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Cooking With Children By Elsie Shan

Cooking to an adult is a chore, but it is a fun learning experience to the children. Children loves cooking because it gives them the opportunity to "play" around. Kneading and rolling out the dough is so exciting to the children, just like their Play-Doh. It not only keeps your child occupied, but will also help in development of fine motor development and hand coordination, especially the younger ones. Cooking is also a great learning tool because the child can be taught how to read recipes. This will help them improve their reading and comprehension skills. You can also take this opportunity to teach your child the different ingredients used in cooking and many other activities which is not taught in the classroom. The school holidays will be an ideal time to experiment with a few simple recipes. Help them develop their math skills in your cooking session by asking them to measure or weigh the ingredients. Get them to do conversions from one unit of measurement to another e.g. pound to kilogram. These activities will help to reinforce what they learn in school. Safety Aspects In Cooking Cooking is great fun but as a parent you should instill the sense of safety into your cooking session. Teach your little one to understand the dangers of fire and safety precautions to take when handling fire. Show your kids how to use the oven mitts when handling hot objects. Pot lids should be removed the farthest from you to release the hot steam and most important of all is how to handle the fire extinguisher when things get out of hand. The same goes with sharp object like knives, barbecue fork and other similar tools. Place these objects in safe area to prevent accidents. Your children should also be taught to keep the kitchen clean at all times. All utensils and tools need to be cleaned after cooking. Teach your child to clean knife in the proper way. Modern kitchen comes with modern conveniences. This includes electrical appliances like blender, fruit juicer, microwave oven and many others. If your child is old enough to use these equipment, teach them the proper way to handle such items. When cooking, the hand is always wet. Teach them never to touch electrical appliances and switches with a wet hand. Fun During The Holidays

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Cooking during the school holidays will help kill the boredom. Let your children and probably some of their friends cook something simple over the holidays. It will be a great experience for a change. Suggest some simple recipes and guide them whenever necessary. Let it be their show and never interrupt in their planning and cooking, unless needed. They will have to plan and organize the menu by themselves with as little adult supervision as possible. These cooking activities will help your children feel proud of themselves and build up their self confidence. Conclusion Fun and games will help in child development and cooking can be one of them. As parents, we should expose our children to as many opportunities as possible to help our child's development. Cooking can also be used to reinforce what our children learn from school as applied to our ordinary daily activities. If you need more information on Cooking, visit which includes my latest articles on Cookbook at: and Cooking Classes at:

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Good Parenting Advice - Why You Should Let Your Children Help in the Kitchen By Deanna Mascle

Cooking with children can be a lot of fun for them and helpful for you! Children cooking learn a lot about the food they eat. They can see the recipe right through from the raw ingredients stage right up to the result. They will also love eating their creations, even if they contain vegetables! Benefits of Cooking with Children Cooking might be a chore for us but the kitchen is a fun place for kids. Cookery is educational for kids and a very good bonding experience between you and them. Children can learn new skills without noticing, which include weighing, measuring, understanding fractions and time. Schools do not tend to spend a lot of time teaching cooking skills to children so you might like to try teaching them yourself. Getting your child involved in cooking will prepare him or her for self-sufficiency and an independent life. It is also a good way to handle fussy eaters because most children will eagerly eat something they have helped to make. The benefits of cooking with children include teaching your child an extremely useful skill. Some Tips for Cooking with Children You can involve children as young as four in your cooking. Before starting, you need to consider a few things. Make sure you read the recipe through with your child so you know what to do and what you need. Clear some space and get all the ingredients and utensils ready on a low surface, which your child can see. Think about which parts of the recipe your child can do. Older children might be able to strain a bowl of boiling noodles or take something hot out of the oven but you have to be more careful with younger kids. Your child should already know not to touch sharp knives but might forget in the excitement of cooking, so keep them out of reach. In order for your child to learn about cooking, you should explain what you are doing each step of the way. Telling your child to mix a batter does not let them know why they need to mix those particular ingredients or what is going to happen next. Kids are naturally inquisitive and you will probably find that they do not stop asking questions the whole time anyway! Teach your child to wash their hands before handling any food. If your child is young, tell them what you are doing as you prepare the food. An older child can measure the ingredients by themselves. Recipes to Make with Children Children love to knead and roll out dough, mix batters and crack eggs so you could make a cake together or some cookies. Pizza is a fun food and your child can decide on the toppings and arrange them himself. Icing a cake can also be fun for a child. If it is someone's birthday, he can try to pipe a birthday message on the cake or arrange fruit on top. You might not get a particularly professional result but it will be fun for him and certainly appreciated by the recipient.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Whatever recipe you decide to make with your child, the most important thing with children cooking is to have fun. Cooking with children is an excellent bonding experience. Kids love to learn and it is always great to teach them something useful!

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