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									    Houston Gulf Coast Irrigation Association
Providing public awareness of Texas and local irrigation laws while promoting and improving the professionalism of our membership.

                                                                                                            August 2006

            August 8th GENERAL MEETING
                Join HGCIA and Craig Berlin with Hunter Industries for dinner! Craig will spon-
            sor the meeting at Lynden’s Pit BBQ Restaurant located at 13165 Northwest Freeway
            290 @ Hollister. Lynden's is famous for their "pulled Pork"---worth trying if you're
            not familiar with this Southern tradition. We’ll have updates on upcoming CEU op-
            portunities as well as news from the Irrigation Advisory Council.

               Please join us to see the newest Hunter innovations and let Craig buy your dinner!

                                             $100 Dollar Door Prize!
                  Bring a friend, double your chances to win, and stay informed about your industry!

                    Tuesday, August 8th, 2006 6:00PM Social 6:30 Dinner
                   Please RSVP Sheri Dunn @ 281-620-0990 or Romeo Montalvo 281-440-1110

                                    MARK YOUR CALENDARS !!!
       August 17-20 TNLA Nursery/Landscape EXPO San Antonio Convention Center

       September 20 TTIA meeting in McCallen call Carl @ 877-ASK-TTIA for details

       Nov. 2-7 International Irrigation Show—San Antonio—www.irrigation.org/show

       December 19th—HGCIA CEU/EXPO Montgomery County College Free CEU’s!!

       January 13th-14th Southeast Texas Landscape Show—Conroe— www.STNGA.org

       January 21st 2007—Third Annual Texas Irrigators Cruise - Call Dave 832-661-2882

                 Thank you Tom Lydle of Vermeer Equipment for sponsoring our June meeting!

                                                   HGCIA OFFICERS
     PRESIDENT                         Romeo Montalvo           281-440-1110         romeo@turfpro1.com
     VICE PRESIDENT                    Salle Morse               832-642-1332        salle@hlsenterprises.com
     TREASURER                         Tom Riley                281-744-9280         tomr_77379@yahoo.com
     SECRETARY                         Sheri Dunn               713-385-2672         dunn88@sbcglobal.net
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 HGCIA General Meeting
 Good Food and Great Company…….August 8,2006

 Have you ever tried pulled pork?

 Hunter Industries, Inc., Craig Berlin, is sponsoring our August meeting at Lynden’s Pit BBQ located at
 13165 Northwest Freeway (the corner of 290 and Hollister). Craig will be sharing the latest and great-
 est Hunter irrigation products. The social will begin at 6 pm providing an opportunity to meet other
 Houston irrigators and to vent concerns and resolve burning business issues. Dinner starts at 6:30.
 The meeting will begin promptly after everyone is served because your time is valuable. Your HGCIA
 board has been working hard on your behalf and will report local and state industry news.

 About that pulled pork, come see for yourself.

 Please RSVP Sherri Dunn @ 713.385.2672 or Romeo Montalvo @ 281.440.1110 .
 For further information call Lyndon’s Pit BBQ @ (713) 690-2112

Excellent Experiences and Essential Business Tools!
Pre-Expo Education Conference • August 17, 2006
Outdoor Product Showcase • August 17, 2006
Nursery/Landscape Expo • August 18-20, 2006
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center • San Antonio,

Nursery/Landscape Expo is for profit and opportunity! More
Ideas, More Opportunities, More Reasons to Attend!! Of-
fering in one place, at one time, the opportunity to see and
experience one of the most comprehensive collections of
plant material, horticultural supplies and equipment, and
industry education. Contact the Texas Nursery & Landscape
Association at 800.880.0343 or expo@tnlaonline.org for
more information. Visit our web site at www.tnlaonline.org
and see our new interactive floor plan.
                        “The best mirror is an old friend.”                                  - - German Proverb

Irrigation Certification First in Line for WaterSense Label
FALLS CHURCH, Va. (June 20, 2006) — Certification programs for irrigation professionals, irrigation controllers and soil moisture sensors
will be the first services and products eligible to carry the new WaterSense water efficiency label.

