergency Department will be smooth and will continue to provide patients
    with the best care possible.
    Carson City Hospital’s Emergency Department physicians have a combined total of 94 years of emergency medicine experience.

                                   Angela Cheers, DO                                              Wesley Lockhart, DO

                                   Board Eligible                                                 Board Certified
                                   Emergency Physician                                            Emergency Physician

                                   Janet Eng, DO                                                  Robert May, DO

                                   Board Certified                                                 Board Certified
                                   Emergency Physician                                            Emergency Physician

                                   Chris Herald, MD                                               Doug Poff, DO
                                   Board Certified                                                 Board Certified
                                   Emergency Physician                                            Family Medicine

                                   Greg Fuller, DO                                                Frank West, DO

                                   Board Certified                                                 Board Eligible
                                   Emergency Physician                                            Emergency Physician

                      Take Part in these
                 Healthy Community Events...

      Emergency Department                                                Kids Safety Day
            Open House                                              June 2, 2007 • 9 a.m. - Noon
   May 29, 2007 • 1 p.m. - 6 p.m.                                at Carson City-Crystal High School
     Ribbon Cutting - 1:00 p.m.                                  Bike Safety • Teddy Bear Clinic • Tobacco Dangers
        Carson City Hospital                                        Nutrition • MICHIP (child identification program)
           refreshments • give-aways                                     Sun Safety • and much, much more!!
                tours • drawings

                                                                  American Red Cross Blood Drive
                                                                 July 26, 2007 • 10:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
                                                                        at Carson City Hospital
                                                                     Please call 989-584-3971, ext. 288,
                                                                             for an appointment

             Babysitting Clinic
               June 14, 2007
             9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
          at Carson City Hospital
  This is a 6.5-hour training class for boys and girls
       age 11 and up. Registration is required.
                  This class is $25.
   Please call 989-584-3971, ext. 288, to register.

           Free Sports Physicals                                           Free Sports Physicals
            June, July & August                                      Stanton Family Care Center - 989-831-8301
    Pediatric & Adolescent Office - 989-584-3981
             for patients and non-patients                          for patients and non-patients on July 7, 2007.

        Free sports physicals at the following                       Carson Family Care Center - 989-584-1308
        locations are for established patients.                            for patients and non-patients
     Ashley Family Care Center - 989-847-2621                        on June 21, July 26, and August 16, 2007.
     Ithaca Family Care Center - 989-875-4166
           Please call for an appointment.                                  Please call for an appointment.

               for anyone on July 7, 2007
                                                                 Carson City Community Health Expo
                              -                                  October 27, 2007 • 9 a.m. - Noon
                                                                     Carson City-Crystal High School - West Gym
                                                                 Please join us for free health screenings, educational
                                                                              materials, and give-aways.
                                                                        Blood Pressure Checks • Diabetic Education
                                                                        Women’s Health Care • Safe Kids • Nutrition
                                                                         Cholesterol/HDL • and much, much, more!

              Outpatient Diabetes                                 Community CPR/First Aid Training
              Education Classes                                   July 23, 2007 • 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
        June 13 & 20 - 12:30 - 5 p.m.                                 at Carson City Hospital
         July 28 - 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
        August 15 & 22 - 3 - 7:30 p.m.                                             This class is $25.
                                                                    Please call 989-584-3971, ext. 292, to register.
     This class is covered by most insurances. For more
information or to register please call 989-584-3971, ext. 379.
    Carson Health Network’s
       New Professional
         Medical Staff

        Jennifer Smith, M.D., will begin practic-
        ing Obstetrics/Gynecology at the Center
        for Women’s HealthCare in August 2007.
        She will be joining Michelle Becher, D.O.,
        FACOOG; Debra Klueger, D.O.; and Jan
        Russell, OGNP.

        Dr. Smith is currently completing her resi-
        dency training in Ob/Gyn at Grand Rapids
        Medical and Educational Research Center
        in Grand Rapids. She received her medical
        degree from Michigan State University. Dr.
        Smith is Board Eligible.

        Dr. Smith will begin seeing patients at the
        Center for Women’s HealthCare locations
        in Carson City and Ionia in August.

             Center for Women’s HealthCare
          401 E. Elm Street    550 E. Washington,
            Carson City          Suite 103, Ionia
           989-584-3107           616-522-1123

        Peter Jae Lee, M.D., is a Board Certified
        Urologist. He recently began seeing pa-
        tients at the Visiting Physicians Office in
        Carson City.

        Dr. Lee also provides urology services in
        Okemos, Michigan, and is affiliated with
        the Sparrow Health System. He completed
        the residency program at the Lahey Clinic
        in Burlington, Massachusetts where he
        served as Chief Resident in Urology. He
        received his medical degree from North-
        western University Medical School.

        Dr. Lee provides a wide range of urological
        services and specializes in robotic prosta-
        tectomy, male sexual dysfunction, enlarged
        prostate, and prostate cancer.

