Baby Tote Diaper Bags Adjust to Your Child's Needs

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Baby Tote Diaper Bags Adjust to Your Child’s Needs By David Cummings

Baby tote diaper bags are large bags, usually made of canvas and sometimes have a pocket or two inside and maybe one on the outside. They have large straps like a purse and can be carried over your shoulder like a purse. Baby tote diaper bags are not as organized as the usual everyday diaper bags. They hold everything in one big section of the tote, like a large purse or canvas bag. Some parents prefer this style to the traditional diaper bag because it doesn’t look like a diaper bag; it looks like a canvas book bag or canvas grocery bag. These baby tote diaper bags can carry much more than the everyday diaper bags and more than the mini diaper bags people carry for small trips. They can carry approximately six diapers and several bottles of formula or juice and many toys at the bottom, in addition to baby wipes and cream or powder. Baby tote diaper bags are ideal for going to the beach or on a picnic because you can just dump everything out and the sand and dirt will fall out as well and you just place everything back inside the tote. Often hospitals give new mothers of infants baby tote diaper bags filled with newborn goodies like diapers and formula samples and coupons for first photographs and such as an advertisement for the baby product companies. Sometimes the hospital’s name is printed on the side of the baby tote diaper bags as well. They are great to keep in the car for outings and only fill it up when supplies become low or empty of necessities. And keep a baby tote diaper bag in the downstairs room filled with diapers and wipes and cream or powder so you are not constantly running up the stairs to get what you need. Baby tote diaper bags are easily made out of a large piece of canvas, even if you don’t sew. They are not that difficult to make. You would start with a yard of canvas and fold it in half, cutting about two inches off the edge for the straps. Then you can hand stitch up each side and across the bottom with a heavy string or thread. You can go back and turn the bag right side in and if you want stitch it again with a colorful thread in large cross stitches. The fabric store sells iron on patches or easy sew patches you can add to the tote and once you add the straps, you have a home made baby tote diaper bag! Another reason parents like baby tote diaper bags is because they are machine washable in case of
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some item spilling in the bag. Keep in mind some of the everyday diaper bags are not machine washable because they are a vinyl or they have an attached diaper changing pad. Canvas or material baby tote diaper bags can be emptied and thrown in the washer and dryer and they come out looking brighter and smell better, too. No matter what your reasons, baby tote diaper bags are great items to use for your growing children. They are very functional and their uses grow as your child’s needs change as she or he gets older and requires different items. From diapers and wipes to toys and sippy cups, baby tote diaper bags can handle it all. Learn more about baby tote diaper bags at: David Cummings is General Manager of Bustling Baby; a business devoted to providing baby mobility, comfort, and convenience to active families.

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Tote Diaper Bags For Versatility By David Cummings

Tote diaper bags are like canvas grocery bags or book bags. They are not like the everyday diaper bags. Tote diaper bags are more like a purse or large bag than a diaper bag that holds all of the necessary baby items. Tote diaper bags usually have a pocket or two on the inside and a pocket on the outside for something flat such as emergency paperwork or a portable changing pad. Tote diaper bags can be found in the stores along side the regular everyday diaper bags and come in a variety of colors, fabrics and sizes. There are large, medium and small tote diaper bags to choose from, depending on what you are going to be using them for. Tote bags can be used for more than just diapers; they can be filled with extra clothing and brought along with a traditional diaper bag, or filled with toys, snacks, used for soiled clothing or just diapers. They can be found in a variety of fabrics; however, the canvas seems to be one of the most popular. Fathers are usually the ones who prefer to carry tote diaper bags because they look less like a diaper bag or pocketbook and more like a generic bag. Many are made of sturdy canvas and are machine washable to take care of spills and accidents – from both inside and outside the tote. They are perfect for on-the-go parents who like to have everything in one place and not have to hunt through several pockets for something. With the tote diaper bags, everything is in one place, accessible by one opening, and easily found. Tote diaper bags are nice to keep packed and ready to go in the car or minivan so you don’t have to keep bringing it into the house with you. You can bring it in the house only when it gets low on supplies. If you have a larger home, it’s nice to keep a tote diaper bag downstairs filled with diapers and wipes so you don’t have to go upstairs every time the baby needs changing. Tote diaper bags are great to use when you don’t want to carry a big, everyday diaper bag and a purse as well. The tote diaper bags can hold a lot of items and will hold your keys and wallet in the inside pockets so you can find them and you won’t have to carry both the tote diaper bag and a purse; less to carry is always a good thing for parents. Tote diaper bags are great for the pool or beach because there is only one large ‘pocket’ to empty. This makes it easy to get rid of sand or dirt when it’s time to leave. Using several tote diaper bags for an outing is a good idea because you can dedicate one to the diapers, one to the food, one to the clothing and one to the soiled or dirty clothing you are bound to have at the end of the day. Tote diaper bags have so many uses, unlike the regular, everyday diaper bags which are pretty limited in their functions. Tote diaper bags provide the versatility and convenience you need when you need it. Learn more about baby totes and see why many parents are choosing baby totes for their infant: David Cummings is General Manager of Bustling Baby, a business devoted to providing baby mobility, comfort, and convenience to active

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