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                 Gold Coast Sports Fishing Club
                         Invites you to attend the
                        Annual General Meeting

                     Thursday 9th June 2005
                            7:30 pm

     There will be a lucky door
                                 Free Hot Food

                         One free drink per person

This is a social evening and your chance to elect your preferences for the year ahead

                              GOLD COAST SPORTFISHING CLUB

                                       PO Box 1388 SOUTHPORT Q 4215


                              June 2005 Newsletter
Position                      Name                      Phone Number                Email Address
President                     Tony Devine               55934622/0421162144
Vice President/Games Master   Donny Woodford            55271565
Secretary                     Daniel Nelson                               
Bean Counter                  Kim Jones                 5529 6766         
Property Officer              Mike Halls                5591 4651
Club Recorder                 Glen Phillips             0422 970 167
Editor                        Shane Bevan               55373392/0427373392
Fund Raising                  Denis Shaw                5575900 / 0422270224
Membership Officer            Mike Halls                55914651
General Committee             David Green;

Next General Club Meeting is on                            especially good to see a larger number of wives and
Thursday the 9th June, the second Thursday of              kids turning up, slowly growing into a good family
the Month. It’s the AGM so be there early.                 day.

Thanks to Kevin Ballantine for giving last                 Thanks to Donny and Dan for putting on the Master
months talk on Jigging. Kevy shared a lot of               Class over the last two months. Donny gave a knife
good information on jigging tackle, techniques,            sharpening demo in April, and Dan showed us a
and how to best land those local Kingies which             couple of different ways to tie a double. Knot tying
are back again this year in the Broadwater,                is probably the hardest thing to demonstrate, with it
wearing out un-tuned drags. If you missed out,             being hard to do in slow motion, and just about
drop into Doug Bert’s Fishing Tackle World,                everyone has a slightly different way of finishing
and the guys will point you in the right direction.        knots.

All nominated office bearers and general                   Dan also supplied some fresh Mackerel for the hot
committee, are to financial club members, and              plate which went down very nicely.
all nominations should be handed in before the
AGM commences.

This weekend there will be two BBQ’s/ weigh-ins,
one in Iluka and one at the club house. Lucky
Draw will still be done, and if you are at one of the
weigh-ins, whether you have fished or not (all you
have to do is turn-up), then you’re in with a chance.
The draw didn’t go off last week, Steve Kemp’s
name came out, but he was nursing a hang over.
Late happy birthday Steve and congratulations on
your fish of the month, excellent catch.

Last weeks BBQ and Master Class had a good turn
out; they aew getting bigger every week and it was                      Dan with his catch at May’s BBQ
Iluka Trip This Weekend                                  Holy Mackerel! Fish Attacks Angler
                                                         A Queensland fisherman suffered the ultimate
Dan (mobile 0408712515) is going to Co-ordinate a        revenge when a mackerel jumped into his boat and
few events over the weekend, so we all catch-up          floored him - and then got away.
from time to time over a meal. Dan and most club
members are staying at the Riverside Tourists Park       In what he called a bad case of "fishy's revenge",
Ph: 6646 6060, which is at 4 Charles St Iluka.           Glen Hopper suffered bruised ribs, cuts to his face
                                                         and arms and a dented ego when the 1.5m fish
Saturday Night would be great to meet for dinner at      jumped out of the water and hit him on Sunday
the pub, and Sunday Night the plan is to have dinner     morning.
at the Bowls Club. There is also a plan to do a
lunch time BBQ at one of the local parks, time and       "It felt like I'd just run into a brick wall, because I
place will be organised when we are down there.          was going 20 knots one way and it was speeding the
                                                         opposite direction," the 43-year-old Sunshine Coast
Forget about Accommodation, than you had better          man said on Tuesday.
get a move on;
                                                         "I remember it coming out the water and the next
Riverside Tourists Park Ph: 6646 6060, 4 Charles         thing I knew I'm in the back of the boat winded,
St Iluka, which is in the middle of town on the river.   trying to get my breath."

The Professionals Real Estate (02) 664606177             Mr Hopper, who said he had set out to catch a haul
                                                         of mackerel on Mooloolah River, was in his 4m
L J Hooker (02) 6646 6321.                               tinnie when the "freakish" mishap occurred. He said
                                                         the mackerel, which he guessed weighed about and                30kg, shot out of the water and into his boat, hitting
                                                         him in the chin and chest.
There is also another two caravan parks if you can’t
get into Riverside. The Anchorage Holiday Park           It knocked the recreational fisher out of his seat and
which is at the top end of the river, and the Clarence   sent him tumbling backwards before spearing back
Head Caravan Park is past the bowls club.                into the water.

