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									                                Changing TrueCrypt Passwords

The attached page from the TrueCrypt for TaxAide Manual outlines the process for changing the
Password on a TrueCrypt volume. (The entire manual is available on the AARP Extranet under
the Security Tab in the TATCInstallv2.02xex download.) The process is very straight forward
but a few comments may help.

You begin by opening the TrueCrypt program (not the “TC Start” shortcut on the desktop and
not the autorun on a Flash Drive. To open TrueCrypt on the Hard Drive either use the “Key”
icon if you have one on the desktop or launch the program from the start menu “All Programs.”
On a Flash Drive, go to my computer and open the flash Drive and launch the TrueCrypt.exe
(NOT the TrueCrypt Format.exe). At this point you will see the screen shown on the attached

The process is identical whether the volume is on the Hard Drive or a Flash Drive. Volume is
synonymous with the .tc file. Remember, the password is associated with the volume and not
with the TrueCrypt program. It must be changed on each volume. Also,, all volumes must be
closed while changing the password on any volume. The volume (e.g. C:\TPDATA.TC) should
be identified in the “Volume” window (next to the Blue Key symbol on the TrueCrypt screen).
The attachment is clear from there (click the Volume Tools button, select change Password, and
follow the instructions).

No content of the volume ( .tc file) is changed during this process.

As always, if you forget the new password, anything in the volume will be irretrievable.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at

Tom Doherty
TrueCrypt for Tax-Aide Manual Changing a TrueCrypt Volume

Changing the Password on a Volume:
Make sure that no TrueCrypt volumes are mounted. Use the TC Stop icon.
Locate the TrueCrypt volume you want to change the password on – it will be
identified by the “red key” icon.
Double left click on the filename.
The TrueCrypt program will start:

                                                      The filename you chose will be
                                                      displayed by the blue “key” icon.

                                                               Click on Volume Tools

                                                      A window will open with an
                                                      option to change the Volume

Select this and follow the instructions in the window that opens.

When done click OK

Changing the size of a volume:
As a TrueCrypt volume is effectively a formatted disk drive there is no way to directly
change it's size. However a new volume can be created that is the correct size, and
the contents of the “old” volume can be copied to the new one.
Assume you originally created the volume TPDATA.TC at 400 MB and now you want to
change if to 650 MB.
Do this:
    1. Make sure no volume are mounted.
    2. Locate the file TPDATA.TC and rename it to TPDATA_OLD.TC
    3. Use the TCx2 Start icon to start the TrueCrypt procedure.

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Tax-Aide NTC Rev 2007.10.12

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