; The Benefits Of Natural Asthma Treatment
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The Benefits Of Natural Asthma Treatment


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									Presented by Daniel Toriola
Asthma is caused by different triggering factors. The most common triggers are pollution, dust, pollen, and air irritants. Asthma sufferers may notice a change in their asthma during pregnancy. Some have fewer attacks; others have more. Click here to know more

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The Benefits Of Natural Asthma Treatment By Steven J Lucas

Asthma and associated breathing problems are amongst the most common dangerous afflictions in the world today. In the USA, asthma is one of the leading causes for children illness in missing school and employees absenteeism due to illness from their workplace. Although there are many commercial drug related products, designed to help to treat the chronic asthma sufferer, the extended used of these pharmaceutical drugs often lead to many side effects. Furthermore, over time, the body often gets used to the drug after extended use of certain asthma treatments. The resistance to these drugs normally has to be overcome by increasing the dosage or by more frequent use of the same dose. For the sufferers who want to overcome the tolerance to asthma drugs there are natural asthma treatments could be utilised together with over the counter and prescription drugs (whenever applicable). The real bonus about this natural asthma treatment is that since it is not artificial, the patient can be relatively free from any side effects which are associated with many of the synthetic drugs. What is Natural Asthma Treatment? Nature has always had its ways of curing the ill. When we say 'natural asthma treatment', we mean that the treatment uses naturally occurring substances such as minerals, salts and oils. It is considered natural because the ingredients used during these treatments have not been over processed. To put it another way, natural asthma treatments uses ingredients in their purest forms. What are Examples of Natural Asthma Treatments? Amongst the best examples of natural asthma treatment is speleotherapy or climatotherapy. This is a treatment, is very natural and is hugely popular in Europe. The thinking behind this method is based on heavily upon the ancient findings that ordinary rock salts have a soothing and curative effect on the lungs. Spleleotherapy (from which we get the word Spelunking - the hobby of cave exploring and diving) relies heavily on the restorative powers of the rock salts found in many underground caves all over European continent.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
People who suffer from chronic asthma need a lot of quiet rest and this treatment involves resting in underground, subterranean caves for about 2-3 hours a day. Depending on how severely the person suffers from the disease, this natural asthma treatment can usually last for up to 2-3 months of daily visits. The rest and breathing the air filled with rock salt vapors help relieve the airways constrictions and restrictive breathing problems which are commonly associated with the symptoms of asthma. Is Natural Asthma Treatment Effective? Natural asthma treatment has been proven effective over the longer term. There are many people globally who have suffered from severe asthma, and can now live perfectly normal lives after undergoing this treatment. They no longer need to carry an inhaler in case of emergencies and are even able to go for days without taking a puff of Serotide or Sebutamol. They may not be able to play a game of football but at least the only thing now leaving them breathless is the display of skill on the field, and not the climb to the stands. Steven J Lucas http://asthma.know-all.info

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Five Things Your Current Asthma Treatment Should Do For You By Bob Hughes

Is your current asthma treatment very effective? To be effective it must do the following five things: 1. Your current asthma treatment should drastically reduce or eliminate your asthma signs and symptoms. Why settle for anything less? 2. Your current asthma treatment should eliminate your asthma symptoms without causing any annoying or even dangerous side effects. After all, you are using this treatment to get healthier. Why would you want to risk getting something worse than your asthma? 3. Your current asthma treatment should not be too expensive. And we are not just talking about the cost of the treatment. What about the doctor and emergency room visits that you still go to because your treatment isn't working very well? And what about the missed days of work or school? Add these into the cost of this treatment also. 4. Your current asthma treatment shouldn't have to last too long. If this treatment doesn't have a reasonable point in time when you will be able to stop it, what is the whole point of the treatment to begin with? 5. Your current asthma treatment should not only eliminate your asthma symptoms, but it should also help to heal the damage done to your lungs and airways by your asthma. After all, don't you want to be completely healthy again? The majority of asthmatics in the US and probably many other countries as well are on prescription asthma medications. So let's compare that treatment to the five things on our list. 1. Prescription asthma medications do not eliminate your asthma symptoms. In fact most people need to be on two different types of meds to get some partial relief from their symptoms. 2. All prescription asthma medications have side effects, many of them dangerous and some of them even increase your chance of death. 3. Anybody taking these meds knows how expensive they are and the price keeps going up. And since they don't eliminate your symptoms you still spend time at your doctor's office along with some emergency room visits thrown in. 4. When prescription meds are your treatment of choice, you will have to take them for the rest of your life. They don't cure your asthma and if you stop taking them your asthma symptoms come right back. 5. These meds don't cure your asthma so no healing of your lungs and airways can take place. In fact, the damage will continue to get worse from your continuing asthma attacks. So if your current asthma treatment is prescription medications, it failed every one of the five items on our list.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
If your current asthma treatment is not meeting those five items on that list, then you might want to consider one of the natural asthma cures that so many people have switched to. Most of these people are now asthma free or will be very soon.

Bob Hughes has put together a website with lots of information about asthma and many of the natural asthma cures that will allow you to become asthma free. But you must visit his website to get this information. Go there now to get started. http://www.natural-asthmatreatment.com

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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