                Visiting Physicians Office
            102 S. Second Street • Carson City
8                 989-584-3971, ext. 277
                      Family Medicine Centers
Ashley                        Greenville                        Maple Rapids
Ashley Family Care Center     Greenville Family Care Center     William Steigerwald, DO
320 S. Sterling St.           1014 E. Washington                210 S. Maple St.
989-847-2621                  616-754-7145                      989-682-4311
Roger Morris, DO              Novak Despotovic, MD, PhD         William Steigerwald, DO
Elizabeth Palmer, MD          E. Jason Hall, DO
Sara Worsley, PA-C            Jeffrey Stowitts, DO              Stanton
                              Kristen Karel, PA-C               Stanton Family Care Center
Carson City                                                     545 N. State St.
Carson Family Care Center                                       989-831-8301
102 S. Third St., Ste. 100    Ithaca                            Harold C. Wakefield, DO
989-584-1308                  Ithaca Family Care Center         Holly Gatchel, PA-C
Novak Despotovic, MD, PhD     114 N. Main St.
Lené Heinlen, DO              989-875-4166                      Will Gaffney, MD
Mary Wunderle, MD             Russell Anderson, DO              2939 South Sheridan Rd.
Patty Terry, MS RN, CS, FNP   David Freestone, MD               989-831-9009
Tom Ferguson, DO              Elizabeth Palmer, MD              Will Gaffney, MD
123 E. Linden                 Hallie J. Wilson, DO              Carrie Elston-Cronk, PA-C
989-584-3153                  Thomas Knight, PA-C
S. Thomas Ferguson, DO
Fowler                        Lyons                       • New Patients welcome
Fowler Clinic                 Lyons Clinic                • Evening appointments in some
11017 W. 3rd St.              505 E. Bridge St.              locations
989-593-2525                  989-855-3345                • Call each office for services
L. John Osborn, DO            L. John Osborn, DO
Doug Poff, DO                 Doug Poff, DO                  available and insurance plans
Stephanie Keiffer, PA-C       Stephanie Keiffer, PA-C        accepted
The Vision Continues - The Campaign for Carson City Hospital
The new Emergency Department was made possible by the generosity of the hospital’s
family; Associates, Board Members, CCHA, Physicians and Volunteers, as well as many
community members. Thank you!
                            $1,856,553 raised as of April 16, 2007
Donations to the “Vision Continues”   Ms. Sue Brooks                     *Mrs. Marilyn Dixon                Mr. & *Mrs. Tom Giles
 The Campaign for Carson City         *Mr. John Brown                    Ms. Nancy Dodson                   Ira & Debora Ginsburg
  Hospital includes Campaign          Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Brown          Ms. Irene Doepker                  Mr. & Mrs. Jack Ginther
donors, New Emergency Depart-         Mr. & Mrs. Jack Brundage           Mr. & Mrs. Mike Dolby              Michael & *Julie Gomez &
  ment donors, Memorials, and         Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brundage         Donohue and Donohue, D.D.S.           Family
       Honorariums from               Ms. Mindy Buffman                  Mr. & Mrs. Walter Donohue          Goodrich Brothers
January 1, 2005 - March 30, 2007      *Ms. Elaine Burnham                Dr. Vincent Dube                   Dr. & Mrs. Chris Herald
                                      *Ms. Christine Burns               *Ms. Barb Duerr                    Dan & Jackie Herald
*Denotes the honor roll employee -    Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Burns           Mr. & *Mrs. Kelvin Duflo            Ms. Rebecca Graham
 a pledge equivalent to a half hour   Mrs. Buffy Burris                  Mr. & Mrs. Kim Duflo                Dr. Michael Hecimovich
to two hours based on their hourly    Dr. Stephen & Dr. Ridhu Burton     Mr. Gregory Duryea                 Gratiot County Herald
                                      Ms. Mary Bush                      Philip & Marilyn Dykman            Mr. & *Mrs. George Green
 wage percent for sixty months.
                                      Karl & Natalie Buslepp             Dynegy                             Green Stone Farm Credit Services
                                      Ms. Carol Button                   Ms. Linda Lou Egan                 Greenville Community Bank
Ms. Gaille Anderson                   Mrs. Mary Cannon                   Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Egan           Dr. & Mrs. John W. Grigg
Auto Body Credit Union                Capitol Research Services          Mr. & Mrs. Warren Eicher           Mr. & Mrs. Russ Grinnell
Account Receivable Solutions, Inc.    Mr. & Mrs. Charles Carberry        Electrolux                         Ms. Kaci Groom
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Ackerson            Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Caris            Mr. & Mrs. Dean Eller              Ms. Lynnette Guild
*Mr. Keith Adelberg                   Mr. & Mrs. William Carr            Ms. Carol Elliott                  Mr. & *Mrs. Kim Hagerman
*Mrs. Jasse Akin                      Carson Apothecary Shoppe           Ms. Paula Ellsworth                *Ms. Tiffany Hagerman
Mr. Brian Alderman                    CCH Associates                     Mr. & Mrs. Charles Emery           Mr. & Mrs. Don Hale
All Seasons Insurance Agency          Carson City Hospital Auxiliary     Ms. Vivian Emery                   Mrs. & Mrs. Jim Hale
Ms. Carla Alspaugh                    Carson City Lions Club             State Rep. Judy Emmons             Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Hale
American Legion Post 380              Carson City Lumber Company, Inc.   Ms. Arlene Ernst                   Mr. & *Mrs. Tim Halfman
Ms. Therese Andros                    Carson City Parts Plus             Mr. Arthur Esch                    Dr. E. Jason Hall
Anonymous                             Carson City True Value Hardware    Ms. Bernice Esch                   Ms. Jennifer Hallock
Ms. Lydia Armola                      *Ms. Jennifer Castillo             Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Esch              Halworth
Ms. Penny Arnold                      Central Michigan Pianos            Aaron & Amy Evans                  Thomas & Janet Haradine
Marvin & Irma Austin                  Center For Women’s HealthCare      The Family of Jae & Trina Evans    Ms. Michelle Hardin
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Avey                    Michelle Becher, DO,            Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. Evans       Ms. Diane Harkness

