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Gothic Wedding Dresses By Pam Kazmierczak

There was certainly a time when a bride who was not wearing the expected white floor length wedding gown was stared at not with wonder or admiration, but by guests who were appalled that she could break away from tradition so easily. We are much luckier these days because many brides exercise their freedom to wear what they want to wear, not what others expect of them. They show their own uniqueness and their independent natures which makes them happier, more radiant brides than ever before. Thankfully today brides wear all kinds of wedding dresses. Gothic wedding dresses are just one unique type of gown you will see at a modern wedding. Today brides wear short wedding dress, colored wedding dresses or white wedding dress with color, informal wedding gowns, and beach wedding dresses, Celtic, medieval, pagan or other wedding gowns to celebrate heritage or religious choices and freedoms. So what does a gothic wedding dress mean exactly? Well, even though certain images may come to mind it all depends on who is thinking about it really. There is no one gothic design that all brides who choose to go a little (or a lot) gothic in their ceremony choose over every other design and idea out there. What gothic wedding dress the bride chooses is really up to her idea of what she wants to look like on her wedding day. Many brides choose to wear darker colored gowns like deep reds, purples, blues and greens. It really helps if they gowns have intricate design features, like decorative beading, and a corset top looks especially nice. Of course there are brides who want a more gothic feel to their ceremony but do not want to stray from white and like colors. There are plenty of gothic wedding dresses that are white; they are just of a specific style. For instance Celtic and medieval gowns are most certainly gothic in nature. They tend to be stark white or ivory, but the style screams gothic beauty. They use design elements like tie corsets, long billowing sleeves and floor length gowns. Many brides who choose to think outside the box for their gown also do so for the rest of their ceremony and reception. If you choose a gothic wedding dress you might want to carry that theme throughout the rest of the day. Many brides who choose a gothic theme also integrate the Celtic or medieval aspects into their ceremony and reception. One way to do this is to get married in a castle like setting (or to decorate it so it appears to be one). Be imaginative in how you want to do this, but a Brides post their used wedding dresses for sale. Page 1

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castle screams medieval wedding along with a fairytale wedding. What woman does not want to be part of a romantic fairytale?

Pam Kazmierczak runs Wedding Planning 101, , a wedding ideas website. Go to her website for wedding ideas and free articles, or to learn more about planning your wedding today.If you enjoyed this article read more about Gothic Wedding Dresses Today. tml

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Saving On Wedding Dresses By Terry Langford

Saving on wedding dresses is something that every bride wants to learn how to do. If you are planning to get married anytime soon then you need to get up on all of the best ways to save money on wedding dresses. And it is good to note that there are plenty ways to save on wedding dresses and most of them are easy to find online. One of the simplest ways for you to save on wedding dresses is to get one from a family member. If your grandmother or your mother or even your sister had a great dress when she got married then you should consider asking them if you could wear one of these wedding dresses on your wedding day. Not only will this save you money on wedding dresses it will also add to the sentimentality of the entire day. You will be helping to build a tradition in this wedding dress. There is another very handy way for you to save on wedding dresses and this is to purchase a simple wedding dress that does not have a lot of details on it. These plain types of dresses tend to be much less expensive. Oftentimes when wedding dresses are purchased the high costs are due to the expensive embroidery or the fine details like lace and or pearls and other gems. If you get one of these plain types of wedding dresses you can then add your own details to it. If you are good with a needle you can even sew on your own pearls turning your wedding dress into a work of art. This is one of the most fabulous ways to save money on wedding dresses. These are only a couple of was to save money on wedding dresses if you would like to read some more ideas all you have to do is a search online.

Terry Langford is the owner of Wedding Dress Central ( Her site is a great resource for finding wedding dresses of all sizes and budgets.

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