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Baby Sign Language For Siblings By Lisa Baade

Some people who do not recognize the long term benefits of signing with their hearing babies may be excused for thinking that Baby Sign Language is a fad or the latest passing trend in modern parenting. Many don't realize however that the benefits are supported by over 30 years of research. These benefits include earlier communication, reduced frustration, increased language comprehension and further opportunities for bonding between parent and baby. One of the greatest benefits is that the children are given an opportunity to use Baby Sign Language to communicate with each other before the youngest would normally be afforded the opportunity to be heard. Baby Sign Language should only be used to compliment the speech development of the baby, therefore it should not become the dominant focus, and rather it should be seen as a natural gesture that goes 'hand in hand' so to speak with the spoken word. When used in this natural way it is easily picked up on by the older siblings as the gestures are present in the house on a routine basis. Older siblings see the opportunity present itself to join in and use these gestures to communicate with their younger siblings. There are several benefits for the use of Baby Sign Language between the siblings. The dynamic would differ depending on the age gap between the children and whether the older child had been taught the gestures in their early development as well. The use of Baby Sign Language between the siblings will allow both siblings a means of communication and will hopefully dispel some of the frustrations usually felt with sibling rivalry. If the age gap between children were slight and both children had been taught Baby Sign Language the situation would be quite natural, where baby signs were used with both children and in some cases between themselves depending on age. This additional communication tool could be of tremendous benefit in the sibling's interactions with each other. Baby sign language involves the use of speech while concurrently signing with your baby. It uses a vocabulary of keyword baby signs and gestures to support speech development in your toddler. The baby signs used do not have to be perfect and you don’t need to be an expert, it is meant to be fun and interactive. the best time to start signing with your baby is when your baby is showing signs of wanting to communicate with you and when you feel that baby sign language will benefit your baby the most.
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Presented by Daniel Toriola

Toddler Interpreter is a Baby Sign Language program that is suitable for children from the age of 4 months. The signs in Toddler Interpreter were researched and developed so that they were within the capabilities and realistic expectations of the dexterity of a 4-6 month old baby. To take this one step further the Toddler Interpreter Baby Sign Language program is structured so that not only the most relevant baby signs are introduced first, these signs are also the easiest to perform. By the time the baby has worked through the 5 Stages of Learning, the baby signs have progressed with the child's development and most children will be ready to replace all signs with fully developed speech, which remains the goal. Lisa Baade is the author of Toddler Interpreter, A Parent's Guide to Baby Sign Language for Hearing Babies and Toddlers. Toddler Interpreter can be purchased online at

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Baby Sign Language – A Tool For Early Communication By Ian Creaser

Baby Sign Language is a gesture-based form of communication used with hearing pre-verbal babies and toddlers. It is an exciting way for parents to communicate with their children before they can talk. Parents communicate with their children through body language and their knowledge of their child’s behavior; Baby Sign Language is an extension of this natural behavior and bridges the gap between guessing what your baby may need and knowing what your baby needs. As parents, we all wait with excitement for our baby’s first smile, first word or first step. Baby’s communicate with their parents through the only means of communication they know, which a lot of the time involves crying. If a baby is hungry it will cry, wet diaper, cry, and tired, yes once again cry. Knowing what your baby requires is very important, and all parents strive to be the best parent they know how to be. Baby Sign Language allows parents to take the guesswork out of communicating with your baby. By the age of 6 moths, babies are reaching for objects, giggling, recognizing their parents in a room full of people and able to start using Baby Sign Language. It’s very exciting knowing that your little baby, who relies on you for everything, can let you know exactly what they need through the use of simple, body language based communication such as Baby Sign Language. A question often asked by people is whether or not Baby Sign Language will delay speech in a baby, and the answer is a definite no. In fact, it is the exact opposite. Studies have shown that children who have used Baby Sign Language have developed speech at a younger age and have an increased IQ level. By encouraging your baby to use Baby Sign Language, you are teaching not only a word, but also using your hands to explain the word. By doing this you are ensuring that your baby is using both sides of the brain in a very important stage of human development. The studies have also shown that by the age of 3 that children can be at least 12 months ahead of children who have not used Baby Sign Language. Have you ever seen a pre-verbal toddler throw itself on the floor of the supermarket, screaming and crying? Your first thought maybe “I wonder why that child is doing that?" If that child was able to communicate exactly what it needed to it parents, do you think it would be throwing itself on the floor having a tantrum? By the age of 6 months, babies will start to communicate back to their parents using Baby Sign Language. Your baby’s first word does not have to be verbal; it can be a Baby Sign. Signing with your baby every time you are communicating encourages your baby to mimic your movements and tie the word into the gesture. As a parent you are the most important learning tool a baby can ever have. Baby Sign Language will ensure that the frustrations of both parent and baby are minimal through a basic understanding of needs. Baby Sign Language is now used in households and child care centers worldwide. As parents, if we can reduce the frustrations of our baby’s, and ease the pressure on ourselves, it’s a win for everyone involved. Children develop and learn so quickly, what an amazing opportunity Baby Sign Language gives parents and baby’s to bridge the gap of communication. Ian Creaser is the Author and Company Director of Toddler Interpreter. Toddler Interpreter specializes in Baby Sign Language products including Books, Posters and Complete Learning Packs. Toddler Interpreter Baby Sign Language Products can be purchased online from

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