           Thank You for
Ms. Ardis Badder                         Debra Klueger, DO &             Mr. Robert B. Evans                Mr. & Mrs. Kent Harris
*Ms. Sherry Baker                        Janice Russell, WHNP            *Ms. Cheryl Everingham             *Mr. Brandon Hart
Mr. & Mrs. William Bakker             Center For Women’s HealthCare      Ms. Erma Eversole                  Ms. Glenis Harter
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Balcom                   Support Staff                   Mr. & *Mrs. Dale Evitts            Ms. Marie Havens
Ms. Tracy Ballinger                   Ms. Cynthia Chaney                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fahey            *Ms. Cynthia Hawkins
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Bankert            Charlevoix Energy Trading          Mr. & Mrs. Maynard Failing         *Ms. Peggy Haynes
Dr. & Mrs. James Banner               Chemical Bank                      Dan & *Nancy Fenn                  HDS Services
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Mr. & Mrs. Jake Barlow                Ms. Jennifer Churchill             Ms. Patricia Ferretti              Mr. & Mrs. Francis Heckman
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*Mrs. Lisa Barnes                     Ms. Kelly Coe-Decker               Fifth Third Bank                   Mrs. Arien Helms
Mrs. Patsy Barnes                     Mrs. Lisa Cogswell                 First Bank Ithaca                  Mr. & Mrs. Lester Helms
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Barnes               Dennis & Karen Collins             Mr. & *Mrs. Raymond Fisher         Ms. Thelma Henry
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Mr. Mark Kelly                   Mr. & Mrs. George McPhail          *Ms. Jean Rivers                 Sparrow Health System
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Kelly             Ms. Mary McQueen                   Mrs. Sheri Roberts               Larry & Connie Spiece
Mr. & Mrs. James Kelly           Mr. & Mrs. Vernn McQueen           Mr. B.J. Robke                   Dr. Thomas Spooner
Mr. & *Mrs. Michael Kelley       Joshua & Carrie Merchant           Rockford Construction Co, Inc.   Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Springsteen
Kelley Slentz Elec., Inc.        Mr. & Mrs. Jack Merritt            Rockford Development             St. Mary’s Altar Society
Phillip & Sue Kench              Michigan One Community                Group, LLC                    Stafford Communications
Mrs. Kathy Kilduff                  Credit Union                    Ms. Patricia C. Rojas            Stanton Rotary Club
Mr. & Mrs. Wally Kile            Mark & *Tamela Miles & Family      *Ms. Ami Rood                    *Barbara L. Staines
Ms. Tammy Kimmel                 Mr. & Mrs. Den Miller              Mr. & Mrs. Loren Roslund         Stanton Rotary Club
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Kindel         Mr. & Mrs. Duane Miller            Ms. Margaret Roush               State Farm Insurance
*Ms. Linda King                  Mr. Jeff Miller                    *Ms. Karen Rozen                 Mr. James L. Steere
Ms. Amber Kinyon                 Ms. Jeri Miller                    Mr. & Mrs. Dave Rudd             Mr. & Mrs. Chad Stevens
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Kipp             Ms. Leona Miller                   Douglas & Tina Rudd              The Stevens Family
Mr. & Mrs. William Kipp          Mr. & Mrs. Bob Mitchell            Ms. Shirley Ruedger              Mr. & Mrs. Roger Stevens
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Kirschbaum     Mr. & Mrs. Jack Mooradian          *Ms. Catherine Rule              Mr. Thomas Stevens
Mr. & Mrs. James Klein           *Ms. Donna Moore                   Mr. & Mrs. Craig Rundle          Stevens Van Lines
Mr. & Mrs. John Klein            *Ms. Stacy Moore                   Ms. Candance Rushmore            Ms. Lisa Stone
Mike & Susie Klein               Dr. & *Mrs. Roger D. Morris        Mr. & *Mrs. Clint Russell        Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Stowitts
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Klein         Mr. & Mrs. Robert Most             Mr. Bob Ryan                     Ms. Mary Strong
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Klunder       Dr. Donna Moyer                    Mr. George Ryan                  Ms. Valerie Strouse
Dr. William Knowles              Ms. Bonnie Murray                  Mr. & Mrs. John Ryan             Ms. Linda Swanson
Mr. Richard Koehn                Mr. James Myers                    Mr. & *Mrs. Mark Ryan            *Mr. & *Mrs. Gary Sweet

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*Ms. Julie M. Kohagen            Nance, Litowich, Smith, Girard &   Mr. & Mrs. Mike Ryan             Tim, *Laurie & Logan Sweet
*Ms. Rose Kohagen                   Hamilton                        Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ryan           *Andrew Switzer
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Kommel           Ms. Wanda Nelson                   The Rybar Group, Inc.            Mr. & Mrs. Mark Tabor
Mr. Butch Korson                 Ms. Ora Nesbitt                    Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Sanborn        *Mr. Thomas Tabor
Frank & Margie Kostal            Dr. Dale Nester                    Ms. Jeanette Sanborn             Ms. Velma Tabor
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Kraft             Newark Mennonite Church            Mr. Harry Sandborn               Dr. Kenneth Tarr
Dr. & Mrs. Brian Krause          Mr. James Newman                   Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Sandborn       Bruce & Linda Tasker
Kip & Andrea Krause              Mr. Harold Noll                    Robert & Betty Saxton            *Ms. Nancy Tate
Ms. Barbara Kreitzburg           Ms. Holly Normington               *Ms. Mindy Saxton-Thrush         Mr. & Mrs. Terry Teegardin