Kevy just set me up with a new Spinning Rod from         "I remember thinking 'What am I doing back here
Doug Bert’s Fishing Tackle World. Just right for         and how come I can't breathe?'," Mr Hopper said.
spinning GT’s on the Bluff, well that’s what I’m
planning on, not certain if anyone’s told the GT’s       Mr Hopper, a scientist, said he had taken the day off
that yet.                                                work to recuperate from his injuries, which included
                                                         grazes to his chin and arms caused by the fish's
                                                         sharp fins.

                                                         He initially feared he had suffered a collapsed lung
                                                         but doctors believed he was badly bruised.

                                                         A sheepish Mr Hopper said he never explained to
                                                         his boss exactly why he needed the day off.
                                                         But he admitted he was something of a joke among
                                                         his mates after retelling his unusual version of "the
                                                         one that got away".

                                                         "It's fishy's revenge I suppose. It's been a bit of a
                                                         laugh with my friends," Mr Hopper said.
                                                         "I've seen them come out of the water before but not
                                                         at me."

What’s Bitting
Well it was great to receive the following
information on two of our club Juniors Emily and
Daniel Barton. Both were in running for last
months fish of the month, but were pipped by a
Longtail Tuna. Emily 11.5 years caught her 60cm
Flathead on a Rainbow Trout Shad using 14lb
Fireline and 12 lb Trace, and Daniel 13 years caught
his 59cm Flathead on a 3inch Brown Mino, using
6lb Mono.

                                                                 Daniel Barton with a 59cm Flathead

                                                       Jamie shot through the following Reports a few
                                                       trips in late. 23rd May, Jamie fished Hinze Dam
                                                       Saturday the 21st for the usual Zip.

                                                       Tried out the boat show Sunday the 22nd and had a
                                                       fish Sunday night at the pin with Tony from
                                                       Galeforce boats. Tailor was the target and they
                                                       fired for us, but some went home empty handed.

        Emily Barton with nice 60cm Flathead           Tony kicked my butt with 20+ fish to my 10 but I
                                                       think, most of the problem was the fact that I took a
Both of the fish were taken near Cabbage Tree Point    bait caster instead of a spin rod. I lost more bait
on the same day, I believe this was the first time     than I care to think about, free spooling the line to
Emily and Daniel had caught a flathead. Great          the bottom. Changed tactics and finally started to
work guys stick them in your capture books, and        land a few fish. While there were no big fish it was
you’ll be a step closer to your 10 species badges.     an action packed session from about 5:30 till 8:30
                                                       with 35 or 36 fish coming on board. Including 1
What else is on the chew, snapper and pearl perch      small shovely that I thought might have been a big
on the 24’s east of the Seaway today, tailor at dawn   tailor! But hay, it is 1 more for the species list.
and dusk at Narrowneck and the Sand Pumping            You always catch the unexpected when night
Jetty, big bream, flathead and a few tailor in the     fishing. Cheers Jamie.
Seaway, sand whiting along the Carrara reach of the
Nerang River and sand crabs in the Broadwater.         “Went out Tuesday the 24th at night, for a tailor fish
                                                       in perfect conditions, 0-5 knot of SE, and incoming
Bream at night along the foreshores from Runaway       tide after dark. We were fishing by 5:30pm and
Bay to Hollywell, bream and a few whiting at           from 5 minutes after the anchor was set the fish
Paradise Point and flathead in the lower reaches of    started to come on the chew. We were fishing a
the Coomera River.                                     3x3/o gang, with pillies. The first fish was a large
                                                       whiting (on a pillie) 35cm and 500Gr, then it was an
A few snapper on the 24’s east on Thursday and         almost a fish per bait. From the 1Kg of IQF pack I
tailor at dusk along Burleigh Beach. Pearl perch,      only lost 2 baits to something for no fish, the rest
amberjack and small snapper on the 50’s east, parrot   was bait for a fish. At 8:30pm the last pillie had
and small snapper on the 36’s and trag jew at night    pulled the last fish and the biggest tailor for the
on the 24’s.                                           night.
What’s Bitting Cont.
The tally was 1 x 40 cm stingray; 2 x whiting, 28cm
and the 35cm, 4 Flathead all legal and 24 tailor,
with 4 going back being undersize.

