Your Purchasing contacts for food products by fwc14500


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            Yo u r P u r c h a s i n g c o n t a c t s f o r f o o d p r o d u c t s

                      For France                           Christophe Misseghers
                      Gérard Diot                          Category Manager
                      Consumer Goods Director              Salted Grocery
                      Beverages & Frozen                   Private Label
                      National Brand             

                      Philippe Bovani                      Bertrand de Vaissière
                      Consumer Goods Director              Category Manager
                      Grocery                              Beverages
                      National Brand                       Private Label
                      Sylvain Ferry
                      Consumer Goods Director              Guillaume Calmels
                      Fresh Food                           Category Manager
                      National Brand                       Fresh & Frozen
                                                           Private Label
                      For France, Spain,                   +
                      Belgium and Italy
                      Thierry Crosnier                     For Greece
                      Consumer Goods Director              Giorgos Dedes
                      Grocery & Beverages                  Grocery & FFF Director
                      Private Label              
                                                           Litsa Megaloikonomou
                      Tanguy de Villanfray                 HPC & Beverages Director
                      Consumer Goods Director    
                      Fresh & Frozen / HPC
                      Private Label
                                                           For Poland
                                                           Marta Iskra
                                                           Consumer Goods Director
                      Natacha Simonet            
                      Category Manager
                      Sweet Grocery                        Krzysztof Dobczyñski
                      Private Label                        Fresh Division Director
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   products     For Turkey                                 For India
                Ugur Demirel                               Bouzeneth Benaouda
                Consumer Goods Director                    Merchandise Director

                For Russia                                 For Indonesia
                Patrick Bonnifait                          Alexandre Millet
                Merchandise Director                       Grocery Division Manager

                For Argentina                              Charles Chevalier
                Daniel Blanco                              Fresh Division Manager
                Consumer Goods Director          
                FFF & Grocery

                      Pascal Roger
                                                           Grocery Division Manager
                Leonardo Garri                   

                Consumer Goods Director
                Beverages & HPC                            Julien André
                     Fresh Division Manager
                Rubén Noce
                Fresh Division Director                    For Singapore
                         Alexandre Bussière
                                                           Merchandise Food Manager
                For Brazil                       

                Karim Nabi
                Consumer Goods Director                    For Taiwan
                         Bruno Beyris
                                                           Consumer Goods Director
                João Nery                        
                Fresh Division Director
                          Denis Rossi
                                                           Fresh Division Director
                For Colombia                     
                Christian Byrde
   Yo u r

                Consumer Goods Director                    For Thailand
                    Thierry Guillon Vernes
                                                           Merchandise Director
                Adriana Cabrera                  
                Fresh Division Director
                                                           For the French Overseas
                For China                                  Departments and Territories,
                Sébastien Levy                             the Middle East and Japan
                Grocery Division Director                  Alvaro Lopez
                     International Partnership Food Manager
                Christine Cai
                Fresh Division Director

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