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Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kuhn          *Ms. Linda North                   Daryl, Bonnie Schafer & Family   *Mr. Benjamin Terry
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Kwiatkowski   Mr. & Mrs. Jim Nurenberg           Donald & Phyllis Schafer         Mr. & Mrs. Richard Terry
Ms. Dorothy LaClair              Ms. Jody Oaks                      *Ms. Heather Schafer             *Ms. Carol Terwilliger
Ms. Penny Lafler                  Mrs. Jill O’Brien                  Ms. Kay Schafer                  *Ms. Judy Tharp
Lague, Newman, Irish P.C.        Mr. & Mrs. Patrick O’Connell       *Ms. Jody Scharaswak             Thelen Brothers
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Laguire       Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O’Connell        Ms. Carleen Schmid               *Mr. Jon Thomas
Ms. Sandra LaLone                Dr. Kevin O’Connor & Family        Ms. Colleen Schneider            Thoracic Cardiovascular Institute
Mr. Neil LaPaugh                 Ms. Dawn O’Herron                  Ms. Helen Schneider              Ms. Cheryl Thrush
Gregory H. Landis D.O. &         Ms. Lisa O’Meara                   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schneider      Ms. Dawn Thrush
   Debra S. Landis               Order of Eastern Star              Mr. Joseph Schneller Family      Ms. Mary Todd
Ms. Kathryn Larry                Ms. Trudy Ordiway                  Ms. Dawn Schnepp                 *Mrs. Carol Tomlin
Mr. Neil LaPaugh                 Ms. Helen Osbon                    Mr. & Mrs. Mike Schnepp          *Ms. Jennifer Tompkins
Mr. & Mrs. Tod LaVictor          *Mrs. Pamela Osborn                *Ms. Julie Schrader              *Ms. Linda Toole
*Ms. Rebecca Lavoy               Mr. & Mrs. Bob Osterhout           Gary & Margaret Schrauben        Ms. Janell Toth
Ms. Shawn Lear                   Mr. & Mrs. Richard Palmer          Ms. Brenda Schreiner             *Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Traverse
*Ms. WalthaGaye Leavitt          Mr. & *Mrs. Terry Palmer           Mr. & Mrs. James Schulte         Larry & Coleen Trexler
Mrs. Katherine Lee               Ms. Gwen Papciak                   Dr. & Mrs. James Seals           Mr. & Mrs. Leland Troub
Ms. Eloyce Lehman                Ms. Betty Parks                    Jim & Ruth Seals                 *Ms. Kathryn Tucker
Mr. & Mrs. Justin Lehnert        Ms. Jayna Passmore                 Dr. Robert & *Nancy Seals        *Ms. Marlene Turner
Ms. Eloyce Lehman                Dr. Narendra Patel                 Ms. Gloria Secor                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Turner
Ms. Marianne Leppanen            Mr. Eugene Peiffer                 Ms. Dianne Seeley                Mr. Larry Vance
Mr. David Lewis                  Ms. Karen Peiffer                  Dr. & Mrs. William Seiter        Jack & *Kathy VanBuren
Mrs. Linda Lewis                 Mr. & Mrs. Tim Peiffer             Mr. Bill Setterington            Grace Vanderbeek
Ms. Gail Litwiller               *Ms. Pam Pelz                      *Ms. Jean Seward                 Ms. Wanda Meyers
*Mrs. Louise Litwiller           Ms. Bertha Pendell                 Ms. Wendy Shaull                 Mrs. Kira VanSteenkiste
Ms. Treasa Litwiller             Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pendell          Mr. & Mrs. Monte Shearer         Micky & *Amanda Vaughn
*Ms. Rosella LLoyd               Peterson Oil & Propane             Mrs. Karen Sheets                Mrs. Amy Velazco
Ms. Joy Lobert                   PensionTrend                       Ms. Dorothy Sherd                Ms. Laura Verderese
*Ms. Connie Lovegrove            Mike Peterson                      Dr. Pierce Sherrill              Ms. Penny Vigneau
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Lowe              Mr. & Mrs. Jay Petterson           Mrs. Donna Shinabarger           Ms. Gwen Vore
Mr. & Mrs. William Loy           Ms. Regina Petty                   Mr. & *Mrs. Stephen Shoen        Union Bank
*Ms. Kim Lund                    Ms. Joanne Pierce                  *Ms. Charleen Shubitowski        *Ms. Julie Wagner
Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Lundy            Mr. Gordon Piggott                Shults Equipment, Inc.           Dr. H.C. & Betty Wakefield
Dr. Leighton Lum                 Marven & Bonnie Poindexter         Mr. & Mrs. Ron Schultz           Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Waldron
*Mrs. Amy Lutherloh              Plante Moran                       *Ms. Misty Sierakowski           *Mrs. Sheri Waldron
Lux-Schnepp Funeral Home         Dr. & Mrs. H. K. Poff              Ms. Mary E. Sievert              Mrs. Tina Waldron
Mr. & Mrs. Brick MacLaren        Ms. Kristine Poff                  Mr. & Mrs. Dale Simmet           Ms. Julia Ward
Ms. Helen MacLaren               Ms. Kristine Poulson               Mr. Clare Simmon & Family        Ms. Melissa Watson
Mr. Larry MacLaren               Powder Coat of Central Michigan    Mr. & Mrs. Louis Simmon          Mrs. Nanette Watson
Ms. Margaret MacLaren            Precision Plastic & Die, Co.       Ms. Amber Simmons                Mrs. Marie Lynn Watts
Ms. Betty Mahmoody               *Ms. Nancy Prebble                 Ms. Melody Simmons               Daniel & Shelly Weaver
Ms. Mahtob Mahmoody              Mr. & *Mrs. Gene Price             Mr. & Mrs. Robert Simmet         Mr. & Mrs. Jim Weaver
Ms. Dawn Marburg                 Andrew Prieto, MD                  *Lisa Skaryd                     Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Webster
Maple Rapids U. M. W.            *Mrs. Billie Proctor               Ms. Edna Slack                   *Mrs. Jodi Weese
Dr. Kenneth Markiewicz           Mr. & Mrs. Doug Proctor            Ms. Veronika Slusser             Ms. Dawn Wells
Mr. & Mrs. Ned Martin            Jim & Donna Proctor                Ms. Alma Smith                   Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Werner