The Environmental Protection Agency has been working with the Irrigation Association, water agencies and others in the industry to establish
criteria for recognizing certification programs for irrigation auditors, designers and contractors. WaterSense guidelines for certification programs
are expected this summer, making certification the first product or program to be eligible for the label.

"The EPA's WaterSense label will provide consumers with confidence that certified individuals from qualifying programs have the knowledge
and skills to optimize the efficiency of their irrigation systems," said Irrigation Association Executive Director Tom Kimmell. "Since home-
owners often overwater, the WaterSense program will increase awareness of the importance of efficient irrigation and help consumers make
water-smart choices."

Criteria for recognizing water-efficient controllers and moisture sensors are in development. Irrigation controllers and sensors will most likely be
the first product categories eligible for the WaterSense label.

EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson unveiled the WaterSense logo and details of its water efficiency program on June 12. The WaterSense logo
will go on products and services that are at least 20 percent more water efficient than their counterparts.

The Irrigation Association's Smart Water Application Technologies program developed testing protocols for controllers and sensors, laying
groundwork for defining those products, Kimmell said.

Manufacturers can voluntarily test products according to criteria established by WaterSense for each product category. The EPA said consumers
will have access to WaterSense products early next year.
  Page 5                         HOUSTON GULF COAST IRRIGATION ASSOC.

                 And the winner is…Mel Hyler!
Romeo (left) presents Mel with
the $1oo Academy Dooe Prize
at the June meeting. Bring an
irrigator friend and your
 Business card for your chance
             to win!

     Tuesday August 8th
        Lynden’s BBQ
       290 & Hollister

    TNLA Region 2
     houston area
     first Tuesday
    of every month
     mary lenzi @
Page 6                                                       HOUSTON GULF COAST IR-

                                                                                                    HGCIA IS OFFERING
               Welcome Aboard the                                                                  $1000 SCHOLARSHIPS!
         TTIA Texas Irrigators CEU Cruise!
                                                                                        We want to help our deserving mem-
      Depart Galveston Sunday January 21, 2007                                          bers and their relatives so take the time
                 Ports of Call include                                                  to apply or encourage a relative to not
       Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, & Cozumel                                             waste time! The requirement is only
          2 Days of Training Classes Offered                                            that the applicant must be an HGCIA
             Trade Show & Cocktail Party                                                member or immediate relative and the
      Arrive back in Galveston Sunday Jan. 28th
                                                                                        winner is to be enrolled this fall. If you
           Passports are required for this Cruise                                       qualify, be sure to complete the applica-
                                                                                        tion located on page 10 of the newslet-
               Redeem points for payment!                                               ter. Time is short so get it to us by
 Price for 2 includes all port charges, fees and taxes                                  October 1, 2006.

       Inside cabin                     $1221.00                                               Can you use $1000 towards a
      Oceanview cabin                   $1411.00
                                                                                                    college education?
      Balcony cabin                     $1835.00

     $250 Down at booking—Final $ Due 9/25/06                                               Contact Mel Hyler @ 281-376-6951
 Book by August 14 and receive $50 on-board credit                                                  with any questions
               For more information
        Dave McCullough @ 832-661-2882
        Or Vickie’s Travel @ 866-941-2520

                                                         TCEQ Landscape Irrigation Program
                                                           Enforcement Activity Summary
                                                          September 1, 2005 - July 21, 2006

         New Incidents/Complaints Received -                                                              139
                  # Closed out due to unsubstantiated allegations or lack of evidence                      29
                  # Open and pending investigation or close out                                            73
                  # Associated with a NOV or NOE Investigations                                            37

         Licensed - 32% (45)
         Unlicensed - 68% (94)

         Notice of Violations (NOV) issued                                                                63
         Licensed - 89% (56)
         Unlicensed - 11% (7)

         Notice of Enforcements (NOE) issued                                                              17
         Licensed - 47% (8)
         Unlicensed - 53% (9)

         Types of Violations Cited
         Failure to hold a license prior to installing an irrigation system
         Failure to follow local regulations (pull permits or submit backflow test reports)
         Failure to install an irrigation system in a manner that promotes water conservation
         Failure to include all required information on contracts/agreements
         Failure to install a backflow prevention device
         Failure to affix the imprint of an irrigator seal over the irrigator’s signature
         Failure to install spray heads according to manufacturer’s specifications
         Failure to include license # on all advertisements
         Failure to provide proper depth of coverage over piping
         Failure to conduct the installation of an irrigation system with high ethical standards
 Page 7                                                   HOUSTON GULF COAST IRRIGATION ASSOC.