The tailor where all around the 33cm to 35cm, did
notice that a few tailor that came onboard where
bleeding from wounds in their sides and heads.
                                                         Jamies two whiting on pilchards, must have been hungry

Looks like their mates where attacking them, while
I was bringing them in. All in all it was a good trip,
after the mistake I made Sunday night with the
wrong rod selection. cheers Jamie”.
                                                         BARRA CLASSIC WIN
                                                         Tony Devine sent the following Email, a quick up
                                                         date on the 2005 Barra Classic.

                                                         “Celebrating Their win at this years' Barra Classic
                                                         are Team "Taking a Punt". L-R David Green,
                                                         Marian & Peter (Washo) Washington. What a
                                                         tremendous effort, well done.

           Brace of Tailor ready for the Grill

                                                         David Green, Marian & Peter (Washo) Washington, the
                                                           2005 Barra Classic winning Team; “Taking a Punt”

                                                         “Rumour has it, that it was Marian's last fish, caught
                                                         casting into a back eddy at the S-Bends. Whilst
                                                         Peter was clearing derby from the prop; put them
                                                         ahead by 5 points.

                                                         Picture brought to you by on the spot reporter
                                                         TonyD now nicknamed Greeny's Spy.

                                                         Just wait till I put in my account for expenses.
  Daniel and Emily Barton, showing their Lure Caught
                                                         Cheers for now TonyD

Gold Coast BREAM Classic March 2005
The following story and pictures come from the
ABT website. Great work Steve and Julian, number
two is under the belt.
“With double the number of teams registering for
the 2005 event, the Gold Coast Sportfishing Club's
BREAM Classic reflects the nationally increasing
popularity of tournament bream fishing.
And, on a day that saw the Coast's bream reluctant
to bite, QFM's team of Steve and Tim Morgan eked
out the largest limit (5/5, 2.61kg) to take home top
Hot on QFM's heels were Robert Kwiatkawski and
Dean Middleton, weighing a 5/5, 2.55kg bag, Jade
Masters/Andrew Beatty (5/5, 2.29), Col
Singleton/Maurice Blackman (3/5, 2.27kg) and
ABT (Simon Goldsmith/Bonny Taylor) with 5/5 for

The Morgan brothers simultaneously fished a
topwater and sub-surface pattern to accumulate their
limit in the backwater canals of Lake Intrepid. Steve
fished a pink Ecogear Grass Minnow M on an
unweighted Owner Drop Shot hook, slow-rolling
the lure across the top, while Tim fished his
favourite 2" Atomic Fat Grub on a 1/20oz jig head
to put lookers into the live well.
                                                        BARRA HOLIDAY
"The bite was pretty tough today," Steve said, "but
there were enough active fish to get a couple of        Got the following Email from Tony Devine, hope
limits today. We were lucky, in that we got enough      this wasn’t the only fish caught.
reasonable bites to get the limit we did."              “I have just finished loading the rest of our Holiday
                                                        “The picture below is of Tony LeMasurier with a
Team QFM won a Johnson 3.5hp outboard for their         fine Daly River barra measured at 84cm caught
efforts, thanks to Logan River Marine.                  trolling a lure through the Snags at "First Cliffs". He
Big bream for the event - nearly $500 worth of          was a Barra virgin before this trip, so were his wife
tackle from Doug Burt's - went to Team TBC (Col         & kids.
Singleton and Maurice Blackman) with a bream of
" We hooked the big fish off a bridge pylon around
the Casino," Col reported, "but we couldn't get the
other legal fish that we needed to make a bigger
Organisers Steve Wilson and Julian Gascoine
announced the event as an annual Good Friday
fixture on the calendar. - GCSFC.

To Chairlegs & Mulloway                                      Yamba Point…an unimpressive name perhaps, but
By Harry Fuller                                              it has a most impressive record. Big John, as father
Taken from Australian Fishing Jan 1971                       Garven is known, had a royal battle to land a 15
                                                             pound 2 once tailor from the Point in 1965. Others
I dug this article out of an old Australian Fishing          have subdued fighting Spanish mackerel from those
Magazine, well maybe not that old January 1971,              rocks, but here the focus in on the big jewfish which
but it was printed four months before I was born.            ambush mullet rounding the Point en route to the
Hope it stirs some interest in a few of us, should be        river mouth. The jew are particularly active
appropriate considering our trip to Iluka, which is          following a fresh in the river or a southerly which
on the northern side on the Clarence River, Yamba            has lifted the sea and created a large area of milky
sitting on the southern side.                                wash.