Ms. Sylvia Martin                Mr. Jon Proctor                    Brett & *Shawn Smith             Mr. & Mrs. Alex Wernet
Calvin & *Darcy Martyn           Mrs. Harry Purves                  Mr. Clarence Smith               Mrs. Sarah Wetherington
WEYCO, INC                       Kent & Margaret Curtis           Ms. Jeanette Sanborn               Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Kirschbaum
Mrs. Michelle Whitacre           Jack Davarn                      Mr. & Mrs. Chad Stevens            Mr. & Mrs. Tod LaVictor
Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Whitney          Ms. Rosemary Davarn              Mr. & Mrs. Roger Stevens           Ms. Sylvia Martin
Rick & *Diane Wickerham          Mr. & Mrs. Patrick O’Connell     The Stevens Family                 Mr. & Mrs. John J. McCrackin
Ms. Julie Wieber                 Belva Davis                      Daniel & Shelly Weaver             Mike & Jan McCrackin
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Wiles            Dan & Nancy Fenn                 Mike Fisher                        Ms. Fern McGraw
Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Wiles          Bill & Judy Fife                 Joe & Becky Fleisher               Mr. & Mrs. Bob Mitchell
Mr. & Mrs. William Willemin      Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McCrackin      Mr. Harley Fisk                    Mr. & Mrs. Robert Most
Dr. & Mrs. Hal Williams          Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O’Connell      Ms. Vina Fisk                      Ms. Wanda Nelson
Mr. & Mrs. Brent Wilson          Ms. Pam Pelz                     Janet A. Fleming                   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O’Connell
Mr. & Mrs. Pete Wineland         Marty & Sue Riker                Geneva Smith                       Ms. Pam Pelz
Dr. Hallie J. Wilson             Mr. & Mrs. Mark Ryan             Jack W. Flint                      Mr. & Mrs. Marven Poindexter
Mark & *Dianne Winslow           Mr. & Mrs. James Schulte         Mr. & Mrs. Jim Weaver              Mr. & Mrs. Larry Ralph
Ms. Elaine Witter                Dr. & Mrs. Robert Seals          Rex Foland                         Mr. & Mrs. Dave Rayburn
Ms. Janet Witter                 Mr. & Mrs. Ron Schultz           Ms. Arlene Ernst                   Ms. Virgilene Reeder
Mr. Thomas Wittkopp              Mr. & Mrs. Mark Tabor            Mr. & Mrs. Earl Foland             Mr. & Mrs. Bill Ryan
Ms. Jennifer Wonch               Ms. Velma Tabor                  Ms. Nancy Foland                   Mr. & Mrs. John Ryan
Ms. Barbara Wood                 Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Traverse        Mr. & Mrs. William Gage & Family   Howard Kadwit
Nancy Woodcock                   Ms. Kathryn Tucker               Ms. Patricia C. Rojas              Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Barker
Mr. & *Mrs. Doug Woodman         Kimberly Davis                   Mr. Joseph Schneller Family        Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Burns
Jeremy & Sara Worsley            Ms. Susan Davis                  Mr. & Mrs. John Sopocy             CCH Associates
Ms. Marion Worth                 Goldie DeCamp                    Alana Frost                        Bill & Judy Fife
Mrs. Connie Wozniak              Laurie, Tim & Logan Sweet        Bill & Judy Fife                   Mr. & Mrs. Carl Geller
*Mr. Tyler Yager                 LaVern Decker                    Bernice Gallup                     Mr. & Mrs. Gene Riley
*Ms. Vicky Yahr                  Mr. & Mrs. Gary Copp             Carson City Hospital Auxiliary     Mr. & Mrs. Joe Riley
Ms. Dana Yelsik                  Ms. Pam Pelz                     Stuart Gantz                       Mr. Leonard Riley
Larry & *Diana Yob               Ms. Geraldine Demenov            Mr. & Mrs. Robert Turner           Mr. & Mrs. Neal Snyder
*Ms. Cheryl Young                Mrs. Lisa Gazella                Mary L. Geller & Floyd L. Frye     Ms. Helen Tait
Dr. Evan Young                   Mr. Donald Dennis                Col. & Mrs. Walter N. Geller       Donald Keck
Ms. Yolanda Zamarron             John & Deb Dennis                Richard Gensterblum                Jim & Ruth Seals
Mr. & Mrs. Don Zerba             Charles Denniston                Ms. Mary McQueen                   Ed Keck
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Zimmerman         Ms. Pam Pelz                     Gene Hagerman                      Ms. Rachel Keck
Mr. & Mrs. Ike Zimmerman         Patricia Dickinson               Mr. & Mrs. Gary Hummel             RG Kirgis
Ms. Kathleen Zsigray             Pam Pelz                         Gerald & Margaret Halfman          Ms. Pam Pelz
Mr. & Mrs. Zyzelewski            Mr. Bert Doepker                 Mr. & Mrs. Tim Halfman             Mr. & Mrs. Mark Ryan
Some names have been with-       Ms. Irene Doepker                Clare & Stella Harden              Mr. & Mrs. Mike Ryan
held per the donor’s request.    Fr. Dave Doepker                 Dennis J. Harden & Mary Ellen      Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ryan
                                 Ms. Irene Doepker                    Sparks                         Ms. Carleen Schmid
In Memory of...                  Ms. Sandy Doepker                Mr. William Haring                 Dr. Robert & Nancy Seals
Jesse & Ethel Adelberg           Ms. Irene Doepker                Dr. Robert & Nancy Seals           Ms. Dorothy Sherd
Mr. Keith Adelberg               Joseph Dolby, Ashley Dolby &     Duane Harkness                     Ms. Edna Slack
Rosemary Akin                        Emily Harvey                 Ms. Diane Harkness                 Irvin & Frances Sorrell
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Balcom           Michael & Julie Gomez & Family   Richard L. Heaton                  Mr. & Mrs. Leland Troub

