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Stomach Ulcer Symptoms And The Pain Endured by toriola1


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Indigestion is often associated with a sense of having eaten too much, feeling of nausea, and often vomiting. About 25% of Westeners suffer from the problems of stomach upset and these symptoms account for about 5% of all the visits to physicians Click here to know more

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Stomach Ulcer Symptoms And The Pain Endured By Jeff Foster

While there are a variety of stomach ulcer symptoms experienced by many, this common disease attacks millions of Americans each and every year. The stomach ulcer often presents itself in folks that take anti-inflammatory medications, smoke or drink alcohol. There is still some controversy as to whether stress causes stomach ulcers or not. The wicked stomach ulcer often presents as a burning, gnawing sensation in the pit of the stomach that can last for up to three hours. Many of those who experience this phenomenon mistakenly think it is nothing more than hunger pains, heartburn or even basic indigestion. Unfortunately this can often cause patients to delay seeking treatment since they brush it off as basic health issues and nothing more. Stomach ulcer pain often occurs after a meal, is located in the upper abdomen and is often relieved by resting, taking antacids or having a small drink of milk. Weight loss may even be seen in those suffering extensively from a stomach ulcer since they actually avoid eating in hopes of avoiding pain. Nausea and vomiting may also be seen for those suffering from stomach ulcers. You might also see black, tarry stools or stools containing dark red blood. This is an indication that your stomach ulcer is bleeding and this is a serious health complication and may require abdominal surgery. Stomach ulcer symptoms may be treated with basic antacids or an even stronger medication, which requires a prescription. Stomach ulcer medications such as Protonix can actually help to reduce the acid production in your stomach and many find it useful in the treatment of stomach ulcers. This is not a health issue which you can ignore since the stomach ulcer can literally erode the protective lining of the stomach. Some times your physician may prescribe a medication which forms a protective barrier over the lining of your stomach and gives your stomach ulcer a chance to heal. When trying to recover your health, it is important that you take the time to eat balanced nutritious meals, limit your alcohol, tobacco usage and caffeine intake, as well as anti-inflammatory medications if at all possible.
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There are several medical tests that your physician may utilize in order to definitively diagnose your stomach ulcer. It is important to have a diagnosis that is based on solid evidence so that you can get the treatment you need. Your health depends on it and it is ridiculous to ignore the stomach ulcer symptoms you are enduring. Talk with your physician to see what help is available to you. Here's to better healthy days and stomach ulcers that heal. For more important information on health topics sure to visit where you will find information and resources on personal health such as aches & pains, conditions & diseases, diet & nutrition, fitness and many other articles that you can view at

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Gastric Ulcers Signs And Symptoms By Jeff Foster

Gastric ulcers occur when there is a break in the protective lining of the stomach leading to the erosion of the delicate lining of the stomach and intestines. The erosion results in a raw, open and painful sore in the stomach lining. Gastric ulcers occur when there is an imbalance between the amount of stomach acid secreted and an enzyme called pepsin and the natural defenses of the stomach mucosal lining. The Helicobacter Pylori bacterium, a spiral shaped bacterium that lives in the acid environment of the stomach, can also be a cause of gastric ulcers. Obesity, smoking, and excessive use of anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin can also contribute to the development of gastric ulcers. There are clear warning signs of the presence of an ulcer. Gnawing or burning in the upper middle stomach or even just beneath the breastbone that last anywhere from thirty minutes to three hours is one of the primary symptoms of a gastric ulcer. Many people, however, mistake this pain for heartburn because of its similarity. Others even mistake this pain for hunger. The pain of a gastric ulcer may cause you to awaken at night. It may occur immediately following a meal or may occur some two to three hours later. With some patients, the pain of an ulcer is relieved by food or milk and with others they may avoid eating in an effort to avoid the pain associated with eating. The pain from a duodenal ulcer is typically relieved by food, but the pain from a gastric ulcer is usually exacerbated by food. There are many patients who report that a delay in eating will cause a more severe gastric ulcer pain. Based on what we know, these patients may likely be suffering from a duodenal ulcer. Along with pain, other signs and symptoms of gastric ulcers include weight loss, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, pain that improves with milk, food or antacids, fatigue, and abdominal bloating. If an ulcer is bleeding symptoms may include tarry, foul-smelling stools and vomiting blood. Although some of the signs and symptoms of gastric ulcers may be mistaken for heartburn, indigestion or even hunger, there are other signs such as the relationship of the pain from a gastric ulcer to food intake that make it much easier to decipher the diagnosis of gastric ulcers. For more important information on stomach pain be sure to visit where you will find advice and tips on common stomach pain causes such as acid stomach ulcer, Crohn's disease, and other articles that you can view at

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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