Workers' Compensation Insurance Exclusively for Contractors by pyw18970


									        Workers’ Compensation Insurance Exclusively for Contractors

                                                   Contract with us…
                                                               for group buying power
                                                       Program highlights include:

                                            Program developed by the Independent Electrical Contractors
                                             Association of Texas
                                            Lower premiums due to group purchasing power and larger
                                             premium discounts!
                                            Coverage written in special group purchase program through
                                             Texas Mutual Insurance Company
                                            Expert claim and loss control services
                                            Participants eligible for potential Texas Mutual ® individual
                                             and NFIB group dividends*
                                            Coverage is purchased through your agent with no reduction
                                             in commission
                                            Program has strong safety focus

*Past dividends are not a guarantee of future dividends, and the Texas Department of Insurance must
approve all dividends.
This program is exclusively for
National Federation of Independent
Business (NFIB) Electrical contractor
members through an alliance with                                                        Important:
Independent Electrical Contractors
of Texas (IEC).                                                                         When sending your
                                            To receive a quote or revise your current   application, please do the
For more information, contact:              Texas Mutual® renewal, request that your    following:
Jay Campbell                                agent send application to:
Upshaw Insurance Agency                                                                     1. Check “Participating”
PO Box 1299                                 Texas Mutual Insurance Company                     box.
Amarillo, TX 79105                          Attn: Sharen Perkins                            2. Insert in Dividend
Phone: (806) 468-0400                       Phone: (800) 859-5995                              Plan/Safety Group box
Fax: (806) 468-0450                         Fax: (800) 359-0650                                the following:
E-Mail:           E-mail:                   *NFIB Construction                                                                

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