Speaking to Mac a new acquaintance, very friendly            It was on Yamba Point in 1966 that the first ever
fisherman and born in Harwood on the Clarence                jew was hooked and landed on a chairleg plug
River. He said that people went to and fished                designed to represent a mullet. But wait! Before
Yamba in the past over Iluka, due the inconvenience          you fetch that handsaw and reduce the status of your
of getting to Iluka, you had to catch a couple of            best chair, enjoy its last moments while I relate to
barges to get their. The Garvens are a story for             you the events which precipitated this new
another newsletter but,….                                    development in fishing history.

                                                             It’s easy to describe Cape Cod, Massachusetts, to
                                                             those who understand the magic of the wide
                                                             beaches which grow somehow narrow as the sea
                                                             and sandhills merge in the distance. Summer ...
                                                             blue skies, calm, clear seas, small waves lapping the
                                                             shiny, wet sand. It was very soothing that in July,
                                                             1965, as Ross and I made our way along the Nanset
                                                             Beach, which stretched south and well beyond the
                                                             distant speck. We judged the vehicle to be a couple
                                                             of miles away and established it as our target.
                                                             There were many interesting gutters and holes into
                                                             which to cast. We had no bait but were content to
                                                             spin with metal lures. We had home-made tailor
                                                             lures with long histories and we each had a flat tear
                                                             drop lure of chromed brass given to us at Cape
                                                             Hatteras the previous summer by members of the
                                                             Pflueger tackle testing team. These were bluefish
 Chairlegs cast well, their bulk being offset by weight.     (tailor) lures also and believe it or not, they too were
Bibs are of aluminium or stainless steel. The lure is this   home made!
   shot has a plastic skirt. John’s farming and fishing
             footwear is not recommended.
                                                             The fish were scarce but the day was delightful.
“People like Harry Fuller and the Garvens are                Behind us on the distant rise were the stately homes
probably best known for their incredible                     of those who frame the scenery in glass but seldom
performances on tailor in the Yamba area, which is           delight to the feeling of the sand squeezing between
a shame, for these men have done a lot more for              their toes. The mystery of the Atlantic Ocean was
Australian fishing than is generally realised. This          to the east … a welcome change from the back to
article cites just one example where a little                front feeling experienced during the previous year
imagination paid off in a big way.                           which I had spent in Oregon with the sun setting in
                                                             the Pacific. (Apologies to West Australians.)
When Ross and John Garven scan the sea in
contemplation from the sundeck of their family               We each hooked and played a sand dab from a
home, their view framed by the Clarence River                shallow gutter. They weighted a couple of ponds
mouth to the north and Yamba Point to the south.             each and struck readily at the metal lures. Sand
                                                             dabs belong to the same family as Flounder, Sole
                                                             and the much larger Halibut.
To Chairlegs & Mulloway Cont.                             world over. Those who live on the hill are usually
                                                          the most effective in the field of legislation.
All these fish will take lures. The Halibut is caught     Apparently their objection was one of aesthetics.
commercially by vertically jigging a heavy lure.          The camping vehicles were unappealing when
Our enthusiasm was sharpened because we both              viewed through a Cape Cod window. Beach buggy
harboured hopes of a thrilling ballet with a striped      owners once able to camp freely on these great
bass. Ross was particularly keen as he had                beaches, found it suddenly necessary to pay a fee
experienced such fish off New Jersey some months          for which there was no tangible service. Then later,
before. Pronounced stri-ped bass by any North             it became necessary to check in each day before a
American fisherman, the very name can stir the            specified time to pay the fee at one appointed place.