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Mr. Larry Cooper                 Clarence Duerr                   Mr. Richard Heaton                 Ms. Kathryn Tucker
Dan & Nancy Fenn                 Dan & Nancy Fenn                 Ms. Mary Helman                    Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Webster
Sid & Cheryl Hull                Sid & Cheryl Hull                Ms. Donna Barrett                  Mr. & Mrs. Brent Wilson
Mr. Larry MacLaren               Ms. Yolanda Zamarron             Grace Henney                       Mr. & Mrs. Pete Wineland
Ms. Betty Parks                  J.C. E. III                      Dana Corporation                   Mr. & Mrs. Ike Zimmerman
Ms. Bertha Pendell               Mr. Jeremy Worsley               Jefferson Davis Henry              Theodore Kost
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pendell        Victor Edlin                     Ms. Thelma Henry                   Carson City Hospital Auxiliary
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Smith          Joe & Becky Fleisher             Louis Herald                       Mr. & Mrs. Jim Seals
Mr. & Mrs. Austin Zimmerman      Bruce Allen Edwards              Mr. & Mrs. Gary Copp               Ms. Yolanda Zamarron

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Gordon J. Alspaugh               Mr. & Mrs. Russ Grinnell         Louis & Ireta Herald               Pete LaClair
Ms. Carla Alspaugh               Nyle Erskin                      Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Klein           Ms. Dorothy LaClair
Maxine Barnhart                  Ms. Pam Pelz                     Evelyn Hicks                       Jimmie Lee
Ms. Cynthia Hawkins              Mr. Joseph P. Esch               Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Brown          Ms. Marie Gary
Dr. Emmett Binkert               Ms. Bernice Esch                 Mr. & Mrs. Jack Brundage           Emma Lence
Mr. Ceo E. Bauer                 Mildred B. Esch                  Dan & Nancy Fenn                   Mr. Gregory Duryea
Mr. Gary Blanchard               Mr. Arthur Esch                  Bill & Judy Fife                   Deolinda Lindsay
Ted & Ginny Blanchard            Ernest Evans                     Ms. Pam Pelz                       Larry & Diana Yob
Daniel & Shelly Weaver           Ms. Charleen Shubitowski         Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Riker           Ms. Yolanda Zamarron
Gretchen Boog                    Ms. Maxine Feighner              Daniel & Shelly Weaver             Ruth Liska
Jim & Ruth Seals                 Dan & Nancy Fenn                 Laura Hobart                       Carson City Hospital Auxiliary
Mary Ellen Bopp                  Mr. Leo Feldpausch               Ms. Jennifer Castillo              Dr. & Mrs. Robert Seals
Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Riker         Dr. Robert & Nancy Seals         Richard Holzheuer                  Mr. Harry Long
Hans Bossel                      Alex Fife                        Mrs. Susan Hilgendorf              Dan & Nancy Fenn
Dan & Nancy Fenn                 Carson City Hospital Staff       Ms. Carol Hooper                   Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Riker
Ms. Yolanda Zamarron             Dr. & Mrs. Tim Fife              Mr. Edward Hooper                  Gaylord Lutz
Carrie Braendle                  Jim & Ruth Seals                 Stanley & Celia Kelly and          Ms. Sylvia Martin
Ms. Pam Pelz                     Ms. Yolanda Zamarron                 Forrest & Delora Hummel        Mr. Robert MacDonald
Dr. Wm. S. Brilhart              Bud Fisher                       Mr. Mark Kelly                     Gratiot County Herald
Mr. & Mrs. Milton Hoard          Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Avey            Ramona Huntoon                     Mr. & Mrs. Tom MacDonald
Patricia & Alvin Britten         Mr. & Mrs. Donald Barnes         Ms. Connie Wozniak                 Ms. Pat MacDonald
Ms. Kathy Britten                Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bidwell       Doris J. & Clarence Hurst          Eugene R. Markiewicz
Howard & Eunice Brooks           Mr. & Mrs. L. Kaye Courter       Mr. & Mrs. James Hurst             Dr. Kenneth Markiewicz
Ms. Nancy Prebble                Mr. & Mrs. Clare Crawfis          Darrell B. Johnston                Doris C. Martin
John Brooks                      Mr. & Mrs. William Currier       Ms. Tammie Beach                   Mr. Ned Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Evitts           Mr. & Mrs. John Dennis           Mary Jolls                         H.J. & Betty Martin
Jerry Burns                      Kelvin & Dianne Duflo             Mr. & Mrs. Jake Barlow             Dr. & Mrs. William Seiter
Kelvin & Dianne Duflo             Ms. Erma Eversole                Mr. & Mrs. David Brennan           Patricia L. Mason, R.N.
Bill & Judy Fife                 Dan & Nancy Fenn                 Mr. Ed Brooks                      Mr. Phil Mason
Joseph & Eva Burns               Ms. Becky Fleisher               Mr. & Mrs. Jim Burt                Ms. Theloa McCauley
Mr. & Mrs. Carroll Howard        Mr. & Mrs. Cliff Fry             Carson City Parts Plus             Dr. Robert & Nancy Seals
Ron & Jacob Churchill            Mr. & Mrs. Don Hale              Ms. Edith Chesebro                 Irma McCrackin
Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Churchill     Mr. & Mrs. Jim Hale              John & Deb Dennis                  Mrs. Karen Barker
Kenneth, Edith & Bruce Clagg     Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Hale             Mr. & Mrs. Dean Eller              Ms. Carol Button
Mr. & Mrs. Jerold Clagg          Mrs. Arien Helms                 Mr. & Mrs. Maynard Failing         Ms. Joanne Diaz
Lena Clark                       Ms. Mindi Hessbrook              Dan & Nancy Fenn                   Ms. Paula Ellsworth
Ms. Catherine Rule               Mr. Doug Hevel                   Mr. & Mrs. Tom Fitzpatrick         Ms. Kathy Hodges
Norman L. Cook                   Mrs. Margaret Kipp               Mr. Harold Frost                   Mr. & Mrs. Padriac Kavanagh
Carson City Hospital Auxiliary   Mr. & Mrs. William Kipp          Col. & Mrs. Walter N. Geller       Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kavanagh
