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The Best Natural Fertility Treatments By Allen James

When couples deal with reproductive difficulties, of course, most are grateful that medical science now offers them many options for fertility treatments, including assisted reproduction techniques such as in vitro fertilization, sperm donation, and artificial insemination. There are also drugs that help a woman ovulate. However, there are some natural methods that also work, and for many women and their partners, they are just as effective as the treatments medical science offers. What are they and how do they work? Monitoring Medications Oftentimes, certain medications can if not make you directly infertile, at least make it more difficult to conceive. This is true whether you're a man or woman. For example, some drugs used to treat high cholesterol or diabetes can interfere with both a woman's ability to ovulate and a man's volume of sperm production. Before you consider yourself truly infertile and seek treatment with a fertility specialist, for example, have a talk with your doctor about the prescription medications you're taking. In many cases, these medications can be substituted for others that will not interfere with reproductive capabilities. Of course, you should never just simply stop taking medication, and should be sure to talk this over with your doctor in-depth. Oftentimes, as well, herbal supplements, vitamins, and other "natural" supplements such as homeopathic medications can have the same effect as prescription medications do, so talk with your doctor about these as well. Sexual Techniques that Can Increase Fertility Of course, we all know that the sperm has to travel quite a distance in order to be able to fertilize a woman's egg and therefore increase chances of pregnancy. If you're trying to get pregnant, it's usually best to utilize the missionary position, with the man on top and woman on the bottom, in order to have gravity help with the process. Other positions, such as the woman on top, sitting facing each other, etc., are not quite as effective because gravity will be ineffective or even a hindrance in helping the sperm get to the egg.

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Therefore, attempting to get pregnant by utilizing the missionary position first may solve your problems without having to undergo further fertility "treatments." Other Ways to Get Pregnant, Naturally Of course, if you're trying to get pregnant, you want to do everything to make the environment suitable for a baby to grow. Reduce your stress, quit smoking, and adopt a good diet with regular exercise before you commence with medical fertility treatments. Simply utilizing good health practices (for both mom and dad, by the way) may be enough to get pregnant naturally without having to further pursue fertility treatments. In addition, if you're a man, you should avoid exposing your testicles to prolonged heat such as that in hot tubs, as well as with constriction such as with tight underwear or even prolonged bike rides. All of these things can damage or reduce sperm production and contribute to infertility. To help with getting pregnant, women can use ovulation predictors (available in most stores where birth-control supplies and pregnancy tests are found) to determine when she's ovulating and is likely to become pregnant easily. Even though there are no 100% guarantees that these tips will work to make you pregnant, at the very least, they will give you a start so that you can you can exhaust all natural methods before you turn to medical intervention. Oftentimes, all you need to do to become pregnant is to meet your body's needs first. Then, it will do the rest for you! Allen James is dedicated to helping couples experience the miracle of childbirth. Download a FREE report revealing proven, simple ways to improve your odds of conceiving at

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Fertility Treatment: What You Should Know By Gabriel Adams

A fertility treatment is used when a man and a woman are unable to conceive a child naturally. The fertility treatment is designed to increase their chance of pregnancy. There are many different fertility treatments. A specialist will conduct testing on both individuals to determine the possible reasons behind the infertility, and then the treatment options that are available are discussed. Fertility treatments aren’t always effective and they are often very expensive. Most insurance plans don’t cover fertility treatment. Ovulation Induction involves the female taking fertility drugs to increase her chances of getting pregnant. These drugs often come with some health risks and side effects but they can help regulate the menstrual cycle and increase the likeliness of pregnancy. Artificial insemination is the process of injecting sperm from the male into the female. This is often combined with fertility drugs and methods of helping the male produce more sperm that are stronger. Assisted Reproductive Technology, known as ART, are more complicated fertility treatments. This involves removing the ova from the female, fertilizing it with sperm from the male, and placing it back in her body before it is known if conception has taken place. Invitro Fertilization is similar but it involves removing the ova from the female, fertilizing it with sperm from the male, and making sure conception takes place. Then the embryos are placed into the uterus of the female. One side effect of this method is the possibility of multiple embryos being formed at the same time, leading to as many as seven babies being born at one time. The process of fertility treatments can be very simple for some couples such as increasing the sperm count of the male. Other couples struggle for years with fertility issues because of the let down of not finding an effective treatment and the side effects. In addition to the financial cost, fertility treatments affect couples physically and emotionally. Learn more about fertility treatments at

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