pulse. Here is a fish! Affectionately known as “Old       By now, it’s possible the chapter could be closed.
Line Sides”, they are caught off the east coast in the
Atlantic, and from the west coast, to where they
were transplanted. Their name is associated with
jarring strikes at everything from bait to flies.
Fished for in gutters, holes, rips, river mouths, San
Francisco Bay, Coos Bay Oregon… and yes …
Cape Cod, Mass. The fever is high as summer
draws to a close and the chill creeps in. Imagine
casting to chopping, feeding fish with the
temperament of a tailor and the endurance of a thick
shouldered jew-fish. Forty pounds is typical; 50
and even 60 not rare and the record are 73 pounds,
taken at Vineyard Sound just to the south of Cape
                                                              Most chairleg plugs are now turned up on lathes.
Cod.                                                      Samples shown are approximately nine inches long and
                                                            one and three quarter inches in diameter with a slight
That calm, quiet serene day we did not, forgive us,       taper towards the tail. Their relative size to that of other
disturb the elements by hooking such a fish. But we        well known lures may be compared. The middle lure is
did uncover the beginning of the story. There on          the original striped bass lure found at Cape Cod, Mass.,
the beach we found a huge plug; eight inches long
and no pencil! It possessed an adequate bib and
                                                          We met a gathering of these very enthusiastic
likewise hooks. It hadn’t been built to catch
                                                          campers as the tyres were inflated by a hose
Tommy Rots! The “distant speck” along the beach
                                                          connected to a spark plughole. They were typically
proved to be a Massachusetts beach buggy, a huge
                                                          American in their attitudes towards meticulous
van with monster bald tyres. The owner confirmed
                                                          camping and united family outdoors activities.
that the plug which we’d found could be gobbled by
                                                          They were also fishermen of the same kind we have
any striped bass worthy of its name. The van owner
                                                          felt kinship with in Canada, Norway, Sweden,
also momentarily lost his articulation at the sight of
                                                          Portugal, Spain and elsewhere. Cape Cod and
the first Alvey reel he had known to exist. His
                                                          Yamba seemed somehow not so far apart as we
composure quickly returned. Despite popular
                                                          discussed fish and fishing; especially when the
opinion fishermen are never permanently
                                                          conversation swung to bluefish/tailor and tackle.
unbalanced! Following a preliminary
demonstration cast with a metal spinner, he quickly
                                                          However, our big interest was striped bass and as
produced a duplicate of the plug which he himself
                                                          we returned to our own van, and Kay Garven and
was using on a ten foot rod and eggbeater. It was
                                                          my wife, Wendy, we could not help but compare the
small beside our treasure but still in the giant class.
                                                          habits of this glamour fish and our own big “jewie’.
Ross obliged with a few casts. There was much
head shaking, and then the comment we’d heard
                                                          Ross had often recalled a highlight of his boyhood
before “I’ve just gotta have me one of those!” He
                                                          fishing, when aged 16 years, he had battled a 71
was from Boston and he saved us the walk back as
                                                          pound jew from Yamba Point back to the beach and
he was ready to leave anyway. His wife and young
                                                          south to eventually land it well down the beach
family were aboard and as the engine throbbed and
                                                          towards Flat Rock.
the van jellied on its low pressured tyres, the story
of the Massachusetts beach buggy fishing began to
unfold. Yes, people are very much the same the
To Chairlegs & Mulloway Cont.                             experienced the elation of the grand finale as
                                                          Geoffrey returned across those well trodden rocks
According to the old ‘Anglers Digest’, that fish          bearing a 55 pond jewfish, the first jew ever caught
constituted an Australian record for a jew caught on      on a chairleg… the beginning of a new chapter in
spinner, until such was dropped as a separate             the history of lure fishing for mulloway.
division of their record list when it was changed to
an “all tackle’. Ross had soon after carved the
original mould for a spinner especially designed for
jew. The resulting spinner design has been used
most successfully in that area over the last 15 years.