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O’Connell      Mr. & Mrs. Donald McCracken      Thomas & Janet Haradine            Ms. Eloyce Lehman
Ann Couzzins                     Mr. Harold Noll                  Mr. & Mrs. Earl Hough              Mrs. Linda Lewis
Dan & Nancy Fenn                 Mr. & Mrs. Bob Osterhout         Ms. Marie Ingraham                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mitchell
Percy L. Creaser                 Ms. Pam Pelz                     Mr. Jack Jolls                     Mr. & Mrs. Richard Palmer
Ms. Gwen Papciak                 Mr. & Mrs. Doug Proctor          Mr. & Mrs. Padriac Kavanagh        Ms. Kristine Poff
Paul A. Curtis                   Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ranger        Mr. & Mrs. Larry Keiffer           Ms. Mary Todd
Donald & Joann Curtis            Mrs. Janet Richards              Mr. & Mrs. Allen Kelly             Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Traverse
Irene Curtis                     Marty & Sue Riker                Mr. & Mrs. Wally Kile              Mr. & Mrs. Larry Turner
Joseph McCrackin                Mr. & Mrs. Ken Kapustka         Mr. & Mrs. Delbert Crumbaugh     Mr. & Mrs. Bob Zimmerman
Ms. Robin Ferguson              Mr. Richard Koehn               Kelvin & Dianne Duflo
Ms. Pam Pelz                    Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O’Connell     Dan & Nancy Fenn                 In Honor of...
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Sanborn       Ms. Pam Pelz                    Bill & Judy Fife                 Dr. Harry DeVore
Joseph & Irma McCrackin         Ms. Bonnie Poindexter           Ms. Pam Pelz                     Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Waldron
Mr. & Mrs. David Helman         Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Riker        Julia, Irving & Carroll Snyder   Shelly Hardin, R.N.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McCrackin     Ms. Margaret Roush              Mr. & Mrs. Carl Snyder           Mr. Butch Korson
Mike & Jan McCrackin            Mr. & Mrs. Dale Simmet          Gordon Sorrell                   Sugia & Akbar Jaffer
Roger McGraw                    Mr. & Mrs. Don Zerba            Mrs. Karen Barker                Salim A. Jaffer, M.D. & Nargis
Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Riker        Pauline Raab                    Ms. Mindy Buffman                   Jaffer
Clarence & Bertha Mead          Ms. Pam Pelz                    Ms. Kim Denslow                  Bob D. & Martha Kraft
Mrs. Julie Smith                Mr. Martin Richards             Dan & Nancy Fenn                 Ronald & Jean Southward
Elton & Geneva Mercer           Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Riker        Mrs. Karin Holmes                Carter & Carli McAlvey
Ms. Elaine Witter               Ms. Catherine Richardson        Sid & Cheryl Hull                Mrs. Daniyel McAlvey
Velma Miller                    Mr. & Mrs. Lonie Richardson     Mrs. Lori Hurst                  Montague Family
Ms. Pam Pelz                    Nicholas Richardson             Mr. & Mrs. Padriac Kavanagh      Mr. & Mrs. Jerold Clagg
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Folk         Mr. & Mrs. Terry Palmer         Mr. & Mrs. Richard Klunder       The Duane & Bertha Pendell
Mrs. Sheri Roberts              Mr. Scott Richardson            Mr. David Lewis                       Family
Norma Miner                     Ms. Keary Richardson            Ms. Jeri Miller                  Ms. Bertha Pendell
Ms. Pam Pelz                    Elverson Root                   Ms. Pam Pelz                     Joe & Betty Rozen
Nancy Montgomery                Ms. Pam Pelz                    Mr. Jon Proctor                  Ms. Karen Rozen
Kelvin & Dianne Duflo            Ms. Vicki Rowley                Dr. & Mrs. Robert Seals          Kelsey & Brandon Smith
Dan & Nancy Fenn                Ms. Sylvia Martin               Ms. Katherine VanBuren           Mahtob Mahmoody
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Seals         Dean Sailor                     Daniel & Shelly Weaver           Donald & Marie Stoll
Martha Moran                    Ms. Tracy Blanchard             Ms. Vicky Yahr                   Mr. & Mrs. Gary Sweet
Ms. Jacqueline Cromwell         Lorenzo & Maria Sanchez         UnaKay & Eugene J. Staines Sr.
Dan & Nancy Fenn                Ms. Kimberly Gager              Ms. Ami Rood
Ms Marianne Leppanen            Albertine Schmidt               Bethel Terry                         Carson Health Network
Ms. Kristine Poulson            Ms. Pam Pelz                    Ms. Sylvia Martin                   Memorials, Honorariums,
Mr. & Mrs. Graig Rundle         Dr. Jerome Shott                Ms. Grace Terry                    Annual Gifts, & Sponsorships
Dr. Diane Nelson                Dr. & Mrs. James Banner         Ms. Sylvia Martin                      January 1, 2006 -
Dr. & Mrs. James Banner         Linnette Seeley                 Vivian Terry                            March 30, 2007
John Paul Nevedal               Mrs. Nanette Watson             Ms. Tracy Blanchard
Ms. Carol Tomlin                Pat Shepard                     Ms. Connie Blanchard                 All historical accumulative
Pauline Nevedal                 Dan & Nancy Fenn                Ms. Barbara Duerr                   donors will be recognized in
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Barnes        Brett Shinabarger               Aaron & Amy Evans                   the near future. Thank you
Ms. Helen Beahan                Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Avey           Dan & Nancy Fenn                           for your support!
Ms. Dorothy Beard               Mr. Bob Shirley                 Bill & Judy Fife
Dan & Nancy Fenn                Dan & Nancy Fenn                Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Traverse         The following donors contributed
Bill & Judy Fife                Reo E. Sievert                  Daniel & Shelly Weaver            to memorials for Chemotherapy,
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Healy            Ms. Mary E. Sievert             Louis & Hilda Thelen              Healing Garden, Hospice, Home
Mr. & Mrs. Padriac Kavanagh     Josephine Simmet                Thelen Brothers                   Health Care, Pediatrics and ICU.

