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The Most Common Cause Of Baldness- Male Pattern Baldness (MPB)


									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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The Most Common Cause Of Baldness- Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) By Dr Robert Jones

There are many causes of baldness, including serious illness, reaction to certain medication and stress, but by far the most common is Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) or Andogenic Alopecia. MPB is caused by a combination of two factors – a genetic predisposition and Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is a byproduct of testosterone, and is therefore present in every male. Scientists have shown that DHT shrinks hair follicles, and that if DHT is suppressed, the follicles will continue to thrive. In 1949 a landmark study was performed that explained the causes of MPB. A group of castrated convicts, males who were therefore not producing testosterone, were divided into two groups. The first group were those who had a family history of MPB, and the second group were those with no family history of balding. Both groups were injected with testosterone; the group with a family history of MPB began losing their hair within weeks, while the group with no family history lost no hair, but did begin to develop a mature hairline. When the injections were stopped, the progression of thinning stopped. Looking past the inhumane and surprising extremes of this experiment, it was discovered that MPB was an inherited trait that is triggered with the presence of testosterone. Since that experiment, we have learned that it is not testosterone but the testosterone byproduct DHT that causes hair loss. Hair follicles that are sensitive to DHT must be exposed to the hormone for a prolonged period of time for the affected follicle to complete the miniaturization process. Today, with proper intervention, this process can be slowed or even stopped if caught early enough. What MPB sufferers inherit are hair follicles from their mothers or fathers with a genetic sensitivity to DHT. Hair follicles sensitive to DHT begin to miniaturize, shortening the lifespan of each hair follicle affected. Eventually, these follicles stop producing cosmetically acceptable hair. MPB is characterized by a receding hairline and thinning in the temple, crown or vertex area. These areas are the most sensitive to DHT. For some men, DHT even thins the hair on the back of the head, although this area is usually spared, leaving a permanent donor area that can be used for modern hair transplants.
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
There are still many factors about the inheritance of baldness that we don’t understand. I often see a male with a strong family history of MPB that says he has an older brother with little or no balding. As well, some young adult males bald rapidly up until the age of 35, whereupon the balding pattern stops. In contrast, males can also experience little or no thinning up until their early 40s, and then lose all or most of their hair in the next 20 years, balding almost completely by age 60. Unfortunately, we cannot predict the exact course each individual’s balding will take when he is in the early balding stages. But generally speaking, the earlier you start losing hair, the more hair you are going to lose. Dr. Jones is a hair transplant surgeon west of Toronto, Canada. He's president of International Society of Follicular Unit Surgeons, and member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons, Board Certified by the American Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Baldness information for Men By Stefen Arkinson

Male pattern thinning usually begins during the late teens and early 20’s and affected men are well on the way to baldness at early 30’s. Male pattern thinning is easily recognized by its location on the scalp and by the manner in which it occurs. The thinning of the hair occurs at the temples and/or the thinning of the hair occurs in the front crown areas of the scalp. The final stage of such a loss leaves a band of hair around and back and the sides of scalp and baldness over the rest of the scalp. The diagrammatic representation of the stages of baldness to the extreme left shows us the progress of this disorder. Action Process The male hormone, androgen is to blame for Male Pattern Baldness. Androgen starts flowing freely in the body in the post-pubescence stage. Ironically, it is the same hormone, which causes the destruction of the hair follicles in those who are genetically predisposed to baldness. The hair follicles are attacked; the hair begins to fall off. The person begins to go bald and is diagnosed to be suffering from Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) or androgenetic alopecia. Unfortunately, one cannot tamper with one’s genes and taking anti-male hormones could have potential side effects like sexual dysfunction and depression. In men, androgen ironically causes the destruction of the hair follicles in those who are genetically predisposed to this kind of baldness. Now the treatment for Baldness is available online through Online Pharmacy. The Treatment Process Baldness is broadly classified into: 1.Androgenetic alopecia 2.Non-Scaring alopecia 3.Scarring alopecia Androgenetic Alopecia As the name suggests, androgenetic alopecia is a baldness triggered off by the action of the male hormone on a weak gene. Androgenetic alopecia is also known as Male Pattern Baldness. Treatments are available for fight against androgenetic alopecia. How to face baldness: In their anxiety to look good and feel better, people leave no stone unturned right from applying snake oil to elephant teeth to standing on ones head or applying so called magical lotions for re-growth of hair. Men’s are more affected by Baldness which is known as Male Pattern Baldness. Treatments are available for male pattern baldness. But before taking the treatment you should aware of that the medicine you are taking for your hair loss treatment is FDA approved or not. Go for prescribed medicines only. Now the days Baldness is a common problem in men, so don’t feel bad if you affected by this type of Hair loss, because treatments are available.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Re-growth is possible only in non-scarring alopecia’s and is never possible in androgenetic alopecia or scarring baldness like pseudopalade. 90% of all baldness in the world are of Androgenetic type and science today has progressed so far as to control the balding process i.e. to keep you where you are for a longer period of time. It is important to understand that male pattern thinning is a progressive disorder and hence the earlier the diagnosis, the better and longer the chance of controlling the problem. Contact the Author Stefen Arkinson for details about Propeciafinasteride here. To know more about Hair loss treatment or men pattern baldness you can visit this site. You can also Buy" target="_blank">>Buy Propecia online, Propecia is Hair loss treatment pill available in UK with prescription.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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