TTIA News                                                                Renew your Licenses online!
The Texas Turf Irrigation Association held it ’ s fourth meeting in
                                                                         TCEQ announces their new website
Amarillo on July 19th, 2006. The next meeting will be held in
                                                                         feature for all eligible Backflow Testers
McCallen on September 20th.
                                                                         and Landscape Irrigators & installers.
The “ Cody Hobbs Scholarship Fund ” was officially announced             www.tceq.state.tx.us/compliance/online_renewals.html
with a special presentation to Cody ’ s family for his involvement
with the TTIA and his years of dedication to the irrigation industry .
                                                                         Bob Mann, Manager of the Regulatory
                                                                         Compliance Section of the Landscape
By-law revisions were past by the Board and all TTIA members will
                                                                         Irrigator Program has announced that
receive a mailed copy for final approval.
                                                                         TCEQ is engaging in a state-wide effort
Plans are being finalized for the TNLA Expo August 17-20th
                                                                         to inform local and national advertising
and the IA International Irrigation Show November 5-7 both in San
                                                                         outlets such as telephone directories,
Antonio. Don ’ t miss the Boots, Beer and BBQ Contractor Recep-
                                                                         newspapers, and other print media,
tion on Monday Nov. 6 Stop by the TTIA booth for a free invitation.
                                                                         regarding advertising requirements and
                                                                         restrictions for landscape irrigators and
       For a TTIA membership application call Carl Causey @              installers.
       877-ASK-TTIA or visit our website: www.ttiaonline.org
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  Irrigation Efficiency Brochure Released for Smart Irrigation Month
  FALLS CHURCH, Va. (July 18, 2006) — A brochure of water-efficiency tips for homeowners is available for download in recognition of
  Smart Irrigation Month, the Irrigation Association announced.

  The brochure was created by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Irrigation Association to raise consumer awareness of
  efficient irrigation practices. The brochure is available online as a resource for homeowners as well as contractors, water utilities and others
  in the irrigation industry who work with property owners.

  Users can download the file, add their company information, print and distribute it to customers. The brochure is being released in conjunction
  with Smart Irrigation Month, but it can be used all year to promote efficient irrigation practices.

  "Because irrigation is a major user of water, the industry has an important role in making the most of our water resources," said Irrigation
  Association Executive Director Tom Kimmell. "Educating customers is a key element in irrigation efficiency. This brochure provides
   practical tips for creating healthy landscapes with less water while reminding users of the need to preserve water for future generations."

  "We were pleased to work with the EPA on this project," Kimmell said.

  The Irrigation Association declared July, a peak month for irrigation usage, Smart Irrigation Month to raise awareness of advances in
  irrigation efficiency. Smart Irrigation Month was recognized in the Congressional Record on June 8 and in a proclamation signed by
  Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns on July 10.

  Download the brochure http://www.irrigation.org/SIM/pdf/Irrigation_Tips_LaserQuality.pdf

                 Nineteenth century English critic John Ruskin made an astute observation concerning price: “It is un-
                 wise to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money, that is all. When you pay too
                 little, you sometimes lose everything because the thing you bought was incapable of doing what it was
                 bought to do. The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot...it can’t
                 be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you
                 dc that then you will have enough to pay for something better.”