Following the theme of lure fishing for jew, the
brothers had many Bellbrook wobblers chewed and
dismembered in the channel beside their old home
at palmer’s Island. There the big fish freely
chopped at the mullet in the night time.

And so our prized foreign plug was often mused
over and its possibilities of representing a small
mullet often discussed. It hung from a shelf in our
Kombi for months, and many thousands of miles.
By way of the magnificent Norwegian fiords and
the placid fir fringed lakes of Finland and Sweden,
the lochs of Scotland and the coasts of Brittany,
Portugal and the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and
South Africa’s golden beaches, it swung by its large
trebles. It was sometimes out of favour with the
ladies as it had similar tendencies to that remarkable    John Garven views the American striped bass lure with which
lure, the Flopy. (Surely the most clothes conscious         he caught a 57lb mulloway on the very first cst at Yamba,
                                                          N.S.W. The original tail trebles have given way to two single
lure of all time.) To survive all this, our plug had to                               hooks.
be destined for great things.

Eventually, in 1966, it was to prove the tangible link
between that idyllic beach at Cape Cod and Yamba
Point. For a while, it hung in waiting in the
                                                          NEW GENERATION
basement of the Garven residence at Pilot Street.
                                                          Well if you haven’t got a lathe or timber chairs, than
When the conditions were right, John took it and
                                                          do not despair. Darren Dizzy from Iluka is keeping
threw it into the sea and on its first taste of Pacific
                                                          the Chairleg lure alive. Below are examples of their
water it extracted a 57 pound jew. A circle was
                                                          big popper and standard lure. Made for slow
completed – a satisfying climax. But Yamba is the
                                                          retrieve to target Big Tailor and Jew. Doug Bert has
schooling and spawning ground for fish and
                                                          a full range, in his store.
fishermen. Geoffrey Hirst was at that time a junior
member of the newly formed Yamba Fishing Club.
He had spent a great deal of time fishing with John
Garven, and, although only 15 years of age, was
quite experienced at spinning up jewfish on
Japanese feathers. In recognising the possibilities
of a new development in spinning for jew, like Ross
before him, he exploited the inventiveness of a
teenage schoolboy. He deftly removed the round
leg of a chair, cut it to length, and suitably adorned
it with a bib and hooks. It is not difficult for us to
imagine the excitement and anticipation of his walk
with a companion to Yamba Point for big trial.
There would be few, however, who have
Date                                      Comp/Event                             Contact Details          Our club
June 2005
4th- 5th            Bass Pro Rnd 3                                ABT 07 3268 3992
                    Bjelke-petersen Dam
** 9th **                           CLUB MEETING

10th – 13th         Moreton Bay & Offshore Family Fishing Call    Redland Bay AFC 0403 249 930
                    Reland Bay
12th                BASS Electic Rnd 16                           ABT 07 3268 3992
                    Lenthalls Dam Qld
11th, 12th &          CLUB Illuka Trip Queens Birth Long
13th                               weekend
18th – 19th         Boondooma Bash                                Rob Smith 07 4162 6235
                    Lake Boondooma
26th                BASS Electic Rnd 17                           ABT 07 3268 3992
                    Clarrie Hall Dam NSW
July 2005
2nd – 3rd           BASS Pro Rnd 4                                ABT 07 3268 3992
                    Lake Boondooma
9th – 10th          Stessl Family Bass Challenge Rnd 3            Gordon Turner 0418 877 525
** 14th **                          CLUB MEETING

++17th ++                             CLUB COMP
                                    1pm Sunday BBQ
16th & 17th         SEQ Winter Series Daiwa Bass Mania Rd2        Steve 07 3886 2398
                    Wivenhoe Dam
17th                BASS Electic Rnd 18                           ABT 07 3268 3992
                    Isis Balancing Storage Qld
22nd – 23rd         DPI Flathead Research                         Tony Devine
22nd – 24th         Gold Coast Winter Games                       GCGFC = Danny Symonds 0418 222 220
24th                BASS Electic Rnd 19                           ABT 07 3268 3992
                    Wivenhoe Dam Qld
30th – 31st         Bream Qld Rnd 2                               ABT 07 3268 3992
                    Gold Coast
30th – 31st         Isisford Freshwater Fishing Competition       Isisford SC
                    Barcoo River Isisford                         07 4658 8930
August 2005
7th                 BASS Electic Rnd 20 Toonumbar Dam NSW         ABT 07 3268 3992
** 11th **                          CLUB MEETING

++14th ++                             CLUB COMP
                                    1pm Sunday BBQ
14th                BASS Electic Rnd 21 Cressbrook Dam Qld        ABT 07 3268 3992
21st                BASS Electic Rnd 22 Maroon Dam Qld            ABT 07 3268 3992
27th – 28th         BASS Pro Rnd 5 Lake Somerset                  ABT 07 3268 3992
October 2005
7th-9th             Sunshine Coast Sailfish Shootout SCGFC        Kylie Hancox 0409 626 222

       General Club News
       July 22nd & 23rd Volunteers are required for DPI Flathead research based at Pin. Live catch research. Contact
       Tony Devine for more details. It will be similar to tailor research, which the club helped out with, a few years
       back. Boats catch fish, and bring live fish back to mother ship.

       Christmas Party, any ideas or opinions, please forward to Donny.

       New Club Website, is being built at present. It will be a more interactive website, with separate member
       section, so please forward any ideas or request to general committee.

       Fish of the Month keep your photos and stories coming in, Steve Kemp won last month with the capture of a
       Long tail.


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