Ron Dellums letter to Jerry Brown

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					October 30, 2008 Honorable Jerry Brown Attorney General's Office California Department of Justice 1515 Clay Street Suite 301 Oakland, CA 94612 Dear Attorney General Jerry Brown, While all homicides in our city are tragic, the murder of a working journalist in broad daylight is an extraordinary criminal act deserving the highest level of investigative resources and the highest degree of public scrutiny. Against the backdrop of media reports and concerns from the community that call into question the integrity of the Oakland Police Department’s investigation into the murder of Chauncey Bailey, we are obligated to immediately respond in an open and transparent manner. The City is already conducting an internal investigation into these allegations. However, given the serious nature of the allegations – and to provide certainty to the public of the integrity of the investigation - it is imperative that an investigative agency outside the City also conduct an investigation. As discussed on October 29th, I am requesting the Office of Attorney General conduct a parallel, concurrent investigation. The City will make its resources available and will retain the services of a qualified criminal investigations consultant to assist in completing a timely investigation. By initiating these joint investigative measures, we will learn the truth about what happened, and set the record straight regarding the Oakland Police Department’s investigative work into the murder of Mr. Chauncey Bailey.


Ronald V. Dellums Mayor