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R10Cipher vs TrueCrypt by kvw36946


									R10Cipher vs TrueCrypt
(For Person to Person File and Message Security)

February 2009
Steve Cholerton
Revision 1.0.1

R10Cipher was designed specifically for the PCD Program. The goals of R10Cipher are as follows:

1. Provide a simple to use method of creating encrypted email messages.
2. Provide a simple to use method of encrypting and decrypting individual files and documents.

By focusing on the above two goals R10Cipher is designed specifically for use between two parties who are
likely to be transferring private or sensitive information. R10Cipher is the complete ‘end to end’ encryption

R10Cipher is not free, the price however is designed to be attractive given the advantages of R10Cipher
over the alternatives. It has to be said that using some sort of encryption when passing sensitive information
is now necessary and essential.

Initially this document was going to cover several alternatives, when it comes to Cross Platform alternatives
however there is not a lot of choice and the only one of note is TrueCrypt.

By ‘Cross Platform’ what I mean is software that can be used on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OSX
and Linux. If you wish to communicate securely then you need a solution that will run on your operating
system as well as the operating system used by your clients, you have no control over what their choice of
operating system is.


TrueCrypt is designed to create an encrypted ‘volume’ that can then be accessed from either your Windows
or Macintosh computer, using the appropriate password, assuming you have TrueCrypt installed. As a
method of creating and maintaining an encrypted volume of information TrueCrypt is excellent. It is however
designed for an entirely different purpose to R10Cipher.

Think of the hard disk on your computer. Imagine another hard disk into which you can store information
which is then automatically encrypted. Imagine being able to drag that hard disk onto a USB key and take it
with you and load it onto another computer. That is effectively what TrueCrypt does.

Compare this to R10Cipher. R10Cipher allows you to encrypt and decrypt the contents of an email or text
document. R10Cipher allows you to encrypt a single file that can then be sent over email or copied around
the network. A very different proposition to TrueCrypt.

It’s also worth looking at ease of use. R10Cipher requires no installation. TrueCrypt needs a lengthy
installation and setup. Who is going to support your clients through this installation ? If in doubt it is worth
doing the exercise and seeing for yourself. As a solution to use between yourself and external clients,
TrueCrypt cannot be recommended. It is just not designed for that purpose.

Of course as the author and designer of R10Cipher I am biased. Therefore I recommend you try both
R10Cipher and TrueCrypt. R10Cipher can be downloaded for a free trial from this address:

Further details on the PCD Program can be viewed here:

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