       Thank You for
Mr. Neil LaPaugh                Mr. & Mrs. Edward Ackerson      Audrey Thomason
Mr. & Mrs. Brick MacLaren       Mr. & Mrs. William Bakker       Ms. Pam Pelz                     In Memory of...
Ms. Helen MacLaren              Bowne                           Michael W. Toole                 Marion Baker
Ms. Margaret MacLaren           Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Caris         Ms. Linda Toole                  Mr. & Mrs. James Griffin
Mr. Thomas McKenna              Mr. & Mrs. James Dague          Josephine Toth                   Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Kindel
Ms. Mary Strong                 Mr. Matthew Dague               Marty & Sue Riker                Ms. Pauline Lowe
Pat O’Brien                     Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Dague         Ms. Janell Toth                  Ms. Lucile Paine
Ms. Pam Pelz                    Kelvin & Dianne Duflo            Guy & Lillia Traverse            Pauline Bender
Carroll O’Connell               Mr. & Mrs. Kim Duflo             Bruce & Halina Traverse          Ms. Denise Underwood
Kelvin & Dianne Duflo            Ms. Linda Lou Egan              Mona J. Tree

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                                                                                                 Roselyn Coon
Dan & Nancy Fenn                Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Esch           Mrs. Amy Lutherloh               CASE Credit Union
Bill & Judy Fife                Dan & Nancy Fenn                Ms. Eunice Troshak               Esther Deitrich
Laurel & Vesta Osborn           Mr. & Mrs. Doug Fitzpatrick     Mrs. Judith Rademacher           Ms. Donna Baker
Ms. Tracy Conrad                Mr. & Mrs. Greg Fitzpatrick     Dale R. Tucker                   Ms. JoAnn Hodges
Ms. Sandy Oyler                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fitzpatrick   Kelvin & Dianne Duflo             Ms. Juanita O’Leary
John & Deb Dennis               Friends & Family                Dan & Nancy Fenn                 Mark Daniels VFW Post 1735
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Merritt         Mr. & Mrs. John Klein           Kathryn Tucker                   Mr. & Mrs. Fred Schneider
Margaret Palmbos                Mr. Richard Koehn               Robert Upton                     Mr. James Steere
Ms. Pam Pelz                    Mr. & Mrs. Michael Laguire      Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Riker         Mr. & Mrs. Pete Wineland
Mr. Walter J. Papciak           Mr. & Mrs. Justin Lehnert       Kathleen VanHeck                 Mr. & Mrs. James R. Zerka
Ms. Gwen Papciak                Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Lundy          Ms. Gaille Anderson              Clarence Duerr
Ms. Berniece Patton             Mr. & Mrs. Den Miller           Mr. & Mrs. William Loy           Bible Study Group of Calvary
Ms. Sylvia Martin               Mr. & Mrs. Jim Nurenberg        Ms. Pam Pelz                         Church
Sylvia Peck                     Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O’Connell     Ben Vincent                      Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Burns
Mr. & Mrs. Allen Kelly          Mr. & Mrs. Jay Petterson        Ms. Shirley Ruedger              CCH Associates
Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Riker        Ms. Regina Petty                Mr. David Walgreen               Dan & Nancy Fenn
Ms. Margaret Roush              Mr. & Mrs. Marven Poindexter    Dr. Robert & Nancy Seals         Mrs. Karin Holmes
Colleen Peiffer                 Mrs. Harry Purves               Carl Walt                        Ms. Norma Horn
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Bankert      Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Riker        Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Riker         Sid & Cheryl Hull
Mr. & Mrs. James Bass           Mr. B.J. Robke                  Claudia Werner                   Mr. & Mrs. Duane Miller
Ms. Eva Betts                   Mr. & Mrs. Loren Roslund        Mr. & Mrs. John Dennis           Ms. Jeri Miller
Ms. Josephine Blakeslee         Ms. Candance Rushmore           Linda Wheaton                    Ms. Helen Osbon
Ms. Connie Blanchard & Family   Mr. George Ryan                 CCH Associates                   Mr. & Mrs. Terry Palmer
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Bowerman      Mr. & Mrs. Dale Simmet          Ms. Pam Pelz                     Dr. Marilyn Shroyer
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brundage      Mr. & Mrs. Robert Simmet        Sondra Weaver                    Ms. Yolanda Zamarron
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Burns        Ms. Julia Ward                  Mrs. Sarah Wetherington          Floyd Frye
Bill & Judy Fife                Ireta Simmon                    Bob Wiles                        Mr. & Mrs. Richard Palmer
Dr. & Mrs. John W. Grigg        Ms. Connie Blanchard            Bill & Judy Fife                 Linda Heckman
Ms. Glenis Harter               Dan & Nancy Fenn                Ms. Pam Pelz                     Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bolton
Ms. Norma Horn                  Ms. Robin Ferguson              Dr. & Mrs. Robert Seals          Ms. Rosemary Davarn
Mr. Eugene Peiffer              Bill & Judy Fife                Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Traverse        Kelvin & Dianne Duflo
Ms. Pam Pelz                    Ms. Kim Grafuis                 Kitty & Greer Wiles              Dan & Nancy Fenn
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Ryan            Ms. Mary Ann Kapustka           The Wiles Family                 Bill & Judy Fife
Robert & Betty Saxton           Mr. & Mrs. Jim Lowe             Marshal C. Wilson                Dr. Cherylann Hastings
Ms. Dorothy Sherd               Mr. & Mrs. Bernard McKenna      Ms. Jennifer DeYoung             Mr. Edward Heckman
Ms. Betty Snyder                Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O’Connell     Mary Ellen Wilson                Ms. Cameron Lovett
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Zimmerman        Mr. & Mrs. Tim Peiffer          Amber Kinyon                     Mr. & Mrs. Bernard McKenna
Ms. Robert & Helen Pentland     Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Schafer    Ms. Mitzie Wineland              Ms. Fran Osborne
Ms. Robin Ferguson              Mr. Clare Simmon & Family       Ms. Sylvia Martin                Dr. & Mrs. Robert Seals
Marvin Poindexter               Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Waldron        Charles Yahr                     Mr. Michael Simon
Ms. Alice Churchill             Daniel & Shelly Weaver          CCH Associates                   Howard Kadwit
Dan & Nancy Fenn                Roman & Rita Simon              Mary Zaleski                     Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Burns
Bill & Judy Fife                Ms. Marilyn Dixon               Ms. Pam Pelz                     CCH Associates
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Fitzpatrick     Wilma & Virgil Slocum           Ray Zamarron                     Mr. Leonard Riley
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Ms. Marguette Gates                 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Schneider
Ms. Juna Herbison & Krum Families   Ms. Janet Schultz                                                        Storz
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Jenks            Mr. & Mrs. Jim Seals                                                     The Burrows Company
Jorgensen’s                         Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Smith                                                  The Rybar Group, Inc.
Ms. Karen Parker                    Mr. & Mrs. Rick Sparks                                                   Toni E. Miles & Associates
Leland Lund                         Ms. Karleen Sprout
Ms. Ruth Alsgaard-Smith             Mr. & Mrs. Victor Stapleton
Mr. Gary Bowen                      Mr. & Mrs. William Stuckey                                               Zimmer Great Lakes
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                                                                                                             Dr. Novak Despotovic
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                                                                                                             Ms. Lili Donaldson
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Irma McCrackin                      New Life United Methodist Church                                         Mr. Peter Donlin
                                                                        Summer Dance Party 2006              Dr. Vincent Dube
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Mr. & Mrs. Larry Spiece             Mr. John Williams                   Carson Apothecary Shoppe
Joe McCrackin                       Marilyn Smith                       Cooks Rusty Nail
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Ms. Gerleen O’Brien                 Mr. & Mrs. & Andy Zelinski             Group, LLC
Parker Zarkowski                                                        Sanofi Aveutis
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery Peters              We have taken great care to      Skytron
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Peters              record donor names accurately.
Ms. Mozelle Peters                                                      Smith Barney
                                       Please call (989) 584-3971,      Stafford Communications
Mr. Richard Peters
                                         ext. 518, if an error has      Stevens Van Lines, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Rasmussen            inadvertently been made.
Mr. & Mrs. Carmelo Rios
    Reliable Health Information Available Online

The World Wide Web can be a confus-
ing place to navigate, especially dur-
ing stressful times when you’re worried
about your health.

Search the words “heart disease” on
google.com, and you’ll receive more
than 18 million web site hits in less
than one second. It’s difficult to know
which sites are legitimate sources of
health information versus those that
are commercially motivated or other-
wise unreliable.

To help steer our patients and the com-
munity to useful health information re-     Photo
sources, Carson City Hospital – as an
affiliate of the Sparrow Health System
– is now providing online access to reli-
able sources of information for a variety
of topics, including:

•    General information related to a
     diagnosis or treatment option
•    Illness and injury prevention
•    Nutrition and fitness
•    Proper use and possible side
     effects of prescription drugs
•    Information on Carson Health
     Network and Sparrow Health
     System services
•    Community and regional support

The site – which is linked through the
www.CarsonCityHospital.com web site
or can be directly accessed through
www.SparrowHealth.net – includes
health information and services offered
by Sparrow, as well as lists of other
free-access public web sites that have
been evaluated as reliable sources of
health information.

              and www.SparrowHealth.net
                                                                                                                                                        Non-Profit Org.
8th                                                                                                                                                      US Postage
annual                                                                                                                           406 E. Elm Street       Lansing, MI
                                                                                                                                   P.O. Box 879        Permit, No. 1096
                                                           ABLE                   LARGE
                                                      AVAIL                                                                    Carson City, MI 48811
           Summer Dance Party 2007      CASH

                                               FEATURING ABBA tribute band ABBAMania &
                                                  Bee Gees tribute band Stayin’ Alive
The ultimate tribute! ... “Stayin’ Alive,”
“Grease,” “How Deep Is Your Love,”                                Sunday, August 26
“Night Fever” and many more!
                                                                                   at   7 p.m. (doors open at 6)
                                                  at the   Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort Main Stage
                                                                                                      25   general admission
                                     CALL FOR TICKETS
                                   Carson City Hospital
                                    989-584-3971 ext. 237                            Sponsored by:
                                      OR GO ONLINE                                Carson City Hospital
                                    Star Tickets PLUS                   Central Michigan Community Hospital
                                 www.starticketsplus.com                     Sheridan Community Hospital
                                     800-585-3737                   Sparrow Foundation-Children’s Miracle Network
                                                                            Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort
                                                                          Lite Hits 104.3 WCZY-Mt. Pleasant
                                                                              Oldies 92.1 WQTX-Lansing
 Hear ABBA’s greatest hits, including ...                                 Oldies 98.7 WFGR-Grand Rapids
 “Dancing Queen,” “Mamma Mia,” “Waterloo,”                                WDLP 93.1-Montcalm Public Radio
 “Fernando,” “I Do, I Do, I Do” and many more!                                     WHNN 96-Saginaw

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