Information must be typed or printed legibly and returned by October 1, 2006.
Be sure to enclose transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a recent photograph.
               Mail to:                 HGCIA
                               PO Box 19511
                               Houston, TX 77224

Personal Data:
Age _____________________________________
Social Security______________________________
 City ___________________________________
 Zip    ___________________________________
Name of Relative Member_____________________
 Relationship           _____________________
 Address                _____________________
 City                   _____________________
 Zip                    _____________________

Educational Background:
School attending now_________________________
School attending this fall_______________________
Four year college______
Two year college______
High school____
You will be? A freshman____a sophomore____a junior___or a senior____
Expected date of graduation?_____________
Current number of hour completed_________; Hours need for graduation_____
Overall college grade point average________
List schools attended and dates:

On a separate paper, write us a short note telling us about yourself, any extra curricular
Activities and what you will do after you graduate including your career objectives.

Good luck!
Page 12                                     HOUSTON GULF COAST IRRIGATION ASSOC.

                                           We will miss you CP!
                  Any oddity of the irrigation industry CP either had in stock or knew where to get it.

    CONWAY PATRICK HALL, born on Dec. 30th 1958, left this world to be with his family in
    Heaven on July 5th 2006, after a very brief illness. Conway was a lifelong resident of
    Houston. He graduated from Sharpstown Sr. High in 1976. Conway was an avid skydiver.
    His passion was to soar in flight like an eagle. He was an active member of several record
    setting "Big Way" groups and has received recognition and awards for his jumping abili-
    ties and endeavors. Conway's business life consisted of participation in a family business
    serving as Vice President and General Manager of Hall Equipment and Supply Company.
    He will be missed by all who had dealings with him. Conway was preceded in death by his
    mother Patricia Ann Hall. He leaves behind a host of family and friends including father,
    Conway G. Hall, and wife Ann, brother Craig and wife Peggy, sisters Dinah and Tracy and
    husband Dave. Also left behind are nieces Brandi Zamora, Amber Hall, Patricia Desch and
    nephews Jacob Hilton, Craig and Shane Hall and Wesley Desch. A memorial Service was
    conducted at 1:00 p.m. Friday July 7, 2006 at St. Paul Presbyterian Church, 7200 Bellaire
    Blvd. in Houston, with Rev. Dr. Kevin Boyd officiating.

                                                               EPA Announces WaterSense Program
   "Blossoms are scattered by the wind and
   the wind cares nothing, but the blossoms                    WaterSense, a new water efficiency program launched
       of the heart no wind can touch."                        by EPA, will educate American consumers on making
               -- Yoshida Kenko                                smart water choices that save money and maintain high
                                                               environmental standards without compromising perform-

                                                               "Efficient products and informed consumers lead to
   Keep Gene Reagan and his family in your                     smart water use. EPA's WaterSense program will provide
   thoughts and prayers.                                       water solutions that are a win-win for our wallets and our
                                                               environment. WaterSense just makes sense," said EPA
   Joy Lynn, daughter of Gene and Joyce                        Administrator Stephen L. Johnson. "WaterSense ad-
   Reagan passed away Wednesday, July                          vances President Bush's cooperative conservation goals
   26th of natural causes. There will be a                     through education, not regulation - spreading the ethic of
                                                               water efficiency and promoting the tools to make wise
   memorial service held on July 31st at
                                                               water choices."
   Harrell’s Funeral Home on Pack Saddle
   Pass in Austin. A Memorial Trust Fund will                  At least 30 percent of water used by household irrigation
   be established for Joy’s three children and                 systems is lost through wind evaporation and improper
   administered by Gene and Joyce. Please                      design, installation or maintenance. The average house-
   attend the August 8th meeting to vote on                    hold adopting water efficient products and practices can
   contributing to this fund..                                 save 30,000 gallons per year – enough to supply a year of
                                                               drinking water for 150 of their neighbors.
Page 14                                                                  HOUSTON GULF COAST IRRIGATION ASSOC.

 The Future of Irrigation
 By Denne Goldstein, Publisher of Irrigation and Green Industry Magazine

 The Irrigation Association has designated July as Smart Irrigation Month to promote water conservation. Many in the industry, as well as governmental agencies
 and water purveyors, have picked up on it. Call it Smart Irrigation, WaterSense, Be Water Wise, etc., it makes sense for the landscape industry to get on the band-
 wagon and promote this program of water conservation.

