5 Scientific Ways That Music Benefits Infants and Toddlers by toriola1


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5 Scientific Ways That Music Benefits Infants and Toddlers By Steve Pak

Do you like music? Whether it is rock, jazz, classical country, rap, easy listening or polka, music is important in our everyday lives. It can bring out a rainbow of emotions in us. The slow, soulful playing of violins can remind us of past loved ones. A strong beat can give us energy and motivation before starting an important task. And so-called “elevator music” helps to calm our nerves while waiting in doctors’ waiting rooms. Regardless of your background, such as being Amish and living in Amish Country Ohio, music is a part of your life. But how important is music to our babies? Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, for whom the Baby Mozart Music Festival DVD is named after, has become one of the most celebrated composers of all time. However, his musical achievements as a child are equally amazing. At the age of just three-years-old, Mozart was already playing the clavichord (basically, a small piano). One year later, he was already writing short pieces of music! Signs of Mozart’s musical genius continued during his childhood. At just five-years-old, he gave his first concert at an Austrian university. At seven-years-old, Mozart once picked up a violin and played perfectly part of a musical piece that was new to him. Amazingly, Mozart had never had a single formal violin lessons! Young Mozart toured Europe for three years, and was featured in various concerts for kings and queens. When he returned to Austria, he wrote his first opera at the age of 11-years-old! Will your child be the next Mozart? Well, whether or not your child is Amish and living in Amish Country Ohio, music is nonetheless important in his or her life. Here are some reasons why nurturing early childhood music is so vital: 1. Music can help to develop a child’s fine motor skills (i.e. using small muscle groups to play a piano) and gross motor skills (i.e. using large muscle groups to dance). In addition, music improves vocal, speaking and listening skills. 2. Rhythm and pitch are part of your child’s natural development. Sometimes children would rather sing than listen, skip than walk, and dance instead of standing still. Is this normal? It is, and here is proof: • A fetus is already aware of the heartbeat of his or her mother. • For centuries, music and lullabies have become standard methods for helping babies to fall asleep.
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• In what experts refer to as “The Mozart Effect,” exposure to classical music can have a significantly positive effect on humans’ physical and mental health. Several studies have proven this theory. And this beneficial effect of classical music influences not only adults, but children as well. 3. The sharing of musical instruments and playing in a “band” can help toddlers to learn important social skills. 4. Music can have an important influence on the development of a child’s brain, particularly through the age of six-years-old. During these years, the most significant brain development occurs. 5. Infants and toddlers tend to be less inhibited about making errors, than older children are. After children start elementary school, they are required to learn the “correct” way to sing a song or play an instrument. However, pre-school children can have jam session on a toy grand piano, without being worried about hitting the right keys. As a parent, try to grin and bear the sour notes. Not every child can become a musical genius. However, regardless of whether or not you are Amish and living in Amish Country Ohio, music is fundamental in nurturing your child’s physical, mental, and social development. It is more than just music to his or her ears. for more information on Amish go to http://www.berlinhotelandsuites.com

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Musical Toddlers Toys For Your Toddler By Christopher Peace

What kinds of musical toddlers toys are available for my toddler? There are many different types of musical toddlers toys that are available for your toddler’s pleasure. Things such as maracas, xylophones and tambourines are an excellent start for your budding musician’s future. These musical toys, such as the Pylones Pig Maraca, entice your toddler with the sound of a rattle. These will entertain and amuse your toddler, while they may make you to want to cover your ears. These maracas and tambourines are constructed of solid materials and are created to take a lot of abuse. They are also painted with fun animals such as a pig, a bee and so on. Are there other sorts of musical toddlers toys that are available? Yes there are other sorts of musical toddlers toys that are available for purchase. Just look in your local toy store in the toddler section. If you want music playing toys, there are things such as recorders and toys that play music that are available for purchase at any toy store. These toys are also popular and explore the toddler’s fascination with sound. This also teaches simple music skills. For a quieter toy, look into toys that are animated such as the Teddy Ruxpin or similar items that not only use music but animation to tell a story. But be certain when you are choosing this type of toy that it is indeed for a toddler and not for a child that is older. How sturdy are these types of toddlers toys These types of toddlers toys are very sturdy, however you must be careful not to give a toddler something that will break off in pieces and possibly cause a choking hazard. Each of these toys will usually be age appropriate. They all are usually sturdy and will last for a long time, providing much enjoyment for your toddler. These toys will broaden your toddler’s horizons and will provide many hours of entertainment and musical play. They are ideal for encouraging a love of music in your toddler. With the music playing toys, they will also enrich your toddler by allowing your toddler to hear music that they didn’t create themselves. How costly are these musical toddlers toys? These musical toddlers toys are comparatively priced and will not cost the parent an arm and a leg. These toys are good value for the money spent and usually provide a quality toy for your toddler’s enjoyment. These toys are good for expanding your toddler’s horizons and usually provide quality entertainment for any curious toddler. If your toddler is curious about music then a musical toy is a must get for your child. With these toys painted in wonderful colors and making music, your child is sure to enjoy these toys as they provide hours of countless pleasure. With the usage of these toys in your child’s life, they learn a lifetime appreciation of music and all things musical. These types of toys are sure to enrich your toddler’s life. Smalltime Child offers a great selection of Toddlers Toys. Visit us on the web today at http://www.smalltimechild.com

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