 It is apparent that homeowners and other property owners are not very well informed about how little water their landscapes really need. Many contractors are also
 not that well versed as to the amount of water landscapes actually need. So what happens out in the real world is that we over- water. It’s not good for the plants,
 it’s more costly, and more importantly, we’re wasting a precious resource. As water becomes more scarce, we will be put to the test of cutting back our usage.

 Benjamin Grumbles, assistant administrator for water for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, states, “Between 1950 and 2000, our population grew by 89
 percent, but our use of water through public supplies grew even more, by a whopping 209 percent. With demand outstripping supply, 36 states anticipate some
 degree of water shortage by 2013.” So Smart Irrigation Month could not come too soon. The sooner we begin to truly understand the need to conserve, the better
 we can serve our clients. We must implement every tool in our arsenal to make this happen.

 Irrigation manufacturers are behind this program. They’re paying more than just lip service; they’re out promoting water conservation. We have to do the same.
 We need to understand ET better and begin installing it on our client’s properties. We need to retrofit and install spray heads, rotors and low-volume sprinklers so
 that we can protect our clients’ landscapes and conserve water. And the time to begin is now. If we don’t, surely the governmental agencies will force us to in the
 not too distant future.

 When the drought came to the Denver area of Colorado, no watering was permitted except by drip. The contractors in the area were stalled and could not do much
 work. When the same thing happened in Seattle, Washington, contractors were feeling the pinch. Can you imagine what would happen if 36 states implemented
 watering restrictions all at the same time?

 It would be devastating to our industry. If plants die because we are not allowed to water, our industry will die too. Smart Irrigation should be on the minds of
 everyone in the landscape industry. Our livelihoods depend on it.

                                                                                         The International Society of Arboriculture-Texas Chapter
                                                                                         is committed to educating those interested in Texas, and the
                                                                                           surrounding states, on the importance of proper tree care
                                                                                         practices and the overall benefits of trees in our urban areas.

                                                                                         We have some great opportunities coming up that will give
                                                                                         outdoor professionals a chance to increase their knowledge
                                                                                         of trees, and to become an ISA Certified Arborist.

                                                                                                  International Society of Arboriculture
                                                                                                                Texas Chapter
                                                                                                          2006 Calendar of Events
                                                                                         • ISA-Texas Annual Tree Conference
                                                                                         ο October 4-6, 2006
                                                                                         ο Round Rock, Texas
                                                                                         For more info: http://www.trees-isa.org/events/

                                                                                         • ISA Certified Arborist Examinations
                                                                                         ο August 24, 2006 – Austin, Texas
                                                                                         ο October 4, 2006 – Round Rock, Texas
                                                                                         For more info: http://www.isa-arbor.com/certification/
                               Houston Gulf Coast Irrigation Association
                                      2006 MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
Please Print Clearly
Name:__________________________________________________________________ Date:____________________
Firm Name:______________________________________________________________ LI#_____________________
Mailing Address:_______________________________________ City______________ ST_____ Zip_____________
Phone:________________________________ Fax:________________________ Email:________________________
Social Security #:________________________________________________________________________________

Please complete the following so we can include your information on our Internet Web Site.
Please circle all that apply below. Information will be used on our website to support our industry.

    TYPE OF SERVICE: Backflow Testing Design Drainage Irrigation Landscape Lighting
                     Pavers Service & Repair Stone-Rockwork Supplier Water Features
    SERVICE AREA:             East   Inside Loop    North Northeast     Northwest       South Southeast   Southwest
    JOB INFORMATION: Commercial              Golf Light Commercial        Residential

I attest that the above information is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge. I also attest that neither I nor my
firm have an active, unresolved complaint on file at the Greater Houston Better Business Bureau and/or an active, unre-
solved complaint filed with the TNRCC relative to performing business in the irrigation industry.
                             Please Remit $100 to :       HGCIA
                                                          PO Box 19511
                                                          Houston, TX 77224-9511


                                                                         Houston, TX 77224-9511
                                                                         PO Box 19511
                                                                         Houston Gulf Coast Irrigation Association


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